Monday, July 25, 2011

Recap of houseguest visit

We have had a busy summer.  My sister in law ("Debi") is now safely back home and we are preparing for our own trip.  Not a lot happened sexually during Debi's visit.  I think we played one night (Suzy came and she really struggled to muffle her climax; I was denied).  I then screwed up, one of my punishments being that on my seventh day of being locked in the CB-6000 chastity belt, I was to unlock myself.  Suzy directed me to masturbate (which I did) but she refused to watch.  It was really very clinical, as she was getting ready for bed and was very matter-of-fact about it.  My orgasm wasn't that intense but it was good to relief some of that pressure from my genitals.  It didn't really satiate me for long; I am very horny again.  My Queen has solicited suggestions for further punishment (I thought it was just going to be removal of the CB!) on her blog.  I don't know exactly where she is going with that.  She was clear that she wanted to inflict a punishment on me that I would not like.  I enjoy ball torture and spanking but those acts are usually rewards for good behavior.  Not sure if this is for future transgressions, or if my debt to Suzy for my behavior still requires payment.  We shall see! 
I wonder what awaits me to pay for my transgressions!

Thankfully, I did get a chance to have a mini-date with Suzy.  Even though some of our conversation wasn't that pleasant (working through our communication and style differences), I am grateful that I got a chance to spend time with my beautiful wife.  I hope that continues.

I did have a chance to drink beers with Debi's husband one night.  We both had quite a bit to drink and had a good time.  Suzy had indicated that things at home for them were "better" but didn't go into much detail.  Suzy did have a night alone with her sister Debi.  They were out LATE but I didn't get a lot out of her as to what she discussed.  It sounded like it was a more career and child related discussion and the husbands didn't come up much.  Suzy did say that their waiter gave them a LOT of attention.  They were the last guests in the dining area and so they waiter paid them a lot of attention and even sat down to chat with them.  Suzy said that he wasn't that attractive, but seemed to like having this additional attention.  She suggested that she might have flirted with him had he been better looking.  That made me excited.

two women flirting with waiter in a restaurant Stock Photo - 5721038
Suzy and Debi with their "server".  What if he had been attractive?
 I haven't told Suzy that during my lockdown period, most of my fantasies were around cuckolding.  This is something that excites me a lot.  I don't really know how to deal with it.  I am partly ashamed but extremely excited about this fantasy.  I think about her being with a younger, better endowed man.  I think about my role in such an encounter being to help prep her and reassure her to enjoy herself.  Maybe "prepping" her pussy with cunnilingus while she is playing with this foreign cock.  Sucking on her breasts, holding her hands, and kissing her while she is being penetrated.

I haven't come across the female equivalent of cuckolding: a wife having fantasies of her husband having sex with another woman.  This seems like a purely submissive male thing.  I know that there are a lot of reasons why this is a very bad idea, but it excites me ... a lot.  The teasing that she does is fun.  I wonder if, on our trip, she would flirt with another guy in front of me.  Sometimes being in a new environment lowers one's inhibitions.

*  *  *  *  *
We had some sexual play last night.  It was different in the sense that we really didn't speak much.  It was about time for bed, and Suzy was in her pajamas (the "medium" sexy ones.... not explicitly sexy, but feminine and allowing a lot of access to her chest and back).  Suzy laid out on the bed on her stomach, silently requesting a back and foot rub.  I complied.  I turned off the light and locked the door.  I massaged her feet and then came back to her back.  It excited me when she flipped over to her back, suggesting to me that she was open to making this massage more sexual.  I played with her breasts and then worked my way to her inner thighs.  She was receptive and allowed an orgasm.  I don't want to sound like a broken record, but there is nothing sexier to me that a woman's climax.  She held on to my cock during her orgasm, which seemed less intense but of longer duration than normal.  She seemed to enjoy the afterglow a lot.  I then did some post-climax caressing, and she criticized me for not being erect.  I took my shorts off and made her happy with my hardon.  She lay against me and then caressed my body.  I trembled at her touch, it felt so good.  She briefly stimulated my scrotum and then held on to our cock for quite some time.  It was as if she was just holding onto her property for safe-keeping.  She drifted off asleep, while holding the cock.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Accepting my punishment

Due to the business of having house guests, I haven't had a lot of time to post lately.  I thought I had been a good submissive husband and avoiding "topping from the bottom" lately.  That turned south as described in my wife's recent posting.  We haven't had much time to discuss this matter together, although it appears that Suzy is still upset at me about it.  I have a slightly different perspective on the matter, and I agree that I misread her cues and I screwed up.  I deserved to be punished and I accepted it.

