Friday, June 24, 2011

The shoe is on the other foot

Normally, I write a lot about how exciting my wife Suzy's orgasms are to me.  Even though I am getting older and my erections aren't what they used to be, I am always rock hard as she approaches orgasm.  In fact, one game we play is that she will grip my cock or my balls during her climax.  The risk that she will let go, bear down really hard and cause me pain as she experiences such intense pleasure is really exciting to both of us: as a sub, I like that even her control of my genitals is out of her own control since she is lost in the ecstacy of her own orgasm.  There are times when her grip is vise-like. 

I love that her orgasms are so intense.  I love how as she is approaching the point of no return, she buckles her abdomen involuntarily and gently moans.  During the actual orgasm itself, she lets out loud moans of pleasure.  It is primal, animalistic in a sense.  She is completely lost in the moment, overcome by her own body's sensations.

I was feeling very amorous the other night.  I had been thinking about sex all day and was really raring to go for some play.  I locked the door, got naked and into the covers.  I was awaiting her exit from the bedroom and I was literally erect just thinking about our sex play.  She came in the bed, and I cuddled her and groped her body.  I got on top of her and tried to kiss her.  She said that she wasn't interested, that she was stressed out about an impending professional issue but she would masturbate me.

I complied, and lay down and she began stroking my cock.  It felt great.  With a handjob, she can stimulate my cock and balls simultaneously.  There wasn't any overt domination but she gently teased me saying, "why don't you have this kind of endurance during sex?".  I don't have a lot of endurance in missionary style penetration but I can go a while with handjobs and with the wife on top position.

In any case, I had a powerful orgasm via her hand.  I shot my load of semen onto my chest, which is pretty good nowadays.  On a relative orgasm scale, this was a 9 or a 10 for me.  What made this noteworthy is that my sexy wife, who had turned down my prior offer to pleasure her, got excited from my orgasm.  She was turned on by the intensity of my pleasure.  She told me that she now wanted to be pleasured.  After I cleaned up my mess, I made sure she was adequately satisfied.  Her orgasm, as usual, was intense and satisfying...for both of us.
*  *  *  *  *
I am wondering if she might shed some light on what turned her on so much about my orgasm.  My postulation is that she enjoyed the intensity of it.  My orgasms aren't as consistently intense as hers, and I think she detected that this was sort of an outlier session for me. 

I think I will post on what I think contributes to the intensity of my orgasms.


  1. Lots of couples, CH and I included, enjoy sessions of mutual masturbation, which is 'sort of' similar to what you described happening. I find my own arousal tied to hers, and she tells me it's the same for her. Watching one's lover build to and experience an orgasm is very arousing, and it comes from seeing the person you love feel a great deal of pleasure. I suspect that it's Suzy's love for you that is prompting her own arousal.