Sunday, July 10, 2011

Special night

We had an adventurous date night, although we avoided
mistaken identity and the mafia!

We celebrated our anniversary the other night and it was a blast.  We had a solid 5 hours of "adult time".  We weren't even interrupted with calls begging us to settle some sort of squabble.  That was nice.

What did we do with our "adult time"?  Why, we went to an adult (sex) shop, of course!  Suzy has never liked going to these, I think because she is afraid we might run into somebody that we know.  She seemed pretty comfortable when we went!  We did pick up a few sex toys (pricey!) and my imagination as far as what was in store for us later that night was going wild.

We went to a crazy expensive restaurant.  The food was excellent, it had a great atmosphere, and had a nice view.  We were both stuffed.  We then went home and dealt with the squabbles and finally put the kids to bed.  Then it was more "adult time".

Suzy asked me to rub her back and legs.  I complied, and then she indicated that she was aroused and ready for an orgasm.  I used the Hitachi for a very satisfying orgasm.  I still was not sure if she was going to let me come.  I think I had been a chaste hubby for 2.5 weeks, with lots of teasing during that time (for those keeping score, I have tracked it on the right side of my blog).

After some post-orgasm massaging, Suzy got into her new "dominatrix" outfit.  She had ordered three paddles to be ready.  She came out with the crop, and she just looked so sexy and dominant.  I was naked (of course) and instinctively spread my legs to give her access to torment me.  Good move.  She dominated me and I loved every minute of it.  After a bit of mostly cock and ball whipping, she ordered me to turn over and get on my knees.  There is no more of a submissive position than to have your ass and balls in the air and not being able to see what's coming.  She spanked my ass the hardest she had ever done it.  She said that it was getting red (had to take her word for it).  I was impressed with her aggressive domination.  She worked me over quite hard and pushed my envelope as far as pain was concerned.
Suzy dominated me!
She then said that she wanted me to come inside her.  She said that if I didn't thrust hard and fast that she would kick me out of her pussy and my denial would last for "some time".  She was so sexy the way she said this.  It was an order.  I had to obey.  I did my best, but I really didn't last very long.  The long term denial combined with the super sexy session didn't leave me with a lot of stamina.  She was wearing this dominatrix outfit with a very skimpy bikini area.  So, I had to just move that aside and penetrate her "fully clothed" - a bit of a joke because her outfit was quite skimpy.  I came hard, and I couldn't feel anything in my hands and feet.  It was great.  After I figured out what state I was in, I cuddled and massaged her and then she used the vibrator for her second orgasm.
I am thankful that Suzy allowed me to come.  She indicated that she had some more plans for me the next night....


  1. Great night, thanks for sharing. I too long for denial, but maybe more what I seek is to be "ordered" in the way that your were.

  2. Mr. L2S,

    Wonderful Thx for sharing.

    Glad you two enjoyed your anniversary!


  3. I finally have read all your entries. You surely are writing very well.
    Thank you.