Her punishment was that I remove the chastity belt.  I have had a few "long weekends" of chastity where I was locked for four days.  The seven nights and six full days was a record for me.  I enjoy this chastity play.  What I enjoy the most about it is the intimate times at night when she acknowledges that she enjoys the control over my cock.  She teased me one night and seemed genuinely amused at the reaction of my cock bobbing, attempting to get hard.  I could do without the CB during the day when I am working.  Urination is difficult, there were some exercises that I had to work around, and I am a little self-conscious of the bulge and that I will get "found out".  Also, hygiene is a concern, as I want my bits to be clean if Suzy decides to play with them.  I don't want her to be grossed out.

I regret that we have not been communicating much lately.  I think in our pre-FLR days, we didn't communicate enough and we would get into trouble when we would assume stuff.  That still happens, but when I am horny, denied, locked, etc., I really do need to have some sort of affirmation that she loves me and that she is enjoying our playtime.  We hadn't had that over the past few days, and that was a big frustration to me.  I had been enjoying good successes at work lately, doing well with my eating and exercising, and had lost a few pounds.  Unfortunately, I hadn't really had a chance to share this with Suzy, and that was really frustrating to me.  In the past, I would celebrate such things with drinking or dessert.  But that's counterproductive in getting the six-pack abs.  So, I would prefer to celebrate with sex play.

There you have it.  When Suzy had the reaction she had, I was confused and got a little defensive.  I wanted to marinate on it a few days and instead accept that I was wrong, accept my punishment, and move on, learning for next time.  I apologize to Suzy for my behavior.  I am sorry.

*  *  *  *  *

I enjoy finding relevant photos to add to the blog, but I am using our Mac and it never seems to quite work from this machine.  Any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong are welcomed.  Perhaps I will "edit" this post if I get a solution.  What happens is that it looks good when I paste the photo in, but then it gets published it is distorted.  This doesn't happen on our laptop (PC).  Suggestions welcomed!

Suzy allowed me to order "Uniquely Rika" and I did.  It arrived yesterday, so she had to be discrete about it so that our house guests were unaware.  It seems pretty expensive for such a small book!  Suzy seemed generally interested in it, and looked over the cover and ToC last night with me.  I am a little nervous about this.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vacation Sex

Vacation sex is unique.  It gives couples a chance to have intimate relations in a novel location, in a carefree, leisurely manner.  It can rev up the libido and help you to breakaway from the normal routine.

A romantic getaway is always good to keep those fires burning!

I haven't always played vacation sex the right way.  Most of our vacations - since kids - have been to visit relatives and we normally stay with them (I guess it's part I'm a cheap bastard and part what is expected).  It's not always the most conducive environment for good sex play.  My prior post referenced our accidental discovery of male orgasm denial that was precipitated due to our staying at a relative's house and not really having anywhere safe to "do it".  We have at times snuck in some clandestine love making by taking advantage of brief moments of privacy and using condoms as a way to try to keep the mess to a minimum.  Since my vasectomy, the only time we use condoms is when we are away and needing to keep things reasonably clean.  As a result, I pretty much always have a couple of condoms in my suitcase.

An example of vacation sex done right is when Suzy and I went on a cruise alone.  She was pregnant with all those hormones raging, and we had all the privacy we needed.  It was like a second honeymoon.  Suzy still brings up the time when she wanted to go for a third time and I couldn't seem to get things up.  I think I was just too tired and I was not able to "perform" for the third time.  She teases me about this from time to time.

I love how the woman is on top!

Our upcoming family vacation should present itself with "vacation sex done right".  We have been looking forward to this trip for a long time.  We will have our own room, so we should have reasonable privacy.  Suzy has implied (or maybe it's just hopeful thinking on my part) that she might give me another chance to have a "hat trick" of sex.  If given this opportunity, I feel like I had better perform or else I will endure a lot more teasing down the road.  I am hopeful that we do treat this as a second honeymoon; meaning I behave, and she rewards me with lots of good sex.

During a recent playtime, Suzy posed the question: what sex toys should we bring on our trip?  I think that's a very important question.  You don't want to forget the critical things when you pack, and bringing the right toys to maximize our sexual enjoyment is probably the most critical (hey, I can do without pajamas!).  Granted, we can't take our entire treasure chest, but here are my thoughts:

  • Hitachi Magic Wand
  • Smaller battery powered vibrator
  • Lube
  • Crop
  • Flogger
  • Sexy outfits (thongs, sexy nighties)
  • Restraining cuffs
Are there any others I am missing?  We have a few toys that we haven't tried out yet.  Maybe Suzy will give the green light to bring something else.  One thing's for sure, Suzy will get all the orgasms she wants on this trip!!  Love ya Suzy!!

