Thursday, June 30, 2011

Submissive fitness


I may be going through a bit of a mid-life crisis.  I am rapidly approaching 40 and sometimes feel like I haven't always "smelled the roses".  Get busy living, or get busy dying (quote from Shawshank Redemption).

I had a serious injury that required surgery about 4 years ago and I had to go through quite a bit of rehab in order to heal properly.  I got used to going to the gym and, while I was there, I worked out the non-injured body parts too.  I have been going 3x a week for several years now.  While I don't quite have the muscle development I want, I am decently fit and have never been physically stronger.  I really quite enjoy the slight soreness that comes after a good weightlifting session.

A major goal of mine: looking good naked.

I do not work out aerobically as much as I should.  I generally follow a "lower carb" diet (South Beach) and avoid pasta, bread, potatoes, and baked goods.  My weakness is free food and alcohol.  I have a hard time turning down baked stuff brought into work and hors doevres (sorry for the spelling!) and alcohol is something I enjoy probably more than I should.  That leads to a bit of a gut that I have been more disappointed with lately.  This was made more plain when I shaved my chest.  My pecs looked good - in fact, I think better - shaved, since it showed my muscle development.  Plus it has the added benefit of giving better access to my nipples (wink, wink).  My gut area, however, didn't look so good.  I was a bit frustrated and realized I might not ever have "six pack abs".  This shaving episode made me really focus on being more disciplined with my diet/drinking and aerobic exercise.

I will never get this big, but I do enjoy the slight soreness from lifting weights.

I had set a goal to lose about 10 pounds in June.  I came up about 2-3 pounds short, but that was mainly because I went off the wagon for Father's Day.  I am hoping to continue being disciplined so that when we go on vacation, I can look good.

How does this relate to female domination?  When I am working out my added motivation is to think of making my body more attractive for Suzy.  It is extremely reinforcing when she caresses my body and compliments me on my muscles.  It makes me want to get bigger and lose my gut.  I feel a sense of urgency because of my advancing age.  I want six packs.  It is likely I will fall short of that, but a man needs something to shoot for!

I love it when Suzy inspects my body.

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In spite of my chest shaving, I don't consider myself a "metrosexual".  I am not into doing crazy crap with my hair or getting my nails done, and I do struggle with watching chick flicks.  I think I'm a guy's guy.  I don't act offended when I see a guy with a good body.  I more admire it and wonder what he might be doing that I can learn from.  It's kind of like when woman say of other women: "she's so pretty".  My wife has said several times that she thinks Angelina Jolie is beautiful.  I don't think that means she wants to jump in bed and have sex with her.  Likewise, I can see a good looking, fit man and admire his discipline and try to see what I can incorporate into my routine.  Is that weird?


  1. No reason not to get that 6 pack! Lots of sit ups, maybe 50 - 100 most nights. Lose enough weight that the surface is not covered with a too thick layer of fat. And hey presto a six pack.

    Don't forget to also do an exercise to tighten the core, like a static hold. See 6

    And good luck. As one sub to another, your wife and mistress deserves it!


  2. Your post sounds so much like what I think.

    I am getting older "pushing 50"
    I would like to be fitter, skinner, stronger
    I do not have the will power.

    At the moment I need more than just wishing to please her and yet in a way that should be sufficient.

    Keep it up though

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, guys. @MyKey: I have added core exercises to my routine, with great effect. I do "roman chair" exercises that have strengthened my lower back muscles and it's really helped me with my posture and feeling more energy. I do sit ups on a medicine ball and then when I do aerobic workouts, I will usually do a "plank". I can do it for about 2 min. But that's correct, need to get rid of that layer of fat to show off the abs! I will keep trying!

  4. Rooting for you, I'm sure Suzy already appreciates the changes!


  5. I actually found something appealing that has to do with your comment about exercising "for Suzy". I have always been a free weights/runner when it comes to exercise with decent results. I could never do the videos b/c they were too dance like. Tried workout 1 of the 30 day shred by Jillian Michaels. Only takes 20 min and the idea that I am now doing a workout video to look good for my wife - something that women have traditionally done to look good for their husbands - kindof strikes a cord for me. Just a thought since I love the workout, it is quick, combines cardio and strength, and kindof turns me on a bit while doing it.

  6. Thanks, Anon! I will look into that!

  7. Having goals and consequences for not achieving them provides great motivation for physical fitness. My sub- hubby is required to pass a physical fitness test every week consiting of pushups, pullups, situps, running and swimming. He must show improvement is each exercise or his chastity will be extended and we have a whole array of other punishments also. We have been doing this for a long time and he is in great physical condition but I am constantly challenginh him to reach higher levels. He is currenty doing the 12 week Navy Seals exercise program and training for a body building contest. Give it a try with your mistress.

    1. I didn't see this comment. My latest posting is along the same lines. That sounds pretty tough to achieve!