Monday, March 7, 2011

Target Practice

A few months ago, Suzy shyly stated that she had a crazy fantasy.  I asked her what it was and she giggled and said that she wasn't sure if this would hurt too much, but she fantasized about shooting my nether regions with a Nerf gun.  We had just bought Nerf guns for a Christmas present to our kids.  We had a few "Nerf wars" around the house and she thought of this idea to have my ass in the air so she could try to hit me in the balls with the Nerf dart.  I was surprised about this, but it seemed to fit into an FLR playtime nicely.

I suggested to my wife that it reminded me of a childhood game we played called "buns up".  In this game, the loser had to stand against a wall and the winners got a chance to throw a bouncy ball at their butt.  This being a more sophisticated fantasy, the weapon of choice is a Nerf gun, and the submissive husband is the one that takes the shots.

I really didn't know how much this might hurt.  Shots to the body don't really hurt much but what would a direct - intentional - shot to the balls feel like?

The deadly aim and fierce determination of a female warrior intent on nailing a "balls eye"
She teased me throughout the day about our planned torture session.  We had a crazy day running people around yesterday, and we actually had some time where we could have a little privacy to ourselves.  We ran upstairs and gave Suzy a "quickie" orgasm.  It was really nice.  Suzy has denied me orgasm since Tuesday night.  I tried to find a blogger "gadget" where we could track our orgasms but no luck so far.  Since her period finished, Suzy has had 6 orgasms and I have had one.  I am not sure when she will allow me to come again.

As we were getting ready to put the kids to bed, I was checking out something on yahoo about Kate Middleton's royal wedding.  I don't normally get into British royalty stuff, but I did watch Diana's wedding and I suppose I was just curious about how this one might be different.  At any rate, I was apparently enthralled in this reading, and Suzy came in and fired a shot with the Nerf gun that nearly hit me and did scare the crap out of me.  I scare easily, but this had the added complication of being a tease and a preview of what my genitals were going to face during our adult playtime.  I got nervous.

Suzy's weapon of choice, transformed from child toy into an implement of cock and ball torture
I rubbed Suzy's feet the entire time we watched DH.  Once we had finished, we were ready to go upstairs for me to face the firing squad.  I laid across our Liberator ramp pillow in preparation for my fate.  Suzy came in and giggled, locked the door, and then complained that I wasn't naked.  I stripped down.  I also had out some toys: the crop, the paddle, the Wartenberg wheel, and the Nerf gun.

It had been a long time since we played with the crop and the paddle.  I enjoyed it.  They feel great when she moves them gently up my butt crack and then smacks my hanging balls gently.  She got out the paddle and said she wanted to make an impression on my ass (the paddle is pink and has an elevated heart pattern on it).  She said that she made my butt red.  I enjoyed the spanking.  She then played with the Wartenberg wheel.  I enjoyed that.  The pressure she puts into it is key to the sensation I get.  A light pressure feels great.  A firmer pressure brings in a little bit of pain.  By the time she was done with these tortures, I was dripping pre-cum everywhere.

Then it was time for the target practice.  I think we were both a little nervous about this.  I had my ass in the air, balls hanging down.  Suzy complimented me on my large balls and said that they would be a nice big target for her to shoot at.  The first few shots were aimed at my ass.  There was a big anticipation component to this game, as I was blindfolded and facing away from her and I couldn't tell when she was going to shoot.  The Nerf guns have a fair amount of misfires, so general noises don't necessarily mean that a shot was fired.  She got to become more and more comfortable shooting at me and then I could tell she was seriously aiming for my nuts.  Her aim improved to the point where she was reliably nailing me in the balls.  The pain wasn't as severe as I thought it would be, but it was startling to get a direct hit.  These guns aren't uniform in their pressure and from time to time, you get a more powerful shot that can hurt.

This session was arousing.  I enjoyed the submissive feeling of kneeling with my ass and balls in the air, awaiting her torture.  I enjoyed Suzy's enthusiasm and her explicit statements about her wanting to hit me in the balls.  As she was getting shots to my balls repeatedly, she kept bragging about how good an aim she had.  What a sexy hunter!

It was a fun night.  She seemed to indicate that she wanted to do this again sometime.  She enjoyed it and it made me feel very submissive to her.

We finished the evening with a very nice orgasm for her.

Texas Female Hunter
Was there any doubt, the end result would be female victory?

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