*  *  *  *  *

I shall be a chauffeur today!

Today is going to be a very busy day.  I have been working on getting the house in order for Suzy's sister's (Debi) family visit.  I have to pick them up at the airport this morning and then bring them back, get them settled, and then go get Suzy and her friend later that afternoon.  I won't have a lot of time to prep a big dinner I have planned.  I thought about posting my thoughts on being a "househusband" the past four days that Suzy has been gone.  Perhaps that will be a subsequent post.

Debi and her husband have apparently not gotten much better.  I say this because when Suzy asked Debi about her ideas around the upcoming sleeping arrangements, Debi said that her hubby could just sleep on the couch.  Yikes!  That's not vacation sex done right! 

Suzy is going to be tired from her trip but excited to see Debi and her kids, and excited to discuss her trip.  I have gotten an occasional photo message and text and it sounds like they have partied very hard (which was really the goal).  I doubt she will pay that much attention to me tonight.  I am curious to know if she will unlock my chastity belt.  My hope/plan is to keep up my good behavior and fairly successful avoidance of topping from the bottom and let her bring up the topic.  Wish me luck!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Origins of Male Submission, or Why did it take me so long to confess my FLR interest?

Suzy asked me an interesting question the other day.  We were soon to be celebrating a wedding anniversary (high teens) and she was errr... fondling me in an aggressive manner.  Suzy has the tendency to ask either unrelated or difficult questions during our play times.  She noted that we had been married for quite a while until I "had the guts" to tell her about my desires to submit to her.  She remembered that I had many times in my childhood where dominant women made me "feel funny" (I was too naive to understand this at the time) but she was wondering how long, after I had connected the dots myself, did it take for me to discuss this with her.
This isn't what was on our wedding cake, but in hindsight it does seem like she wears the pants now.
Being as my mind was elsewhere, I couldn't immediately think of an answer.  I fumbled around something to the effect of "I saw something on a message board about FLR and it intrigued me".  My personality is such that I like to learn and explore new things.  That is one of my "strengths" if you are a reader of Marcus Buckingham management books.  I can easily sit in front of a computer and be lost for hours learning new things and trying to see how things are connected.  Wikipedia and Google blew my mind.

I digress. I suspect that I was looking at something related to sex (a major topic of interest for me) and it lead down the path of FLR.  I was pretty blown away by that.  I do recall that the topic of male chastity and cuckolding were two of the earlier topics that came up.  I was intrigued and did some research into that and found that those topics turned me on.  I purchased a CB-6000 from and tried to use it while my family was out of state (to see if it fit, etc.).  In hindsight I should have discussed this with her.

I am trying to think of other times in our married relationship that FLR themes were present.  Shortly after we were married, I was like a kid in a candy store, sex wise.  You mean we get to screw like rabbits, and society fully approves?  Awesome.  Well, for me not so much for her.  Her lack of orgasm caused me a pretty good bit of anxiety.  As the male, I felt like it was my obligation to sexually satisfy her.  And we went to a therapist a few times and I remember the book the therapist had recommend: Becoming Orgasmic.  I felt like I had a bit of a crisis on my hands if I was orgasming but my wife was not.  Enter the vibrator.  Suzy resisted its use at first, but once she was able to visit the promised land, she was A-OK with it.  And that was A-OK with me.

So, I think you could infer that the stress I went through in order to have my wife climax was a precursor to a propensity for FLR.  Ladies first.

Then there was the time where we first experimented with orgasm denial.  That was before I knew anything about FLR or orgasm denial.  I just thought it was very hot that I pleasured her and, due to our sleeping arrangements, it didn't really make sense for me to come.

Another one is that I love love love wife on top sex.  Why?  It's the only position where Suzy can climax from intercourse alone.  It's smokin' hot to be the man on the bottom.  She is lost in her own world, trying to get the stimulation right for her to orgasm.  That's pretty much all she is focused on - and it is super sexy.  Physically speaking, I enjoy the sensations, but I don't know that I have ever come from her being on top.  I think that psychologically, our experience with wife on top sex gave me associations with "sex is fun and it's fun making it last longer and her pleasure coming first, and not having my orgasm the focus of the session".  When she mounts me, I feel like it is "all about her" and that turns me on.  She is focused on trying to come.  And that's hot for me.  And I love how she plants her hands on my chest for leverage for stimulation - it makes me feel like she's using my body for her pleasure.  At some point along the way, I tried to stiffen up and "enhance" the experience.  She got mad at me and said "just lie there".  That was hot.  I have joked about this with her before: sometimes I feel like a human dildo!  At any rate, when she does climax from woman on top sex - even pre-FLR sex - she would climb off me and "bask in the glow".  I lie there hard as a rock and she needs some "time off" to take a break to enjoy her moment.  I think this reinforced that "sex is for the wife's pleasure" as being so exciting to me.
Wife on top...only good things can come from that!
Looking back on our married life, I realize that it's been quite a journey.  The world has changed a lot.  We have changed a lot.  I am A-OK with change.  It's worked for me so far.

