Saturday, May 14, 2011

Domination dream

I have had a lot to blog about lately, but I have been very fatigued, as if I am coming down with something.  Work has been emotionally draining lately and I've gone through periods of not enough sleep.  I started nodding off while driving back home today, and had to pull off to have my wife finish the drive home.  Once we arrived home, I had ~ 2 hour nap.  Husbands don't usually take naps, so I got a little bit of criticism over it.  I feel WAY better after the nap.  Suzy actually woke me up via a phone call explaining to me that when I make dinner, she was to be reached in her car in the garage (I was tired at that point, so I wasn't sure about the logic there myself...

Suzy ended my denial period earlier this week with sex.  I had a nice orgasm inside her, but I really didn't last very long.  She has been teasing (possibly humiliating me.... the distinction and my thoughts on that should be the subject of my next blog post) me about my lack of sexual endurance lately.  I think a big part of it is that when I go horny for so long, my "hair trigger" fires rather easily when given the green light.  I feel rather self-conscious about this at the moment.  She let me come again a day or two after that, and I lasted much longer, but perhaps still not long enough.

Anyway, during my nap time, my fantasizing was going crazy.  I was dreaming about being naked, on my knees, ass up and being dominated by Suzy.  I feel ultra-submissive when I don't know what's coming.  But things she might do include: spanking, ball smacking, facing target practice from her Nerf gun, butt plug insertion, and whatever else she might consider.  In particular, I fantasized that she would play with my scrotum with rubber bands, applying additional pressure to my male bits by wrapping rubber bands around them to make my testes more exposed to torture.  I also fantasized about "temperature play" where she would dip my sack in warm and ice water as a measure of torment.

Being as I am fairly well rested, I think I might be "up" for some domination tonight.  We shall see...

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  1. Hi, LTS...

    I suspect the "hair trigger" problem is common among most men who are denied. I know it's a big one for me, most of the time. On the odd occasion I manage to give CH a good time without struggling, but that's the exception. Really, what can we expect...?