Friday, July 22, 2011

Accepting my punishment

Due to the business of having house guests, I haven't had a lot of time to post lately.  I thought I had been a good submissive husband and avoiding "topping from the bottom" lately.  That turned south as described in my wife's recent posting.  We haven't had much time to discuss this matter together, although it appears that Suzy is still upset at me about it.  I have a slightly different perspective on the matter, and I agree that I misread her cues and I screwed up.  I deserved to be punished and I accepted it.

Her punishment was that I remove the chastity belt.  I have had a few "long weekends" of chastity where I was locked for four days.  The seven nights and six full days was a record for me.  I enjoy this chastity play.  What I enjoy the most about it is the intimate times at night when she acknowledges that she enjoys the control over my cock.  She teased me one night and seemed genuinely amused at the reaction of my cock bobbing, attempting to get hard.  I could do without the CB during the day when I am working.  Urination is difficult, there were some exercises that I had to work around, and I am a little self-conscious of the bulge and that I will get "found out".  Also, hygiene is a concern, as I want my bits to be clean if Suzy decides to play with them.  I don't want her to be grossed out.

I regret that we have not been communicating much lately.  I think in our pre-FLR days, we didn't communicate enough and we would get into trouble when we would assume stuff.  That still happens, but when I am horny, denied, locked, etc., I really do need to have some sort of affirmation that she loves me and that she is enjoying our playtime.  We hadn't had that over the past few days, and that was a big frustration to me.  I had been enjoying good successes at work lately, doing well with my eating and exercising, and had lost a few pounds.  Unfortunately, I hadn't really had a chance to share this with Suzy, and that was really frustrating to me.  In the past, I would celebrate such things with drinking or dessert.  But that's counterproductive in getting the six-pack abs.  So, I would prefer to celebrate with sex play.

There you have it.  When Suzy had the reaction she had, I was confused and got a little defensive.  I wanted to marinate on it a few days and instead accept that I was wrong, accept my punishment, and move on, learning for next time.  I apologize to Suzy for my behavior.  I am sorry.

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I enjoy finding relevant photos to add to the blog, but I am using our Mac and it never seems to quite work from this machine.  Any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong are welcomed.  Perhaps I will "edit" this post if I get a solution.  What happens is that it looks good when I paste the photo in, but then it gets published it is distorted.  This doesn't happen on our laptop (PC).  Suggestions welcomed!

Suzy allowed me to order "Uniquely Rika" and I did.  It arrived yesterday, so she had to be discrete about it so that our house guests were unaware.  It seems pretty expensive for such a small book!  Suzy seemed generally interested in it, and looked over the cover and ToC last night with me.  I am a little nervous about this.

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  1. Mr. L2S,

    I agree that feeling your wife's authority is a submissive 'need' and not just something you want.

    As to the Rika book, it is written by a well versed Domme for vanilla women. There is really nothing in the book to be concerned with as it is all beginning types of things.

    Hope you two have a good weekend.