Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Unexpected lockup, total domination of the cock

Happy belated Independence Day!
We had a great day.  It started out with a pretty intense workout at the gym.  Before I left for the gym, she teased me about using the chastity belt for a lockup.  My workout was interrupted by thoughts about this.   I texted her about it before my workout started and didn't get the text back until I was done with my workout.  I then decided I would get Suzy a treat, as a small token of my appreciation for her being such a sexy goddess.  She confirmed that she wanted me locked for the party we were going to be attending with mostly her friends; I think she got the idea of locking me up from my comment in the prior post about my getting a lot of spontaneous erections.  She said she didn't want me getting hard in front of her friends; my erections were for her alone.   She teased me about putting the CB-6000 on in front of her, which she know would be impossible due to the certainty of erection.

Suzy holds the key to my chastity belt when I am locked up
We haven't used the chastity belt in a long time and I really do like playing with it.  I didn't realize how early the party was going to be, and when we were both finally home, Suzy asked if I had put it on.  I wasn't clear if she had really wanted me to try to put it on in front of her or not, and she laughed and said no, just to go put it on.  I did.  I was a little "rusty" and it took me some time.  I couldn't find the baby oil, which I find to be the best lube for me.  I did use the lube that we sometimes use for sex.  Not as effective, since it can dry out.  I gave Suzy the key and she safety pinned it in her bra, between her cleavage.  She wore a top that really showed off her cleavage, btw.

We teased each other mainly through texts.  In our previous session, she vaguely alluded to having some "fireworks" in our bedroom on Independence Day and that it was time for me to get some relief.  I find that with sex, anticipation and buildup really adds to my enjoyment of the overall experience.  I love it when she has our sessions planned out.  It makes me feel loved that she thinks about how I will come or how I will be tortured.

I lay naked but still locked when she came into the bedroom.  She was wearing a sexy nightgown and casually said that that the key to my chastity device went down the drain.  I enjoy being locked because it makes me feel extra submissive; but the teasing that she does is the best part!  I attacked her when she came in with kisses and caresses.  I went between her legs for some cunnilingus; I think it got her prepped up but she didn't seem to be coming from that.  I got out the vibrator and she came after a little bit of fumbling to get the right pressure and location.  Sometimes that pussy is finicky!

Then the real fireworks started.  She started caressing my body, mainly my chest and arms.  She indicated that she "had a plan".  She adjusted herself to get closer to my genitals and then started teasing my cock and balls.  I thought her "plan" was going to be to say that she wanted me locked longer.  She then said that I should take the CB off and come back.  I did.

This reminds me of our play lately; the woman is clearly "above" her lover, and she is in "teasing mode"
  She worked my cock and balls for a very long time.  I felt total domination - it's like she had a voracious desire to tease me.  I believe that in the femdom world, this is called "edging".  She had me on the edge of orgasm, for a very long time.  She varied the stimulation so that I could never really detect a pattern.  As an example, she stimulated my cock and then sense that I was close to an orgasm, and then she would slap my balls.  Then she would go back to my cock, then slowly caress my balls (so help me: I will figure out how to spell "caress" someday!)  She kept me guessing.  The whole time this was happening, I felt paralyzed.  Although I wasn't restrained, I sure felt powerless to move.  It was just so how that her eyes were focused on my genitals, studying my primal reactions as if I were a research subject and she was a professor.

This went on for I don't know how long.  I am sure her hands must have been exhausted.  I was getting really really close to coming, and then she would stop.  Finally, she got me very close and then stopped all stimulation.  Although it seemed like an eternity, it was probably 2 seconds after she stopped stimulation, and then my cock just helplessly spurted semen.  I probably had 3 or 4 contractions and a good bit of semen came out considering it was a ruined orgasm.  My wife grinned and seemed pleased with herself.  This was the "plan" and it worked like a charm.

Suzy had a similarly smug smile after her "ruined orgam" plan came together as intended.

*  *  *  *  *
I am still trying to get my arms around this.  It was a hot session, that's for sure.  I really liked Suzy's variety in stimulation.  I had not come in almost two weeks, and I am certain that had she stroked like three more times, I would have launched semen over my head and had one of the most powerful orgasms of my life.  But what she did to me was so flagrantly erotic and dominating that I simply loved every minute of it. 

Suzy seems to really enjoy experimenting with "her cock".  And this is a new territory to explore.  My sense is that she will do this more often to get a flavor for my sexual response.  I think she enjoyed it a lot.  I believe I could have continued with some sex play.  After I cleaned up my mess, I still maintained a rather sporty erection and still had 90% of the sexual desire I had prior to this session.  I asked to get inside her (she said no) and I am confident I could have had normal penetrative sex with an ejaculation.  I wonder what my endurance would have been like, and what my second ejaculation would have been like in terms of force and volume.  Perhaps that's for another experiment on her "Guinea pig".  I really needed to move some of that pent up semen out of my plumbing; I am still horny, but not as mindlessly horny as before.  This ruined orgasm took me down a notch - but just a notch.  I still haven't had an orgasm in almost two weeks.  I crave it.  But I also crave her control of my body.


  1. Thanks for sharing. It sounds as though you are going to both really enjoy your new roles, your wife in charge and you doing just as you are told...!!!

  2. A good ruined orgasm will leave you erect. Enjoy.

    BTW, I am hopeful my first one after being unlocked would be a ruined one and then be put back in. I just crave the torment for some strange reason.

  3. Hi, LTS...

    Repeatedly being teased to the very edge is such an intense experience, and so different from the "regular" sex we had for years and years. It's definitely high on our list of fun (?) activities associated with male chastity/orgasm denial.

    I'm envious to hear that you did have an orgasm in the end, even though it was ruined. I rarely get that treat. I'm usually just left with a throbbing hard-on and full balls.

    All the best

  4. Sounds like a great experience

  5. Thanks for the comments! We have been having some fun times lately!