Monday, June 27, 2011

"What's the longest time you have gone without an orgasm?"

After the spectacular orgasm that I blogged about last time, we spent a day without sex and then I had an overnight camping/hiking weekend with the guys.  Absence does make the heart grow fonder, and I was ready to have some action tonight.  My wife, on the other hand, had other plans for me.  After an extended foot rub session, we went upstairs for bed.  As I was kissing and massaging her, it become clearer and clearer that she didn't want me to come.  In the heat of the moment, it's hard to remember the exact words that your dominant wife says to you. She said something along the lines of "how long have you gone, while being teased and denied, without orgasm?"  I actually didn't know the answer, but I could tell she was interested in setting a new orgasm denial record for me.

This wife is wearing the pants and holds the money...and he has no pants!
 Why didn't I know the answer?  I have typically measured my denial time in terms of the number of orgasms Suzy has, not based upon calendar days.  There is a historical rationale for this.  When we first started playing with male orgasm denial, I suggested that we roll a die to see how many orgasms she should get before I can come.  Sometimes, Suzy would add to this number either as a punishment or, well, because she could.  As a submissive, I felt like rather than waiting for a certain number of days before I get to come, I should instead focus on pleasuring Suzy.  In so doing, the onus was on me to give her the foreplay she needed to become excited to have an orgasm, and then carry on with pleasuring her.  I know that we have reached 7 female orgasms several times before I was allowed to come (six plus she comes before me).  Generally speaking, she used to come twice each session (although that's changed) and when we were really experimented with orgasm denial, we were having sex maybe four or five times a week.  So, that would take about a week's worth of wife only pleasure until I could come.  So I guess the answer is about a week.

Suzy was pretty specific that she wanted to extend that period and that she wanted to do so with heavy teasing.  She said that she "wanted to see me shake".  She didn't answer as to how long that would be, but she sure implied that it could be a while until I get to come.  I wonder if this is going to be a daily tease session and she is monitoring my reactions?  Am I a guinea pig???

Suzy seems to be going more and more towards kneeing me in the nuts.
 She teased me a lot.  I was wearing my thong and by the time she was done with teasing me, I had pre-come stains all through it.  Suzy informed me that she started her period but she did allow the Hitachi Magic Wand to send her to orgasmic bliss after she was done teasing my cock.  Suzy did a fair amount of ball torture and when I bent over to blow out the candle, she gave me a final ass tease*.  I had a hard time getting to sleep and got up to blog about it.

*I am curious, is there a "nicer" way to refer to my actual anal opening?  I don't really want to say "asshole" because of the negative connotations of that word.  I love it when she plays with that area, the feelings are just so intense!

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