Saturday, August 27, 2011

FLR on hold

Queen Suzy has hit the pause button on our FLR, although there seem to be elements of her domination of me that remain... a hint of things to come?

My Queen confirmed that we are on an FLR "break".  I don't know what that means entirely, but she has confirmed that she has hit the pause button and that she won't resume it until she reads Uniquely Rika and has some time to think about tailoring it to her needs.  My guess is that could spill well into September.  In the mean time, she has shown (see prior posts) that she can/will/enjoys dominating me sexually. 

I am a little frightened: if this is an FLR on hold, what happens when the tigress is fully unleashed?!?!  I confess that when I read her post about finding the right punishment for me, I was both aroused and frightened.  The idea of her devising a torture that I won't enjoy is hard for me to get my head around.  I would assume that such a punishment would involve me submitting to her in some way (i.e., allowing her to tie me up, assuming a position, etc.); which frankly would arouse me.  If you recall this post, arousal is claimed to increase pain tolerance.  So logically, if she administers a torture on me, designed so that I don't like it, I will be accepting of additional pain and she will be aggressively trying to cause me pain to teach me a lesson.  This is not looking good for me! 

I'm sure the tigress will be back!

In spite of being on a break, there have been elements of male submission in our day-to-day lives.  When we have a moment alone, she will quickly knee me in the balls or swat at my groin.  I have made her breakfast almost every day, and she is quite verbal about pointing out that I need to get a move on so that she can eat to meet her daily routine.  When her sister "Debi" was here, I had made some breakfast for myself, and she said something like "oh, thanks for making me breakfast; what are YOU going to eat?"  That put me into deep subspace.  As I have written about before, I have an excitement/scared view of others' being let in my submission to Suzy.  And she said this right in front of Debi.  She said she was just kidding, but I gave it up to her and then "re-made" my own breakfast.  Suzy NEVER does anything sexual in the mornings, and this was just so unexpected and dominate that it really turned me on.  I'm sure I became erect right away.  Another thing she has been doing lately is telling me what I can eat.  I try to follow a "low carb" diet and am really trying to get some 6-pack abs.  Both yesterday and today, Suzy criticized me for eating something I shouldn't have - publicly.  While she did the opposite.  I do get aroused by her telling me to make her a drink.  So far, my submission has mainly been in the bedroom.  I am starting to wonder if this apparent trend will continue.

Our sex frequency has gone way down, but she has taken some elements of dominating me.  That makes me think she enjoys that.  I get a huge rush of excitement being naked before her, exposing my obvious excitement for and to her.  I have been fantasizing a lot about having some sex play outside in our backyard; me naked, her clothed.

*  *  *  *  *
I have been away from the blogging world for a while.  Our household has been turned upside down as a result of the recent changes in employment and school routines resuming.  Today was the first day in a while that I have checked out my usual blogs and I must say that I am quite aroused right now.  I hope that we can have some "playtime" tonight.

While I respect Suzy's thought process around discovering the elements of FLR that she wants, and dominating me per her needs, I crave to submit to her.  I want her to spank me SOOOO bad.  I hope that I can be patient and allow our FLR to run its course - her way!


  1. While our try at an FLR has fizzled (neither of us seem to be suited for defined submissive and dominant roles) a few vestiges remain, the main one being male chastity, which we're having fun with. However, I can easily understand your excitement and concern about how your relationship is going to evolve as Suzy plans it out. You must be on edge (happily or not?) waiting for her plan to gel.

  2. I've got to get this book I keep hearing about!

  3. If your wife is telling you what is,or is not, "on hold", it sounds like she still is very much in charge. Thats the drawback for a male in an FLR. The woman's wants and desires may differ from time to time, from the male's. But this is true of any relationship.Female Led , or otherwise.

    You obviously love your wife and want her to be happy.So i wouldnt worry too much about "the hold". As i suspect it may be just her way of letting you know that she is the one who gets to define what a FLR is supposed to be like.

    Im guessing that she still has you doing the housework ,laundry,cooking,ect.

    I hope that it all works out in both of your's favor.Good luck to you!

  4. It hasn't shown up, but I posted on your wife's blog a comment suggesting she look at

    They define five "food groups" she can take under her control: finances, life direction, household chores, free time, and sex. They also define four levels. At level 3 she has final decision in all five food groups, at level 4 she has total authority over all food groups.

    They have numerous articles on how to get started in an FLR, questionnaires on readiness, surveys on FLR attitudes (with up-to-date results), and are developing training materials.

    It is well worth a look.

  5. Sorry, I haven't been checking my blog much lately. Thanks guys for the comments.

    BOB: that's an interesting thought. Perhaps she is going on hold to see if I have the patience to take the FLR to the next level. There could be some merit to that. She is very tired from her job and we have not been very sexual at all lately. Likewise, I have not been as horny as I usually am. I think this is a case of "life getting in the way" of our relationship. We haven't had a date night in a while, unfortunately; and we haven't had a good conversation in some time.

    Anon: my wife filters her comments and it will only be shown when she checks it out. I don't think she has been on her blog much lately. I have checked out; I think it's an ok site. I think the best part of it is the questionaires. I would be interested in Suzy's answers to get a better glimpse into what she is interested in. That being said, the site doesn't seem to have much traffic and I find the forum confusing to navigate. I haven't "joined" the site but have posted a few things... and not any replies :(

  6. Thanks for the post!! Hoping things work out, er, okay for you!
    Seems a pause here as well, not sure what is up... but you're doing better than me! Love the breakfast debacle with sister present!