*  *  *  *  *

I am not sure I have really answered Suzy's question.  Yes, I have always had some sort of interest in dominant females and me submitting to them.  I am sometimes slow and by the miracle of the internet, stumbled across some pieces of information that made things connect, on a psychological level, for me as far as FLR is concerned.  I maintain that I gravitated to those topics related to male submission because I was already predisposed to it.  I have enjoyed working it out with Suzy ever since.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Locked in Chastity while wife parties

My Suzy is going on an out of state trip to celebrate her friend's 40th Bday.  The women that are going with her are fairly "wild": outgoing, drinkers, basically a partier crowd.  They went on a similar trip to Vegas last year.  This trip had been planned for over a year and we had discussed that I would be locked in my CB-6000 male chastity belt during the duration of the trip.

I will give a quick review of where we stand with the chastity device.  I bought it without discussing it with her a couple of years ago.  We have played with it on and off.  When I introduced the cage to her, she was disappointed that I hadn't discussed it with her first, but intrigued.  I attempted to lock the device up in her presence, so she could see how it worked.  I couldn't get it on because I too erect.  I even tried to use ice to calm things down and that didn't work.  I finally went in and literally took a cold shower and put it on alone.   The longest I've been "locked up" is 4 days, and we've done that a few times ~ kind of like long weekends of chastity.  We don't play with the device very often, especially lately.  Suzy prefers this for three reasons: after a few days of lockup, when I am uncaged, I don't get hard quickly enough for her; she enjoys my erections against her, especially when she denies me and she wants me to cuddle her and feel my excitement against her; and she likes that the "honor system" requires more self-discipline on my part.

Suzy followed this advice!

While I enjoy playing with the device, I don't want to be in long term lockup.  The "thrill" I get out of chastity is the physical nature of being unable to ejaculate and the control that Suzy has over my erections.  I liken my affinity for chastity to my enjoyment of being physically restrained.  The feeling of "straining" to become erect while being unable to do so is a submissive thrill for me.  I also love the teasing and symbolism of Suzy with the key.  Sometimes she wears it around her neck (hot!) but she usually has it within her bra.  I love the way she teases me about this control.

Suzy is my keyholder this weekend. 
Teasing with the key is really exciting to me.
 We had been sexting about the circumstances of my locking up.  She said that I was to lock myself up last night in her presence (yikes!) and if I couldn't get the device on, I would have to be on the honor system for her trip.  She then said she was going to make things "hard" for me, and she had a plan.  We had finally had some adult time and I laid out the CB-6000.  She came out in her sexy little thing and stroked me till I was fully erect (I was completely naked, as I usually am when we play).  She then lay on the bed and got out her Hitachi Magic Wand and taunted me that it was going to be hard to get in the device while she was climaxing.  Indeed it was.  I had strategically shaved the night before to minimize the hair snagging - good move, as it made it a lot easier to put the ring around my cock and balls.  Suzy came right after this step, and I was rock hard.  I lubed my erection up with olive oil (I couldn't find my baby oil, and I have learned the hard way that you must have some lube!) and forced the cage portion onto my erection.  I basically just crammed it in.  I had a hard time actually getting the padlock on and then I told Suzy that if she wanted her submissive husband to be locked in chastity, that she should engage the lock.  Click!

*  *  *  *  *
Hoping that Suzy has some good, clean fun!
We passionately kissed and tried to get some sleep.  Suzy had to be driven very early this morning for her flight, so I haven't had much sleep.  She did tease me a bit about my predicament this morning.  I don't know what her plans are for the key.  I suspect that she will give me a lot of teasing sext messages throughout this weekend.  I hope she has a "wild" time with her partier friends.  My imagination is going to go wild.  Will thy go to a male strip club?  Dancing?  Will she get hit on?  This is really hitting my submissive buttons!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Special night

We had an adventurous date night, although we avoided
mistaken identity and the mafia!

We celebrated our anniversary the other night and it was a blast.  We had a solid 5 hours of "adult time".  We weren't even interrupted with calls begging us to settle some sort of squabble.  That was nice.

