Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hurts so good

Glad I found this shot: certainly
appeals to my CFNM interests!
 Our routine has been thrown upside down.  Suzy will be starting a new job soon, the circumstances of which were a bit of a whirlwind.  She has been stressed out a bit and I had to finally go back to work too.  As a result, Suzy wasn't in the mood for playing but she did indicate that we could play Saturday night.  She also suggested that our vanilla sex would continue until she finished reading Uniquely Rika, had a chance to think about relating it to her desires, and then put together an agreement that I would sign.  As I indicated in my last post, I am excited but nervous about what this might entail.

Suzy has her monthly visitor, so intercourse was out of the question.  Suzy wore a sexy but covered bedtime outfit and I kissed her a bit, caressed her a bit, and then went straight to the Hitachi Magic Wand, which effectively overcomes her pad.  She came in no time - it surprised even her - and it was lovely.  She grabbed my scrotum the entire time, firmly pulling on it.  In fact, she was noticeably aggressive with doing so, to the point that I was periodically yelping in pain.  I've blogged about this "I need something to grab" game that we like to play before; it's just becoming more common that during her orgasm she wants to grab either my cock or balls.

I wasn't sure what to expect after her orgasm.  I was completely naked and erect, dripping from the foreplay.  She told me she was going to "take care of me" (which is our euphemism for a handjob) and so I laid down with my genitals in front of her, legs spread in an OB-GYN type of position.  This gives her a lot of access to choose how she wants to stimulate me.  She started out with nice gentle foreplay and I became very aroused.  She then alternated among gently stimulated my balls, stroking my cock, smacking my nuts, and so on.  She "edged" me several times, meaning she stimulated my cock to where I was on the edge of coming and then played or tortured my balls.  She did some penis slapping too, which is a torture she doesn't do that often.  She did something new, too, which was that she would stop the manual stimulation and then tease me that I didn't know what sensation she was going to give me: ball torture or cock stroking.  A lot of what I enjoy about her taking control of my cock is the unpredictability of what I am going to get.  Very hot!!

She makes it hurt so good!
For the finale, she used both hands: one smacking my balls and the other stroking my cock.  She made a joke about how difficult that was but she maintained that for quite some time.  She also laughed and said, "it's like that song: it hurts so good!".  Indeed.  That is about the best way to describe it.  Suzy seems to enjoy this sort of torture.  From a male standpoint, the sensations are "confusing".  The cock stroking feels so good and the ball torture is painful.  It's a hot way to play, and I love it.  She usually is quite verbal about this "predicament" and seems to enjoy the confusion of sensations that it represents.  I came HARD.  While my load didn't shoot that far, I am sure that the load was bigger than average and I had quite a mess to pick up.  I was really out of sorts: I was near paralysis and had a hard time even thinking/speaking.

*  *  *  *  *
I was reflecting on this session in light of our prior vacation vanilla sex.  As my last post said, our vanilla sex has been really great.  Mainly missionary sex, I haven't had the best stamina, but my orgasms have been great.  Suzy seems to like the vanilla sex.  Maybe because it's less involved?  I am not sure where we are going with our wife lead marriage.  Our family is going through a lot of transitions (new job, school, etc.) so Suzy is stressed and hasn't had a lot of time to play or to blog or to read Uniquely Rika.  My impression is that once things settle in, she will reflect on what she wants and then take charge.

I thought we were on a femdom "timeout" before the session I described above (which happened over the weekend) and then voila! she teased and denied me last night.  I am certainly becoming much better at not topping from the bottom.  When she decided she wanted to deny me, I simply accepted it, got dressed, and went to bed.  I wish I knew what she was thinking about this!


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