Monday, April 4, 2011

Girl Talk, Part I

One of the many mysteries around women is what do they talk about when they are alone?  I remember the crazy ritual where women go to the restroom in pairs, thinking that they must be together because they need some sort of sisterly support.  How agonizing!  What do they say?

As I've mentioned other times, my wife goes out a bit with her girlfriends and I know that they do talk about their kids, their work, their husbands (mutual complaining, of course), and possibly sex.  My wife's friends are in their mid 30s to early 40s and I suppose that is a woman's sexual prime (at least it has been for my Suzy... no complaints here, though!).  They do seem like a pretty horny bunch of gals.  I am inferring this, of course, and every once in a while, Suzy will give me a glimpse of their banter.  I gather that they are about as crude as we men are, they are just more selective in who hears it.

I was rather excited because my wife's friend was planning a "Passion Party", meaning a get together with flowing wine and sex toys for purchase.  I was kind of excited that she was going (I'm always game to try a new sex toy, especially one she picks out!), and my mind was wandering as far as what it would be like.  What kind of things would slip out of those horny moms' mouths?  Suzy did not disappoint, and said something along the lines of, "we have a pretty extensive sex toy collection, I hope you have some new things for us to try".  The fact that my wife said this out loud to her friends was amazing to me.  It made me wonder if - and to what extent - she might talk about our sex life.  You have to understand that my wife is VERY uncomfortable about talking about sex to me... but I don't really know if she is comfortable talking about sex to her girlfriends.  Would she talk about my submissiveness to her in the bedroom?  Would she recommend to her close friends to try orgasm denial, ruined orgasms, prostate play, ball torture?

This topic approaches that fine line of excitement and nervousness that seems to be a big part in the submissive male mindset.  The fact that she might hint to her friends about our sex life is both mind bogglingly embarrassing and arousing.  She might be listening to her friend complaining about her husband, and she could (under influence of alcohol or a real desire to offer something that works), say something like, "it sounds like your hubby is probably jerking off too much... maybe you should look into a chastity belt for him".

I don't really have a lot of close male friends, and certainly none that I would talk to about sex.  It's not that I am uncomfortable about talking about sex, but rather I don't really have a relationship with a dude that warrants it.  But women are different.... they do talk like that.  I just don't know what Suzy talks about!

*  *  *  *  *

Unfortunately, the Passion Party did not happen.  So no "do you have a strapon my size, I've really been thinking that I'd like to try taking hubby up the butt."  I'm not necessarily embarrassed about any of our sex play; it has really been a boon to our intimacy.  It would be potentially awkward to know that friend X has knowledge of our sex play; but ego-boosting if Suzy said that I am a caring considerate lover and I make sure that she has plenty of orgasms (which I do...).

It works for us. =)


  1. Ooh, I soooo picture the same thing! I don't think my Wife mentions anything... but what if She does??
    Sorry the party didn't work out,in a way, but wow.... something may still happen (both for good and bad!) Z

  2. Thanks for the comment. Suzy was unusually candid about this after my post and basically said that there is one particular gal that just makes crude sexual jokes. It's not as if they get together and discuss their favorite positions, blowjob tips, etc. Do you recall the scene from "old school" with Will Ferrell where the wives have a BJ demo? Oh well, a subhub can fantasize :-)

    Suzy didn't think that highly of the chances for a rescheduled "passion party". Now that would seem to bring out the topic more naturally....*sigh*