Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Female Superiority

It's relatively common in the submissive male/dominant female blogsphere to believe that women are inherently better than men. My wife or mistress is smarter/better at making decisions/a better leader or whatever... because she is a woman. I don't really buy it. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses. My wife is really good at some things and I am really good at others. As a married couple, we complement each other in many ways.

I will, however, admit that my Suzy has superior orgasms. I can't hold a candle to her ability to climax. From my perspective, her ability to orgasm and the strength of her climax keep getting better. I am amazed at the duration and the intensity of her orgasms. Her "Big-O" last night was about as long as I can remember. My sense is that it was half a minute or so. I love her orgasms. She is a bit of a "showman" in the sense that her "performance" brings me standing at attention (fully erect) begging for an encore. Even though I getting older and have less spontaneous erections than I used to, I am always fully erect - weather she touches me or not - leading up to her orgasms. They are simply fantastic. It seems as if she is just becoming more sexual with age. While she is capable of multiple orgasms, she has generally been stopping at one.
Thought this image (google search on "dominant woman") captured female dominance, emphasized by apparent submissive male nudity.

On the other hand, my orgasms don't seem to last more than a few seconds. They are intense and "ball draining", for sure, but not at the level of my wife's. When I do come, I am "spent" and do not get "horned up" as quickly as I used to. I haven't had an orgasm since May 27th.

Clearly, my wife is superior at receiving sexual pleasure than I am.

*  *  *  *  *

While I have messed up many times in my submission to her (aka, "topping from the bottom"), I have been trying very hard not to suggest bedroom activities.  I am exceedingly horny right now, but I am somewhat pleased with myself that I haven't begged for release or "suggested" that she spank me or anything like that.  I sometimes get the sense that she is testing me to see if I do something along those lines. 

Since my last orgasm, I think the closest I have come to "topping from the bottom" is in my request to self-lock in the chastity cage as a result of my intense horniness.  My Suzy sent me an interesting text stating that overcoming the temptation to jerk off with self-discipline is something she values.  She knows that masturbation is something I want, especially when denied orgasm, and that avoiding this desire is difficult for me.  She has said that she given the choice between jerking off and locking up, she'd prefer lockup.  I kind of screwed up in that she invited me to lockup for a business trip recently.  I didn't really want to on account that I didn't know what would happen with the "new security".  I don't know if she is disappointed that I didn't lock up but rest assured I did not masturbate.  She had at one time suggested a lockup around the Father's Day time period, but I am not sure what her plans might be for that.

Given my intense horniness, I have clearly been fantasizing a lot sexually.  Suzy's orgasm last night was so intense, I let out a "wow, that was enough orgasm for both of us".  I meant that as a compliment to her obvious sexual enjoyment, not to give her an excuse to avoid a male orgasm (as if she needs one, lol).  After her climaxes, Suzy has gently stroked my cock and balls, knee'd me in the balls, and gently caressed my chest and arms.  I am not sure if she has any plans for release or kinky play, but I am really trying to let her control the sex as much as possible. 

Alas, I am very tired now, as I did not sleep well.  I hope I didn't get myself into any trouble....


  1. Hasn't it been shown that a man's sexual abilities start to ebb when he's in his twenties, while a woman's libido rises as she matures?

    Perhaps that explains why Suzy's O's are getting better and yours, not so much. Or maybe she's just getting off more on controlling you as you spend more time locked up.

    I'm pretty sure the *control factor* is doing it in our house.

  2. I realise that I have been topping from the bottom.

    Your comment about your wife values self discipline. My wife too indicates she wants me to have self discipline and not her control.pity.