What did we do with our "adult time"?  Why, we went to an adult (sex) shop, of course!  Suzy has never liked going to these, I think because she is afraid we might run into somebody that we know.  She seemed pretty comfortable when we went!  We did pick up a few sex toys (pricey!) and my imagination as far as what was in store for us later that night was going wild.

We went to a crazy expensive restaurant.  The food was excellent, it had a great atmosphere, and had a nice view.  We were both stuffed.  We then went home and dealt with the squabbles and finally put the kids to bed.  Then it was more "adult time".

Suzy asked me to rub her back and legs.  I complied, and then she indicated that she was aroused and ready for an orgasm.  I used the Hitachi for a very satisfying orgasm.  I still was not sure if she was going to let me come.  I think I had been a chaste hubby for 2.5 weeks, with lots of teasing during that time (for those keeping score, I have tracked it on the right side of my blog).

After some post-orgasm massaging, Suzy got into her new "dominatrix" outfit.  She had ordered three paddles to be ready.  She came out with the crop, and she just looked so sexy and dominant.  I was naked (of course) and instinctively spread my legs to give her access to torment me.  Good move.  She dominated me and I loved every minute of it.  After a bit of mostly cock and ball whipping, she ordered me to turn over and get on my knees.  There is no more of a submissive position than to have your ass and balls in the air and not being able to see what's coming.  She spanked my ass the hardest she had ever done it.  She said that it was getting red (had to take her word for it).  I was impressed with her aggressive domination.  She worked me over quite hard and pushed my envelope as far as pain was concerned.
Suzy dominated me!
She then said that she wanted me to come inside her.  She said that if I didn't thrust hard and fast that she would kick me out of her pussy and my denial would last for "some time".  She was so sexy the way she said this.  It was an order.  I had to obey.  I did my best, but I really didn't last very long.  The long term denial combined with the super sexy session didn't leave me with a lot of stamina.  She was wearing this dominatrix outfit with a very skimpy bikini area.  So, I had to just move that aside and penetrate her "fully clothed" - a bit of a joke because her outfit was quite skimpy.  I came hard, and I couldn't feel anything in my hands and feet.  It was great.  After I figured out what state I was in, I cuddled and massaged her and then she used the vibrator for her second orgasm.
I am thankful that Suzy allowed me to come.  She indicated that she had some more plans for me the next night....

Friday, July 8, 2011

FLR as marriage therapy

In a couple of weeks, Suzy and I will have out of town visitors: her sister (I'll call her Debi) and her family.  They have been having marital problems (hey, who doesn't?) lately and it seems somewhat serious.  From what I recall from Suzy's discussion about Debi's marriage, they have not slept in the same bed together for a long time.  I infer that means they have not had sex in a long time.  That's no way to stay married!

I have posted before about how I think about what women talk about when they are together, and how it makes me nervous and excited at the same time that Suzy might discuss our intimate play.  Suzy and Debi will certainly go out and chat for hours (and I will take her husband out for beers separately).  Since I have been chaste (and therefore horny) for so long, I have been fantasizing that Suzy brings up pieces of our relationship and suggests that Debi look into it for their relationship.

I am perpetually mystified by what Suzy talks about with her female friends.  I know they rant about their husbands, but do they discuss the intimate details of their sex lives???
 In my fantasies, it looks something like this:

Debi: So, Suzy how are you two doing?  Are things going well with you guys?

Suzy: Yes, things are much better in our relationship since I've taken more control.

Debi: Oh?  What do you mean?

Suzy: A couple of years ago, my hubby confessed his interest in trying a female lead relationship, or FLR.  We have had a bit of a journey on this, lots of ups and downs, but things seem to be a lot more stable now.

Debi: What does that mean, exactly?

Suzy: It's mainly in the bedroom.  Sex is all about my pleasure.  I control his orgasms; I decide when he can come.  He focuses a lot more on me and my needs when he's horny, which is about all the time.  We have some sort of sex play 4 or 5 times per week, we're kind of like horny teenagers again.  He ravages me and massages me and then pleasures me the way I want.  I will tease him and get him close to coming but ultimately deny him climax so that he stays in this horny state.  That way he focuses on me.  I have probably had 15 orgasms this month and he hasn't had any yet. 

Debi: But my husband would never go for that!

Suzy: He's probably jerking off all the time so he doesn't focus on you.  We sometimes play with a male chastity device [Suzy pulls it out of her purse to show Debi what the CB-6000 looks like] so that I know that he isn't jerking off.  It doesn't allow him to get a full erection, so he can't do anything sexua while he's locked up.  I don't really like the feel of it when we cuddle at night, so he is on the "honor system" most of the time.  But when we are apart, I have him lock up so that I know he hasn't come and when we see each other, he will stay focused on me.  You should lock your hubby up and have him focus his energies on you.


