Monday, June 13, 2011

Male Body Hair

Brad Pitt: zero or little chest hair; Suzy is hot for him.
Another celebrity "hotty" for my wife: he's got abs and no chest hair.  And seldom wears shirts.

It's not lost on me that the masculine ideal today seems to be a hairless male chest.  The fitness center has a monthly copy of Men's Fitness or Men's Health (not sure which) and there are a ton of ads and articles with male models: 90% of them are hairless and the other 10% have small patches only.  Nearly all pro wrestlers shave their chest hair.  None of them look like me, having a tremendous amount of chest hair.  That seemed to be the ideal of the 70s: I do recall seeing some images of people like Burt Reynolds and Neil Diamond with absolutely flowing chest hair.  Well, that's more like me.
I could double for Tom's chest
Keep in mind that for years I have trimmed and occasionally shaved my pubic hair.  Over the last several sessions, my Suzy has tried to put her head on my chest to cuddle as we drift off to sleep.  Except that she makes one of those "ew" faces when she does, because she is really in a patch of thick chest hair when she does.  I put two and two together and decided to try to surprise her with a chest shave.

The bummer is that I have fairly sensitive skin.  I am certain that I would get a ton of nicks and burns.  Several months ago I had purchased a hair removal product that is specifically for men from the local pharmacy.  It is a chemical treatment that you add the "lotion" to the area you want to remove hair, wait about 10 minutes and then rub the hair off with a damp washcloth.  The directions recommend that you try a small patch of skin to evaluate sensitivity.  I used the area just above my cock and it seemed pretty good.  Suzy was out with her friends one night, kids were asleep, and I thought I would "go for it".  I had to shorten my chest hair with a pair of scissors and then I applied it: three batches in all.

It was quite messy and time-consuming but Suzy's reaction made it worth it.  She seemed to enjoy it although I am not sure if she "took a test drive" and fell asleep on my chest.  She did rub it repeatedly which I think made us both excited.  She even said something along the lines of "it's like I have a new husband".  We made love and I had a tremendous orgasm.  Here are the pros and cons, from my perspective:

Makes me look younger
Shows off my pec development better (I lift weights 3x per week)
Suzy seems to enjoy it

It really emphasizes my lack of tan
Not sure what the "upkeep" will be
Not sure if there will be stubble; that may be worse than my full "do"
What will other's think?

*  *  *  *  *

Where does femdom fit in here?

I am not sure.  I have been trimming my pubes for a long time.  They are quite long and thick and trimming pubes seems to be relatively "normal" with my generation.  I don't feel awkward going to a doctor with trimmed pubes.  Shaved, I would feel weird.  Less often, I will shave my scrotum.  I enjoy the bareness of it; it feels like I am "fully naked" before Suzy.  There is the pleasant benefit that my cock and balls seem larger without the brush.   

I am quite excited when Suzy shaves her kitty; I always feel compelled to go down on her when she does.  Like a bug to a light.  Lately, she has not been shaving and she hasn't really said why.  It could be that it is too much trouble. 

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  1. I suspect upkeep will be an issue, or would be for me, as would that 2-3 day old stubbly growth. Plus, who am I gonna get to do my back??

    I don't mind taking 2 or 3 minutes in the shower to give my cock and balls a quick zip-zop, but the rest of my hairy body, nah...

    If you want to say I'm lazy, I'll be the first to agree, Think I'll just continue on as the "bear" that I am.