Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Corporal Punishment

In prior posts, I had mentioned that before realizing and labeling myself as "submissive" there were certain images or events that made me "feel funny"; I thought I would try to post some of them as I find them; here is one that comes to mind. This is from the violent and sexy sci fi file "Starship Troopers" which was one of Denise Richards' first films. I am pretty sure that I saw it with Suzy in the theater. To give some context, Johnny Rico (who is hot for Denise, although she was way smarter than him and went to become a pilot while he is in the much more dangerous realm of dealing with giant killer bugs) screwed up as the squad leader during a training excercise. He warranted a punishment for his poor leadership and gets the following public, corporal punishment:

I find this exciting, even arousing:

 The public nature of the punishment
  • The part when his arms get fully restrained (at 18 sec); very hot, I love to be tied up and at Suzy's mercy
  • The fact that he is bare chested whereas everyone else in the audience has their full clothes on (if it were me, I'd want to be fully nude for added punishment)

    Hopefully I can find other examples of such mainstream S&M type scenes. Hope Suzy can better understand my twisted mind and think of new ways to dominate me in the process. Cheers!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Domination dream

I have had a lot to blog about lately, but I have been very fatigued, as if I am coming down with something.  Work has been emotionally draining lately and I've gone through periods of not enough sleep.  I started nodding off while driving back home today, and had to pull off to have my wife finish the drive home.  Once we arrived home, I had ~ 2 hour nap.  Husbands don't usually take naps, so I got a little bit of criticism over it.  I feel WAY better after the nap.  Suzy actually woke me up via a phone call explaining to me that when I make dinner, she was to be reached in her car in the garage (I was tired at that point, so I wasn't sure about the logic there myself...

Suzy ended my denial period earlier this week with sex.  I had a nice orgasm inside her, but I really didn't last very long.  She has been teasing (possibly humiliating me.... the distinction and my thoughts on that should be the subject of my next blog post) me about my lack of sexual endurance lately.  I think a big part of it is that when I go horny for so long, my "hair trigger" fires rather easily when given the green light.  I feel rather self-conscious about this at the moment.  She let me come again a day or two after that, and I lasted much longer, but perhaps still not long enough.

Anyway, during my nap time, my fantasizing was going crazy.  I was dreaming about being naked, on my knees, ass up and being dominated by Suzy.  I feel ultra-submissive when I don't know what's coming.  But things she might do include: spanking, ball smacking, facing target practice from her Nerf gun, butt plug insertion, and whatever else she might consider.  In particular, I fantasized that she would play with my scrotum with rubber bands, applying additional pressure to my male bits by wrapping rubber bands around them to make my testes more exposed to torture.  I also fantasized about "temperature play" where she would dip my sack in warm and ice water as a measure of torment.

Being as I am fairly well rested, I think I might be "up" for some domination tonight.  We shall see...

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's day to all you mom's out there.  This weekend is starting off great.  The forecast has some pretty good weather the whole weekend.  We had a date night and a nice restaurant last night, we have brunch plans for tomorrow, and I will make lobster tails for dinner Sunday night.  Her favorite! 

After a "down time" with sex play, Suzy was gracious enough to allow me to adore her body last night.  She was very tired after getting back from our date and I could tell needed to crash.  I massaged her and kissed her, and she responded especially to the breast stimulation.  While female response is always hard to gauge (at least for me), it seemed like she was aroused enough for an orgasm.  While she was laying on her stomach, I placed the Hitachi magic wand between her legs (not the normal position, lol!) and she came to a nice orgasm.  Suzy's orgasms have been INTENSE lately, which I am really grateful for.  I continued to caress her body and kiss her and I could tell she wasn't interested in an orgasm for me.  She did generously allow another orgasm and it seemed also very intense.  She hasn't been going for more than one orgasm lately, which kinda bums me out... I mean, if you're multi-orgasmic, why not go for it?  I am not.  If I blow my load, I am pretty much done for the night.  Well, enough about me.

