Saturday, July 2, 2011

My inner exhibitionist

Locker room nudity is not something I seek
I have never felt that comfortable being naked in front of other people.  When I am at the gym locker room, there are those guys that wander around naked during the dress and shower time, and those like me that are a little more discrete.  I do get naked to put my jock strap on, but I don't strut around in the mean time.  I partially dress in the shower area and then finish up at the locker. When it comes to sex, things change.  It is very natural for me to be naked in front of Suzy, a real turn on for me.  The "baring of my soul" makes me feel free; my erection is not something I can will to have happen, but it is my body's reflexive confirmation of my love/lust for her.

Being free and naked during sex play is erotic to me
I don't feel like I really know what Suzy is thinking about when she climaxes.  During a handjob, I often visualize that I am being watched.  One thing that really turns me on is when Suzy is stimulating me and she very clearly is watching my sexual response.  When we were first married, she would masturbate me and usually update me on my progress: "your balls are moving up", she would say, which meant that ejaculation was imminent.  I am surprisingly ignorant about what physically happens to me right before, during, and after my orgasm.  I suppose that every male could be different, but for me, my testicles move up near my cock in preparation for the ejaculation.  I suppose that makes sense, because I have read that one way to delay male orgasm is to pull downward on the scrotum.  At any rate, I enjoy Suzy's active monitoring of my stimulation.  I believe I discussed in my ruined orgasm post that one thing that really turned me on about that is the fact that she was watching my cock like a hawk so that she would know when to slow down the stimulation.

I enjoy when Suzy "checks me out", especially when I am naked

I have always wanted to videotape our sex play.  Suzy is not OK with this.  She is deftly afraid that it would end up in the wrong hands, like those celebrity sex tapes.  I definitely would like to see myself ejaculate.  I don't know if she is any more open to setting up a video of me naked, her clothed but out of frame and just focused on my cock.  I just can't watch myself when she is actually playing with me; I keep my eyes closed.  Last night when we played, I did sneak a few peaks.  It is a turn on for me to watch her man-handle my bits.

Is Suzy up for videotaping her domination of me?

I have been fantasizing recently about pushing the envelope on this a bit.  I would like to play outdoors.  We don't have the most private backyard but there is some privacy along the side, and of course we could put some obscuration strategically in place.  But I am really quite turned on by the fantasy that I am outside, naked and Suzy is there, dressed, and stimulating me.

Sex is not embarrassing to me. I know Suzy wouldn't go for this, but I would really love to have sex with Suzy with someone watching.  I wonder if I would have any erection problems or "performance anxiety".  I would enjoy being directed as to what to do.... "ok, now go down on her"...  That would be hot. 

OK, ready: ERECTION!!

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  1. Seems strange to me to hear a guy willing to 'make a sex tape'.

    It always seemed to me that guys were actually more up tight about their bodies than women. We hear how terrible it is that women get pressurised by the media about their looks. As guys we think a girl in a short skirt must be self-conscious that someone may see their undies. Yet I suspect that they are less worried about that than a man would be.

    In fact I suspect that men in general are far more self conscious about their bodies.

    Anyway, if you need a camerman, let me know. I'll be right over.