Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"I need something to swat you with"

In my last post, I focused on my body hair removal.  She seemed generally excited by "her new husband" and her hands all over my chest and pubic area got me really hot.  Suzy allowed me to penetrate her after she had her orgasm.  It was an intense missionary-style session.  I began penetration and then I realized we didn't have anything to catch my impending "mess".  I don't know exactly how other couples deal with the "wet spot" but our main practice is to place one of my T-shirts underneath her to spare our sheets of the mess (we used to use towels). 

It is mildly submissive for me to have to stop my penetrating to go fetch something.  There are a couple of risks at play here.  I can have a hard time finding what I am looking for, and get frustrated and then start worrying about maintaining my erection.  Suzy's juices can dry up on my cock and then I might have to get some lube (we haven't been using a lot of lube for sex lately, which I suppose means I am giving her good foreplay).  She has at times denied "re-entry" after I've withdrawn my cock, so denial is a possibility.  And, walking around with an erection when I want to be inside her is exciting to me from a "CFNM perspective".

I got the T-shirt and placed it under her.  Then, I resumed my penetration.  I had a fair amount of endurance and was really enjoying it.  Then Suzy brought out her inner domme and said "I need something to swat you with".  I didn't see that coming.  I quickly complied with her demand and got her our purple whip with the many "flexible hairs".  I am not sure how to describe this toy, but it has a hard handle and then hundreds of soft, flexible "hairs" that form the whipping surface.  I enjoy being whipped with this toy during sex because the flexibility of the whipping part allows Suzy to swat wherever she wants.  With a riding crop, for example, she could only smack my ass.  With this toy, she could smack any part that she wanted.
I love Suzy's dirty talking.
So, I returned with this toy and continued my penetration.  I was proud of my endurance, which had gone downhill the past few times she had allowed penetration.  I was in deep "sub space" as she began dirty-talking about how she really wanted to smack my balls as I came.  She focused her energies on directing the blows to my exposed nuts and continued with the dirty talking.  Balls are certainly very vulnerable and open to attack when engaged in intercourse!  The simultaneous pleasure my cock was experiencing and the mild pain from the ball smacking and the dirty talking was deeply exciting to me.  I came not much long after and I recall that I used an enormous amount of profanity.  I think Suzy was a little taken aback by that, but the pleasure I had experienced was so intense, I just "let go".

*  *  *  *  *

We haven't had a session since that night, but I am still thinking about it.  I am trying hard not to "top from the bottom" and submit to her.  I think I've been doing a decent job of that.  Kinky play is an important part of sex for me.  I don't know if she enjoys it only occasionally or if she is uncomfortable about it and needs certain encouragement or needs to be "in the mood".  We have had some conversations that she is uncomfortable doing some things but does it because she thinks I would like it.  I am sometimes confused if I am allowed or encouraged to discuss my kinky desires.  What made this session particularly memorable was that she directed the act.  I did not ask her to swat my balls (which I often ask for); she decided that they needed smacking and directed me to bring something to smack them with.  What a domme!!!

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  1. Sounds great. Sounds fun.
    It is nice to engage in a conversation about ones kinks. A privelidge.

    Also when she directs and is bossy. That is so great.

    We use old babies nappies to clean up the mess but not so much under her but for each of us to wipe up after.