Friday night.   Get ready for a long weekend.
This is hubby's chastity cage...he can't jerk off when he's locked up!  You should lock your hubby too!
 Debi: OMG.

Suzy: This FLR has given me a lot of confidence.  Our sex life has never been better.... and I indulge him in some of his kinks.  I dominate him in other ways too and we feel very close to each other.  It takes a lot of trust on his part to let me lead the way.  We like to inflict a little pain - on him - during our play times.  I like the control and he likes to relinquish that control to me.  It's a win-win situation.

Debi: Wow.

Suzy: You should give it a try.

Later that evening, as the women rejoin us, Debi asks how the husbands fared while watching the kids.  I say something like, "gosh, I had a problem with paying our bill".  Debi, not one to keep much of a secret interjects, "Oh, what's the matter, was your card DENIED?  Suzy tells me that can be a problem for you!".  Continuing this verbal teasing, she says, "hey, don't forget to lock up tonight!".

*  *  *  *  *
I have no idea if this would happen.  To reiterate, I would feel embarrassed and some mild humiliation if Suzy went into any detail of our sex life.  On the other hand, it's me, I enjoy submitting and I enjoy the sex play we've been having...and I enjoy talking about sex.  It's up to Suzy if she wants to discuss this with her sister, but I would not want her husband to know.  That would freak me out!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Queen Suzy's blog

I wanted to publicize my wife Suzy's blog.  The link is to the right of my page, or it can be found here:

She has already received several comments but I am sure that she would appreciate some more feedback as well... particularly from dominant women.

We very much appreciate comments and words of encouragement!  Thanks again!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Unexpected lockup, total domination of the cock

Happy belated Independence Day!
We had a great day.  It started out with a pretty intense workout at the gym.  Before I left for the gym, she teased me about using the chastity belt for a lockup.  My workout was interrupted by thoughts about this.   I texted her about it before my workout started and didn't get the text back until I was done with my workout.  I then decided I would get Suzy a treat, as a small token of my appreciation for her being such a sexy goddess.  She confirmed that she wanted me locked for the party we were going to be attending with mostly her friends; I think she got the idea of locking me up from my comment in the prior post about my getting a lot of spontaneous erections.  She said she didn't want me getting hard in front of her friends; my erections were for her alone.   She teased me about putting the CB-6000 on in front of her, which she know would be impossible due to the certainty of erection.

Suzy holds the key to my chastity belt when I am locked up
We haven't used the chastity belt in a long time and I really do like playing with it.  I didn't realize how early the party was going to be, and when we were both finally home, Suzy asked if I had put it on.  I wasn't clear if she had really wanted me to try to put it on in front of her or not, and she laughed and said no, just to go put it on.  I did.  I was a little "rusty" and it took me some time.  I couldn't find the baby oil, which I find to be the best lube for me.  I did use the lube that we sometimes use for sex.  Not as effective, since it can dry out.  I gave Suzy the key and she safety pinned it in her bra, between her cleavage.  She wore a top that really showed off her cleavage, btw.

We teased each other mainly through texts.  In our previous session, she vaguely alluded to having some "fireworks" in our bedroom on Independence Day and that it was time for me to get some relief.  I find that with sex, anticipation and buildup really adds to my enjoyment of the overall experience.  I love it when she has our sessions planned out.  It makes me feel loved that she thinks about how I will come or how I will be tortured.

I lay naked but still locked when she came into the bedroom.  She was wearing a sexy nightgown and casually said that that the key to my chastity device went down the drain.  I enjoy being locked because it makes me feel extra submissive; but the teasing that she does is the best part!  I attacked her when she came in with kisses and caresses.  I went between her legs for some cunnilingus; I think it got her prepped up but she didn't seem to be coming from that.  I got out the vibrator and she came after a little bit of fumbling to get the right pressure and location.  Sometimes that pussy is finicky!

Then the real fireworks started.  She started caressing my body, mainly my chest and arms.  She indicated that she "had a plan".  She adjusted herself to get closer to my genitals and then started teasing my cock and balls.  I thought her "plan" was going to be to say that she wanted me locked longer.  She then said that I should take the CB off and come back.  I did.