My sexy wife indeed does make motherhood look good.  She's a MILF: Mom I'd like to f***.  It appears that we are going without cock this weekend, but I still would "like" to f*** her.  She's so hot!
 After Suzy's second uber-powerful orgasm, I caressed her again, kissing her, longing for her.  She indicated that, since it was Mother's day weekend, it's "all about her".  I can live with that.

*  *  *  *  *

Special note about posted pictures.  Suzy has given me feedback that she does not like the sexy pictures I post.  She infers that means I have looked through inappropriate images to find one.  While I am a newbie to blogging, I do feel like I need a picture to go along with my story.  So, I will try to post images that I think she's be OK with.  Given the content of this post, about my wife being a mom and very sexy, I simply did a Google image search of "MILF t shirt".  While I didn't review all images, I quickly found this one, which was kinda what I was going for.  It seems reasonable to me that I can re-post images from other blogs that she knows I frequent.  I'm also guessing that she is totally ok with shirtless guy photos, like Brad Pitt and Taylor Lautner.  And I am pretty sure that I have seen a femdom site that only has drawings, which should also be ok.  So, hopefully that's going to be ok with Suzy.  I am pretty sure she will let me know if it's not.  Cheers!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Girl Talk, Part III

Suzy does not like talking about sex.  I would *like* to discuss my thoughts about our play sessions after they end - kind of like a SportsCenter sex recap - but she rarely if ever wants that.  I am not sure if it is because sex generally is embarrassing to her or what.  She does seem to want to know my thoughts.  She had a rule where if I came, I had to write her a note about my thoughts on the session.  Kind of like a sex journal, which ultimately got transformed into this blog.  She still wants the personal, private note from me, but I think she does enjoy this blog, even if she won't admit it to me publicly.  Ultimately, I was hoping she would comment on my posts directly.  I think that would add to my "street cred" to have my wife affirm (or set me straight) on my posts.  For example, if I commented on a ball torturing session, she might add something like "that's nothing compared to the abuse you're going to take tonight", which would make me think about my poor nuts the whole day.  She usually gives me some indication that she has read my blog and sometimes gives me straight feedback (like the post about her girlfriends' discussion of sex, which wasn't quite what I had fantasized about).  She had said that she wanted to post a comment once, but she didn't do so.

Well, much to my surprise, she has posted on another submissive husband's blog.  I was floored.  I think she posted anonymously, but she let me know about it and I read her fairly lengthy advice, which garnered several comments as well as a follow up posting by the blogger.  I was impressed.  Suzy surprised me recently when she said she might want to blog herself.  I couldn't believe it and was really very excited.  Except I blew it.  I made some unsolicited "suggestions".  I offered her to post on my blog, maybe changing the font to pink so that it's clear that she has written it.  Or, I have seen some husband/wife blogs where they are just both authors and post whenever they like.  That sounded appealing to me too.  But she indicated that no, she would create her own blog, and seemed insulted that I was trying to tell her what to do.  Dammit, I don't know why I do things like that.  At any rate, I don't know what the likelihood of her doing that is, but I hope she does.  I want more "street cred".

*  *  *  *  *

I do know that Suzy has read other subhub blogs.  As I stated before, dominant women blogging is a rarity and highly prized in the submissive male blogging universe.  I think it would be fun to blog together and touch bases with her thoughts on others' sexual practices.  I enjoy the blogging experience for much the same reasons that I enjoy hopping on to Wikipedia.  I learn something and it always amazes me how interconnected things are, and how much I have in common with other submissive men.  As an example, I found this on a subhub's "wish list for sex toys:

This seems like something Suzy would enjoy teasing me with.  I've never seen a toy like this, and I think the little video was pretty nifty.  I definitely can relate to that guy being restrained and teased/tickled.  I wonder if Suzy will want me to order this...