Friday, April 1, 2011

Marital Masturbation

I have not had a lot of time to blog or read others' blogs lately.  We are a bit out of sorts on account of Spring Break related activities.  We had been apart for a few days (I hadn't thought of this, but that is the only time I am to be locked in a chastity cage... I wonder if I had brought the CB-6000 if Suzy would have wanted me locked...) and just re-connected (sort of).  We are having a bit of a family reunion of sorts and there really isn't much opportunity for sex play.  My wife playfully swats my balls as we cuddled each other to sleep, but really not much more than that.  To be truthful, I haven't really thought much about sex except at bed time.  I have been fantasizing a lot, mainly over variations of how she dominated me the last time we played.  Well, that's a bit changed, and I am super horny again.

Suzy had been on her period, and I asked her if she was back "in commission" (as opposed to being "out of commission", lol).  She said that she had "used her finger, just like you do", meaning, she had masturbated while we were apart.  I was instantly aroused at the thought of her taking matters into her own hands.  Several reasons: 
  • the thought of her masturbating is just hot to me.
  • the few times that she does masturbate (at least that she lets me in on), it's usually in the shower, with the water pressure over her clitoris bringing her to orgasm; I don't think she fingers her clit very often at all.
  • the "double standard": it is a bit of a paradox that she gets visibly angry at the thought of me jerking off but her masturbating is very hot to me.  One of my first posts (not yet completed and published) is on the thoughts around this "double standard".  I don't know if I will ever come to terms with this, but it is just something that arouses me.  Male masturbation seems messy and dirty and horribly wrong; but a woman masturbating seems sensual, beautiful, clean, and natural.
Her thoughts on me masturbating have fluctuated over the course of our relationship; most times she is totally opposed to it, but she has given me the green light from time to time (mainly so I leave her alone, I think).  I have masturbated for her a few times.  Not sure what she has thought about that, but it aroused me mainly because it is such a submissive thing to do.  She probably views her masturbation as only when I am not around to take care of her sexual needs for her, rather than something I would ever be allowed to watch.
Why does female masturbation seem so exciting and male masturbation seem so gross?
*  *  *  *  *
I am glad that she told me about it.  I guess I enjoy that she is a sexual person and she is not afraid to address her sexual needs.  I don't think she will, but I would really like it if she talked to me more about it.  I don't finger her that often, but I know that - apart from her vibrators, which are automatic in getting her to the promised land - it is usually one of the more reliable ways to get her to climax, but it is a fair amount of work.  Sometimes I really have to work it to make sure she is lubricated.  But once properly wet, I can usually get her there.  It seems like a more reliable way for her to come than cunnilingus.  I would really like to watch her to this, to gauge her response and better guide my technique when I finger her.  Have I mentioned I love female orgasms?


  1. Good evening, my friend,

    Thanks for bringing up this particular topic, particularly the comment on Suzy's opposition to you masturbating. This is something that Mrs. H and I haven't discussed to any great extent, and I think I want to get her feelings on it. It's not that I'd be able to do much if she said she didn't care, since I'm now in my chastity device full time (except for being out for a thorough clean-up every second evening.

    Masturbation hasn't been something we've ever discussed in depth, and for many years I was a secretive wanker until we started into male chastity on the honour system back in October.

    When I do get the chance to bring it up, it should be an interesting conversation.

  2. Hi,
    Interested to know what your wife thinks about this. Yes, no masturbation during lockup periods. I haven't been locked up in quite some time as my wife prefers the "honor system". However, there should be a few opportunities this month for me to be locked and Suzy even mentioned it yesterday. Should be some good clean fun!