Friday, July 8, 2011

FLR as marriage therapy

In a couple of weeks, Suzy and I will have out of town visitors: her sister (I'll call her Debi) and her family.  They have been having marital problems (hey, who doesn't?) lately and it seems somewhat serious.  From what I recall from Suzy's discussion about Debi's marriage, they have not slept in the same bed together for a long time.  I infer that means they have not had sex in a long time.  That's no way to stay married!

I have posted before about how I think about what women talk about when they are together, and how it makes me nervous and excited at the same time that Suzy might discuss our intimate play.  Suzy and Debi will certainly go out and chat for hours (and I will take her husband out for beers separately).  Since I have been chaste (and therefore horny) for so long, I have been fantasizing that Suzy brings up pieces of our relationship and suggests that Debi look into it for their relationship.

I am perpetually mystified by what Suzy talks about with her female friends.  I know they rant about their husbands, but do they discuss the intimate details of their sex lives???
 In my fantasies, it looks something like this:

Debi: So, Suzy how are you two doing?  Are things going well with you guys?

Suzy: Yes, things are much better in our relationship since I've taken more control.

Debi: Oh?  What do you mean?

Suzy: A couple of years ago, my hubby confessed his interest in trying a female lead relationship, or FLR.  We have had a bit of a journey on this, lots of ups and downs, but things seem to be a lot more stable now.

Debi: What does that mean, exactly?

Suzy: It's mainly in the bedroom.  Sex is all about my pleasure.  I control his orgasms; I decide when he can come.  He focuses a lot more on me and my needs when he's horny, which is about all the time.  We have some sort of sex play 4 or 5 times per week, we're kind of like horny teenagers again.  He ravages me and massages me and then pleasures me the way I want.  I will tease him and get him close to coming but ultimately deny him climax so that he stays in this horny state.  That way he focuses on me.  I have probably had 15 orgasms this month and he hasn't had any yet. 

Debi: But my husband would never go for that!

Suzy: He's probably jerking off all the time so he doesn't focus on you.  We sometimes play with a male chastity device [Suzy pulls it out of her purse to show Debi what the CB-6000 looks like] so that I know that he isn't jerking off.  It doesn't allow him to get a full erection, so he can't do anything sexua while he's locked up.  I don't really like the feel of it when we cuddle at night, so he is on the "honor system" most of the time.  But when we are apart, I have him lock up so that I know he hasn't come and when we see each other, he will stay focused on me.  You should lock your hubby up and have him focus his energies on you.


Friday night.   Get ready for a long weekend.
This is hubby's chastity cage...he can't jerk off when he's locked up!  You should lock your hubby too!
 Debi: OMG.

Suzy: This FLR has given me a lot of confidence.  Our sex life has never been better.... and I indulge him in some of his kinks.  I dominate him in other ways too and we feel very close to each other.  It takes a lot of trust on his part to let me lead the way.  We like to inflict a little pain - on him - during our play times.  I like the control and he likes to relinquish that control to me.  It's a win-win situation.

Debi: Wow.

Suzy: You should give it a try.

Later that evening, as the women rejoin us, Debi asks how the husbands fared while watching the kids.  I say something like, "gosh, I had a problem with paying our bill".  Debi, not one to keep much of a secret interjects, "Oh, what's the matter, was your card DENIED?  Suzy tells me that can be a problem for you!".  Continuing this verbal teasing, she says, "hey, don't forget to lock up tonight!".

*  *  *  *  *
I have no idea if this would happen.  To reiterate, I would feel embarrassed and some mild humiliation if Suzy went into any detail of our sex life.  On the other hand, it's me, I enjoy submitting and I enjoy the sex play we've been having...and I enjoy talking about sex.  It's up to Suzy if she wants to discuss this with her sister, but I would not want her husband to know.  That would freak me out!


  1. Mr. L2S,

    humilation like this is a desire of mine too. I like to write fiction about it when I become preocupied with it. I find that helps and also lets me delve into why.



  2. Thanks, SH.
    We had a follow on discussion last night about this. Suzy is going on an out of state trip to celebrate a big birthday with several girlfriends. I will be locked in the chastity belt during this time, and she will carry the key with her. She teased me about what she would say if the key got to be visible.


  3. I dream of this.
    sounds like such fun.
    I agree that flr can rekindle the enjoyment of mariage.

    also I would suggest that not just no sex ruins a nariage but too much sex devalued it too. before I submitted, I would demand sex. not agressivly. I would just say I wanted it and she would let me. she didn't get anything from it and I ended up feeling in manly because I could not entice or stimulate ny wife. now she has sex with orgasm. she teased me. she us becomming more confident and we are enjoying mariage once again.

  4. There is something very exciting about your wife sharing her secret of having a FLR with a girl friend or sister. In part because it is an acknowledgment that she is comfortable enough with her position of power to want to share it, and because there will be another woman that knows and may act on your submissive secret.