Monday, July 25, 2011

Recap of houseguest visit

We have had a busy summer.  My sister in law ("Debi") is now safely back home and we are preparing for our own trip.  Not a lot happened sexually during Debi's visit.  I think we played one night (Suzy came and she really struggled to muffle her climax; I was denied).  I then screwed up, one of my punishments being that on my seventh day of being locked in the CB-6000 chastity belt, I was to unlock myself.  Suzy directed me to masturbate (which I did) but she refused to watch.  It was really very clinical, as she was getting ready for bed and was very matter-of-fact about it.  My orgasm wasn't that intense but it was good to relief some of that pressure from my genitals.  It didn't really satiate me for long; I am very horny again.  My Queen has solicited suggestions for further punishment (I thought it was just going to be removal of the CB!) on her blog.  I don't know exactly where she is going with that.  She was clear that she wanted to inflict a punishment on me that I would not like.  I enjoy ball torture and spanking but those acts are usually rewards for good behavior.  Not sure if this is for future transgressions, or if my debt to Suzy for my behavior still requires payment.  We shall see! 
I wonder what awaits me to pay for my transgressions!

Thankfully, I did get a chance to have a mini-date with Suzy.  Even though some of our conversation wasn't that pleasant (working through our communication and style differences), I am grateful that I got a chance to spend time with my beautiful wife.  I hope that continues.

I did have a chance to drink beers with Debi's husband one night.  We both had quite a bit to drink and had a good time.  Suzy had indicated that things at home for them were "better" but didn't go into much detail.  Suzy did have a night alone with her sister Debi.  They were out LATE but I didn't get a lot out of her as to what she discussed.  It sounded like it was a more career and child related discussion and the husbands didn't come up much.  Suzy did say that their waiter gave them a LOT of attention.  They were the last guests in the dining area and so they waiter paid them a lot of attention and even sat down to chat with them.  Suzy said that he wasn't that attractive, but seemed to like having this additional attention.  She suggested that she might have flirted with him had he been better looking.  That made me excited.

two women flirting with waiter in a restaurant Stock Photo - 5721038
Suzy and Debi with their "server".  What if he had been attractive?
 I haven't told Suzy that during my lockdown period, most of my fantasies were around cuckolding.  This is something that excites me a lot.  I don't really know how to deal with it.  I am partly ashamed but extremely excited about this fantasy.  I think about her being with a younger, better endowed man.  I think about my role in such an encounter being to help prep her and reassure her to enjoy herself.  Maybe "prepping" her pussy with cunnilingus while she is playing with this foreign cock.  Sucking on her breasts, holding her hands, and kissing her while she is being penetrated.

I haven't come across the female equivalent of cuckolding: a wife having fantasies of her husband having sex with another woman.  This seems like a purely submissive male thing.  I know that there are a lot of reasons why this is a very bad idea, but it excites me ... a lot.  The teasing that she does is fun.  I wonder if, on our trip, she would flirt with another guy in front of me.  Sometimes being in a new environment lowers one's inhibitions.

*  *  *  *  *
We had some sexual play last night.  It was different in the sense that we really didn't speak much.  It was about time for bed, and Suzy was in her pajamas (the "medium" sexy ones.... not explicitly sexy, but feminine and allowing a lot of access to her chest and back).  Suzy laid out on the bed on her stomach, silently requesting a back and foot rub.  I complied.  I turned off the light and locked the door.  I massaged her feet and then came back to her back.  It excited me when she flipped over to her back, suggesting to me that she was open to making this massage more sexual.  I played with her breasts and then worked my way to her inner thighs.  She was receptive and allowed an orgasm.  I don't want to sound like a broken record, but there is nothing sexier to me that a woman's climax.  She held on to my cock during her orgasm, which seemed less intense but of longer duration than normal.  She seemed to enjoy the afterglow a lot.  I then did some post-climax caressing, and she criticized me for not being erect.  I took my shorts off and made her happy with my hardon.  She lay against me and then caressed my body.  I trembled at her touch, it felt so good.  She briefly stimulated my scrotum and then held on to our cock for quite some time.  It was as if she was just holding onto her property for safe-keeping.  She drifted off asleep, while holding the cock.


  1. Wow...will be interesting to hear Her reaction to the flirting/teasing fantasies you're having. Glad you'll have some more "alone" time... and that you got to please Her nicely recently! Listen to what She says, lol! :)

  2. "I don't want to sound like a broken record, but there is nothing sexier to me that a woman's climax. She held on to my cock during her orgasm"

    I agree it is sexy.

    My wife holds onto my cock too. I asked if it does anything for her and she said that she was doing it for me yet at the same time I suspect it does do something for her yet perhaps she does not realise.

  3. Weave: she enjoys teasing me about men she finds attractive. It's a part of the "double standard". If there is a Victoria's Secret ad on TV, I am expected to fast forward it IMMEDIATELY, but if there is a "cute guy" around, she lingers and teases me about it.
    S-H: thanks!
    Submanhub: We like the riskiness of her holding my cock (and sometimes my balls) while she cums. There are times when it feels great that she is manually stimulating me, and other times it feels great to have my cock in a vise-like grip :)