This reminds me of our play lately; the woman is clearly "above" her lover, and she is in "teasing mode"
  She worked my cock and balls for a very long time.  I felt total domination - it's like she had a voracious desire to tease me.  I believe that in the femdom world, this is called "edging".  She had me on the edge of orgasm, for a very long time.  She varied the stimulation so that I could never really detect a pattern.  As an example, she stimulated my cock and then sense that I was close to an orgasm, and then she would slap my balls.  Then she would go back to my cock, then slowly caress my balls (so help me: I will figure out how to spell "caress" someday!)  She kept me guessing.  The whole time this was happening, I felt paralyzed.  Although I wasn't restrained, I sure felt powerless to move.  It was just so how that her eyes were focused on my genitals, studying my primal reactions as if I were a research subject and she was a professor.

This went on for I don't know how long.  I am sure her hands must have been exhausted.  I was getting really really close to coming, and then she would stop.  Finally, she got me very close and then stopped all stimulation.  Although it seemed like an eternity, it was probably 2 seconds after she stopped stimulation, and then my cock just helplessly spurted semen.  I probably had 3 or 4 contractions and a good bit of semen came out considering it was a ruined orgasm.  My wife grinned and seemed pleased with herself.  This was the "plan" and it worked like a charm.

Suzy had a similarly smug smile after her "ruined orgam" plan came together as intended.

*  *  *  *  *
I am still trying to get my arms around this.  It was a hot session, that's for sure.  I really liked Suzy's variety in stimulation.  I had not come in almost two weeks, and I am certain that had she stroked like three more times, I would have launched semen over my head and had one of the most powerful orgasms of my life.  But what she did to me was so flagrantly erotic and dominating that I simply loved every minute of it. 

Suzy seems to really enjoy experimenting with "her cock".  And this is a new territory to explore.  My sense is that she will do this more often to get a flavor for my sexual response.  I think she enjoyed it a lot.  I believe I could have continued with some sex play.  After I cleaned up my mess, I still maintained a rather sporty erection and still had 90% of the sexual desire I had prior to this session.  I asked to get inside her (she said no) and I am confident I could have had normal penetrative sex with an ejaculation.  I wonder what my endurance would have been like, and what my second ejaculation would have been like in terms of force and volume.  Perhaps that's for another experiment on her "Guinea pig".  I really needed to move some of that pent up semen out of my plumbing; I am still horny, but not as mindlessly horny as before.  This ruined orgasm took me down a notch - but just a notch.  I still haven't had an orgasm in almost two weeks.  I crave it.  But I also crave her control of my body.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A reflection on a week's worth of tease and denial

I am just a submissive husband pawn to my Queen Suzy
 My last orgasm was June 22; it was a powerful one, the one that inspired Suzy to come herself after previously not being interested.  We embarked on a journey of tease and denial on June 26.  We have had four tease sessions and Suzy has had six orgasms during that time.  She allowed me to enter her pussy last night (she had been on her period for the rest of this time).  I can't recall the last time I had penetrated her.  Suzy was quite firm when she invited me into her pussy, saying "but don't come".  That really hit my submissive button.  I stroked probably a dozen or so times.  She was invitingly wet, I suppose from the groping and kissing that I preceded the invitation.  As I was slowly moving in and out I realized that I was not going to last that much longer.  I told her that I was close to coming and then she "kicked me out" of her pussy.  I don't really know how she does this (moving her legs somehow?) but it sort of signals: ok, your time here is up.  Thanks for playing.

At any rate, I thought I'd comment on what's going on in my sub head right now:

