Friday, September 23, 2011

1st Blogoversary

Happy Fall!  I realize that the anniversary of the start of this blog was two days ago.  As I was trying to wake up this morning, I was thinking about this.  What has changed in a year's time?

  • It has certainly been refreshing to me to be able to write out my sexual fantasies.  Having an outlet to discuss my fantasies is very liberating to me.
  • I was startled when Suzy started her own blog.  I wonder where she might be going with it.
  • It has been fun seeing Suzy get into various kinks.  Ball torture seems to be her main kinky activity; it is rare for us to 'play' without her being rough on my boys.  I have asked her why she enjoys it and she has offered a few different explanations.
  • My CFNM fantasy is alive and well.  I gather that either Suzy enjoys it too, or she 'puts up with it'.  I am always buck naked when we play and Suzy usually has some sort of covering.  As I have said before, I love it when Suzy is naked.  It's not that I want her parts covered - not at all!!!  It's that I feel an extra level of submission and vulnerability when there is the contrast between my nudity and her partial nudity.
  • There is certainly lots of female dominate/male submissive fantasies we've yet to explore.  I guess it relates to Suzy's comfort with dominating me and what she wants
*  *  *  *  *

We have been in a "down" cycle in our FLR.  Life is getting in the way, I suppose.  That's the main explanation for my reduced blogging activity.  Suzy is still working through her new job, I am working through some personal things, and we are, unfortunately, not connecting much.  Here's to a new blog-year of FLR exploration!  Cheers!


  1. Happy anniversery! And i hope that you continue with your blog