Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sex for the wife's pleasure

I turned in early last night, mainly because I was tired from work (pretty emotional work week) and feeling so-so.  I usually have a hard time sleeping without her mainly because I think that she will wake me when she eventually gets into bed.  However, I did fall asleep.

I was woken by her touching my body passionately.  I started waking and I tried to stimulate her back.  She aggressively worked me over, going straight for my cock.  She took my shorts off and got between my legs and gave me a very sensual blowjob.  She simultaneously squeezed my balls in a pleasant, firm manner.  The sensations were great.  After a while, she mounted me and inserted my cock in her wet pussy.  She began riding me in the "wife on top" position.  What a treat!

I was really turned on by her taking charge.  She was turned on, and wanted sex.  I enjoyed the sensations of her controlling the penetration.  I enjoy watching her and listening to the progression of her breathing as she gets closer and closer to orgasm.  She climaxed spectacularly, and then relaxed into my chest, breathing heavily from her "workout".  I could tell she had a great orgasm and was basking in the pleasure from the sex.  She jokingly said "wow, I won't need to exercise if I did this more often".

She moved away from me and said "ok, I hope you can sleep now - I know I will."  I was still rock hard and aroused from Suzy's erotic lovemaking.  I reached over to cuddle her and massage her back and kiss her.  I wasn't sure: was she joking, or was she satisfied with her spectacular orgasm and wanted to feel my still hard dick against her as she fell asleep?  She soon made that clear, that I was not having an orgasm tonight, and gave many quotable comments in case there was any doubt:

"You don't need to come tonight; you had had an orgasm last night."
"Wow, you're still hard.  It will go down in a few minutes."
"Unlock the door after you get dressed."
"I can't wait to read about tonight on your blog."
"This has all been a dream."
"Good night."

*  *  *  *  *

I wonder what turned her on so much to initiate sex like that and deny me.  We had sex the other night (first night after her period) and it was very satisfying.  I wonder what she might have in mind for tomorrow...

Wife on top is definitely my favorite position, for reasons I described above.  I have very good endurance and it is the only position that she has been able to climax from without external stimuli.  Wife on top sex is definitely sex for the wife's pleasure!
Sleeping wife, insomniac husband


  1. Woman-on-top is definitely our favorite, too. She has better orgasms and I have more stamina. She loves to have me play with her DD's (which has a significant influence on how quickly and how hard she comes).
    The downside is, that if I'm getting close to my orgasm as she's in the midst of hers, I can't do anything that will mess up her orgasm. From past experience, I 've discovered that it's better for me to suffer a bit of punishment for an unauthorized orgasm, than to really get lit into if I fuck up her climax by trying to hold back my own.

  2. Thanks for the comment HH.
    It is a real treat when she is in the mood to do woman on top. When we do, the focus is 100% on her orgasm and it really brings out my submissive side. I think I've ejaculated only once or twice in that position. Don't get me wrong, the sensations are VERY pleasurable for me, it's just that I have extra endurance to hold off on my orgasm. It kind of makes me feel like a "human dildo" when she gets the Big-O and I am not there yet. It is tricky because if she wants me to come, she would normally turn over and in a few strokes I would be spent... but after she has had an orgasm, she wants to "bask in the glow" and be left alone. You can see how Cowgirl style sex can easily lead to orgasm denial for me.