  • I relish giving her control.  The tool between my legs certainly feels like it is owned by her, not me.
  • I am being a "good boy" and not topping from the bottom.  I have probably had some near misses, but all in all Suzy agrees that I have behaved myself.  For the record, Suzy considers "offline" discussions about my desires OK, but any suggestions when the door is locked are likely not going to sit well with her.  This seemed to be a breakthrough moment for us, when this was clearly laid out.
  • I can relate to Batman in that I have a dual nature.  I really really want to come right now.  I am super horny.  But her control of my orgasms is super hot also.  If Suzy were to ask if I wanted to come, I would quickly say heck yea.  But her not asking me and deciding when I will eventually be released has me in deep submission to her.
  • I have been getting a lot of spontaneous erections.  Perhaps orgasm denial is a cure for impotence?  I just think about Suzy's dominance over me, and I get hard.
  • Sleep hasn't been so good.  For example, in our play last night, I was really tired.  I almost fell asleep while Suzy was doing her bed routine.  Then, after a play session, I am going 90 mph.  Yikes!
  • One thing Suzy has done that I think has helped me a lot is by telling me in advance, ok, I am going to be up late tonight, so no playing.  Just go to bed.  In the past, this has been a source of frustration.  I will wait, like a puppy dog, for her to get to bed, hoping we can have some playing and she either just doesn't come to bed or says that she is not interested.  I had indicated that we have had 4 teasing sessions in the past week.  The other days she told me in advance that we weren't going to play, and I used that to get caught up on sleep.  That really works well for me.
  • It is exciting to me that Suzy has a plan.  After our session last night, she indicated that for tonight, she wants some sex toys waiting for her to use on me.  So, she has clearly given this some thought.  That is a real turn on for me.  In addition to that, she seems to have my release session selected.  Again, she has a plan for her domination of me.  HOT!
  • I am super curious about the semen build up I have.  I don't know if I will be released via ejaculation into her pussy or by a handjob.  I suspect that I will really come hard, with a large volume of ejaculate and a long distance.
  • The horniness that I have has made my fantasies and thought very kinky.  I have thought about playing with other partners more.  We did have a discussion about cuckolding and Suzy did a great job teasing me about that last night as I was doing my post orgasm massage of her.  Her enjoyment of my denial but obvious interest in sex (and enjoyment of the penetration she allowed last night) makes my mind wander.  Deny hubby, but get the sex she needs from another male.  I feel like this is a fine line.  There are a lot of reasons that this is a bad idea, but I am trying to be open and honest with her about my fantasies.  I hope that if I am annoying her with the cuckolding fantasy, that she would gently tell me to slow it down.
  • Suzy seems to really enjoy my shaved chest.  She laid her head on it and gently stroked my chest and pubic area as we were talking after the session was over.  I don't know how difficult it is going to be to maintain, but I am getting a lot of positive reinforcement.  I was looking at some men's fitness magazines yesterday, and all the "fitness models" had shaved chests.  I am fine with doing that for Suzy, but I am a little worried about what other people would think.  I really need a tan to make it work, though.
  • My balls feel very full.  I am a bit nervous that this is a "be careful what you wish for" situation.  Suzy sometimes seems to refer to my eventual release with regret... but you won't be as lovey dovey to me anymore.  I hope that is not the case!
Just thought I'd jot some things down as to how things are feeling for me.  Thanks for reading.  Suzy really enjoys readers' comments.  Keep 'em coming!  Cheers!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

My inner exhibitionist

Locker room nudity is not something I seek
I have never felt that comfortable being naked in front of other people.  When I am at the gym locker room, there are those guys that wander around naked during the dress and shower time, and those like me that are a little more discrete.  I do get naked to put my jock strap on, but I don't strut around in the mean time.  I partially dress in the shower area and then finish up at the locker. When it comes to sex, things change.  It is very natural for me to be naked in front of Suzy, a real turn on for me.  The "baring of my soul" makes me feel free; my erection is not something I can will to have happen, but it is my body's reflexive confirmation of my love/lust for her.

Being free and naked during sex play is erotic to me
I don't feel like I really know what Suzy is thinking about when she climaxes.  During a handjob, I often visualize that I am being watched.  One thing that really turns me on is when Suzy is stimulating me and she very clearly is watching my sexual response.  When we were first married, she would masturbate me and usually update me on my progress: "your balls are moving up", she would say, which meant that ejaculation was imminent.  I am surprisingly ignorant about what physically happens to me right before, during, and after my orgasm.  I suppose that every male could be different, but for me, my testicles move up near my cock in preparation for the ejaculation.  I suppose that makes sense, because I have read that one way to delay male orgasm is to pull downward on the scrotum.  At any rate, I enjoy Suzy's active monitoring of my stimulation.  I believe I discussed in my ruined orgasm post that one thing that really turned me on about that is the fact that she was watching my cock like a hawk so that she would know when to slow down the stimulation.

I enjoy when Suzy "checks me out", especially when I am naked

I have always wanted to videotape our sex play.  Suzy is not OK with this.  She is deftly afraid that it would end up in the wrong hands, like those celebrity sex tapes.  I definitely would like to see myself ejaculate.  I don't know if she is any more open to setting up a video of me naked, her clothed but out of frame and just focused on my cock.  I just can't watch myself when she is actually playing with me; I keep my eyes closed.  Last night when we played, I did sneak a few peaks.  It is a turn on for me to watch her man-handle my bits.

Is Suzy up for videotaping her domination of me?

I have been fantasizing recently about pushing the envelope on this a bit.  I would like to play outdoors.  We don't have the most private backyard but there is some privacy along the side, and of course we could put some obscuration strategically in place.  But I am really quite turned on by the fantasy that I am outside, naked and Suzy is there, dressed, and stimulating me.

Sex is not embarrassing to me. I know Suzy wouldn't go for this, but I would really love to have sex with Suzy with someone watching.  I wonder if I would have any erection problems or "performance anxiety".  I would enjoy being directed as to what to do.... "ok, now go down on her"...  That would be hot. 

OK, ready: ERECTION!!