Saturday, August 20, 2011

Submissive male "bromance"

First of all, I have some whining to do.  It appears that the femdom blog activity has gone down quite a bit lately.  I suppose that might be due to late summer vacations or back-to-school activities or whatnot.  Suzy has been easing into her new job and has had no time to read my blog, deal with her own blog, or read other blogs.  What a bummer!  She has asked me if I have received any comments on my posts, and I haven't =(.  I'm hoping the lack of comments isn't indicative of my posts being boring but rather reflective of the general decrease in femdom blog activity that I perceive to be happening.
Ahh, a burgeoning "bromance" *sigh*

I am not the most gregarious person in the world; I am usually pretty picky when it comes to my choosing friends and have normally had a few close friends rather than a whole bunch of acquaintances.  As a result, I rarely "go out with the guys".  Very rarely, a husband of one of her girlfriends will organize some sort of dude's night and we will go drink beer (primarily) and maybe play poker.  In contrast, Suzy has always been big on hanging with her girlfriends and we have even had some fun play around that (an expected lockup period for me, with play when she returns).  I enjoy going out and especially drinking beer and such; however, men seem almost incapable of organizing this kind of thing successfully, whereas, Suzy's girlfriends have an efficient infrastructure in place for such things.  So, it's not that I don't want to do things with other dudes, it's just that it is a really low priority, and I am not the person to "make it happen".

Alas, I have a submissive male friend that I met through a femdom website.  It was dumbluck that we live in the same general area.  I have met him for dinner (+ beer!) maybe half a dozen times.  We have a fair amount in common apart from a desire to submit to our wives.  Our degrees are similar and it seems like we are both ambitious in our careers.  I bartended for a surprise B-day party for his wife, so I have met her once.  They are nice people.  He tends to want to go to more exotic places like sushi and thai - stuff like that.  We talked a bit about Uniquely Rika last night and he said that Suzy would like the first two chapters a lot.  I think it's fair to say that he is a bit of a submissive mentor to me in the sense that he supports and encourages my submission to Suzy.  He is very knowledgeable about matriarchal societies and goddess worship; he seems to be a female supremacist type, although I don't think he would necessarily agree to that label.  I think it is fair to say that he is somewhat of an ambassador for the benefits of a female lead relationship.

He has asked a few times if we would be interested in "double dating", and offered that they would come up our way to meet us.  I think I have broached this idea with Suzy and I am not sure what her thoughts are on that idea.  Our wives have a couple of things in common; they are both starting new jobs in the same general profession.  He joked that they could talk about that, not necessarily tips on how to dominate their submissive hubbys.  Although that would be exciting too, lol!

*  *  *  *  *
We haven't been able to play at all lately on account of Suzy's new job.  This is hard for me to handle.  I have stated before that I get a bit depressed if I do not achieve a full, satisfying erection after a while.  This is a relatively new thing, it could be related to my increased libido or it could be that I am a bit antsy about the relative reduction in erections I am getting as I age.  As I think I have stated before, I can get hard consistently with stimulation (sometimes my foreplay is her coming - and I get hard every time for that!) but I have noticed that my erection quality isn't what it used to be.  For example, Suzy could play with my ass or perineum (which feels great and is very sexual) but I usually do lose my erection without that direct cock stimulation.

Because of the relative lack of mistress-slave time, I am quite horny.  Suzy said something along the lines that this was hornier than she wants me to be.  I guess for a domme it's a fine line in how to manage your sub.  As a result, I have a fair amount of topics I want to blog about.  But I will try to let her catch up with them...


  1. I don't quite know what happened with blogger.... the formatting got all jacked up and I couldn't seem to fix it. And then I realized once it was published that I hadn't acually talked about 'topping from the bottom'. Bottom line, that came up in my conversation with my sub friend and I told him I was doing better with that... and he encouraged me to keep it up ;-)

  2. Yeah I think you are right about the general decrease in blogging going on...

  3. Maybe blogging is down because people have seen their stock portfolios take a shitkicking again this past week and have become depressed over the fact that they'll be living on cat food when they're old and decrepit, and so have locked themselves in a closet in the basement.

  4. Okay, you got my attention with the fabulous picture of Brad Pitt...I appreciate your patience and understanding in my new job stresses. I know it's been difficult on you but you haven't expressed your dissapointment and have been a great help around the house and with the kiddos. I think it would be fine to share your blog with your "friend". I am not sure how I feel yet regarding a double date. I think it's too personal and I don't feel ready or comfortable being around someone who knows what's going on. Maybe when I become more confident with myself and our situation, I might change my mind!

  5. Aha! I have found the secret to prompting you to comment on the blog... the right photos and you will talk! Must find more photos of Brad Pitt, LOL.

    I think maybe we need a date night so we can talk more. Will you go out with me, sweetheart? <3 U!!

  6. Well, Queen has spoken. I can see how the double-date would be appealing to you. Sounds familiar here, the desire anyway...and less opportunities than I wanted. Take care! :)