Monday, April 18, 2011

Girl Talk, Part II

The website "" (link on my home page, but you must register to see the forum) helped foster my interest in submitting to Suzy.  It gave me a glimpse into the dynamic of this type of relationship, the female lead relationship, and had a fair amount of kinky discussions (male chastity, orgasm denial, "sex is for the woman's pleasure", etc.).  I was fascinated with it and frankly it was the first message board group I had ever joined.  It was exciting to receive input from like minded men and dominant women.  I tried to get Suzy interested in the website and she delayed for a while.  She finally did enter an account and posted a question, for which she received many responses.  In the FLR world, a woman has like 10X the clout and interest than us boring submissive men.  The other women really encouraged her to get more involved and to become a "verified woman".

A "verified woman" is one who had proven herself a woman to the site's creator (I believe via phone interview) and doing so allowed one access to the "women's only" section of the forum as well as opening up another mysterious section.  For the former, everyone registered could theoretically view the content, but if the administrators caught a man popping his head in the section, he would likely be banned from the site.  Believe me, they took this very seriously.  The latter section is one that you can't even see (so, I don't know that it even exists, lol) that is only available to those women "verified".

SMTR is intended to be as "woman friendly" as possible.  These women only sections are to try to get women to feel more comfortable discussing FLR type things without worry of a surly man barging in on the discussion.  This is analogous to the "women only" gyms that presumably allow women to work out in their skimpy outfits without fear of men oogling them.
"Wow, I didn't realize a man could take that kind of pain... I'll have to try that out on my hubby tonight!"
At any rate, Suzy's initial participation on this FLR forum was very exciting to me.  She considered getting "verified" so that she could discuss matters with other dominant women without my knowledge.  Discussing how to better dominate me with other dominant women was, as I discussed in "Girl Talk, Part I", both exciting and a little scary to me.  What if she befriends a woman who encourages Suzy to dominate me more than I am comfortable?  More than I could take?  ARGH!  Be careful what you wish for!

*  *  *  *  *

SMTR was a very interesting website that helped me to "discover" my interest in submitting to Suzy.  I enjoyed reading about others' sex lives and relationship dynamics and it certainly did give some ideas to explore.  Suzy has at various times suggested that reading about such kinky sex makes me kinky.  While I don't dispute that there is some truth to that, flipping it around and saying that I read kinky subject matter because I am kinky in the first place and therefore interested in kinkiness is also accurate.  Many submissive husbands are "into" cross dressing, wearing panties, carrying their wives' purse when shopping, female supremacy, financial domination, humiliation - to name a few - and I am not, even after reading about it.  I generally avoid those types of topics altogether.  I am reasonably fit man with a fair amount of body hair, and I am certain I would look stupid in female lingerie.  And I have no interest in being "feminized".  Not that there's anything wrong with that... it's just not my thing.  If Suzy was interested in that, I would try it because I love her.  But in those cases, I think it would be only because of her.  I would pretty much try anything, sexually speaking, if Suzy was interested in it.  But me being a woman is not my cup of tea.

SMTR has lost some of its appeal to me.  I don't log on as much as I used to, and I don't find it all that interesting when I do.  I am not putting it down, maybe it's just something that for me was interesting and exciting for a while, but there is nothing new for me to keep interested.  On the other hand, if Suzy rejoins the site....

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  1. The examples of parallel lives just keep on coming, LTS...

    At one time, I visited SMTR daily, but eventually, I found it to be too much of the same stuff, day in and day out. I have to admit that it was an inspiration to some extent, but my relationship with CH has not become a full-fledged FLR (as some on SMTR would define it), so much of what is discussed there is of little interest to me.

    She has become more aware of her power over me, and does certainly take advantage of it, but I'm not really a submissive in the true sense of the word. I serve her because I adore her, and want to take care of her, rather than because she demands it.

    However, our interest in male chastity (which is an essential part of an FLR for many) keeps growing, and has come to strengthen our bond, with the increased intimacy it fosters. It's a hell of a lot of fun too!