Saturday, March 5, 2011

Playing Chicken

Suzy and I went out to dinner recently and we were served by a really young waiter.  Immediately after he came to ask for drink orders, I thought "wow, Suzy is going to find him 'cute'".  Sure enough, she mouthed to me that she thought he was hot.  It seems a bit on the weird side that I can predict which men my wife will find attractive: "Hey honey, check that guy out!"

She coyly mentioned something about "seeing if he is interested".  Wow.  I realize that Suzy understands that I find the thought of having another man - a younger man - into our sex life is a turn on for me.  She teases me about it from time to time, and I find it very arousing.  Sometimes I wonder to what extent she is verbally teasing me and to what extent she is really interested in acting out this fantasy.  Are we "playing chicken"?

I fantasize about placing an ad to find a "playmate" for us.  I am most aroused by her playing with a younger guy with a bigger dick than I have.  Theoretically (or, legally, lol!), Suzy could play with a cock half her age.  I guess I am aroused by the notion that she is trying out something different than me.  I would imagine that would be a big ego boost for her to have sex with a young stud.

I don't want to freak Suzy out about this.  It's been a fantasy more lately and she hasn't really given me much feedback.  Would she really want to try it?  What would she want to do?  Where do we find a guy she would like to have sex with?

Hmmm... hubby on the left or"friend with benefit" on the right... which will she choose - or does she "want it all"? 

I received a comment in a recent post about what Suzy would do with two cocks, standing at attention.  Would she deny one (me) or both?  She didn't really say much about that.  I could go either way, as long as the "sex is for her pleasure".  I suppose things would totally depend on her comfort level.

Here is one scenario.  We place a personal ad describing what we she is looking for.  We exchange a few emails to make sure we are looking for the same thing.  Then we meet for drinks.  If she is turned on to it, we set up a meeting.  Perhaps we play some game of strip poker, but leave the odds in her favor so that the men are sure to get naked - and her more comfortable - first.  Then we start with the foreplay.  I would enjoy going down on her while she plays with the new cock manually (orally?).  When she feels comfortable, we would allow the young stud to penetrate her with a condom.  The key would be that the sex is for her pleasure and whatever she says goes.

Another thing I've thought of is maybe looking for another couple.  There is a term called "soft swap" where each couple has sex with their own partner, but in the same room with the other couple.  That would be a way to ease into it, so to speak.  Perhaps if we both are interested, we could allow for the other husband to have sex with Suzy.  Suzy said that she is not interested in me having sex with another woman, but perhaps there are some things she'd be ok with (fingering?  cunnilingus?  use of a vibrator?).  Although this isn't exactly "cuckolding" in the most common sense, a married couple has the advantage that they would (likely) be STD free and maybe even the other husband would be snipped like me (which would be a big relief for me).  Not sure if Suzy would be ok with that, but it's potentially a "safer" option.

*  *  *  *  *

At any rate, this could be something that we simply fantasize about, or something we look into further.  I am hoping to get her comments about it.  A poster on a FLR forum I frequent suggested that men interested in cuckolding get start slowly by using a large dildo as "the other dick" in an effort to get a feel it.  The feeldoe we have is MUCH bigger than my cock, so maybe that is something to try.  Unfortunately, she hasn't pegged me yet, but that's another post....

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  1. Wow, we had a great night last night. Suzy actually gave me some feedback and answered sex related questions. I wanted to take full advantage of that!

    At a high level, we discussed the idea of involving another male into our sex play. I think it's fair to say that we both are aroused by the idea. She even discussed putting in an ad for a male playmate to "see what kind of responses we might get". She even discussed the logistics of how it might work, etc.

    She was pretty clear that me touching another woman is out of the question. I get the impression that shaking another woman's hand is probably borderline too physical for her. I am ok with that, and "the double standard" is exciting to me. So I guess the idea of playing with a couple is off the table.

    We discussed the moral implications of playing outside our marriage bed. This could be a fatal flaw in actually acting out this fantasy. If that is the case, certainly we can incorporate this into our sex play. Perhaps we can go to a male strip club. Maybe verbal teasing. Maybe she could flirt with other men and talk to me about it. Who knows?

    I think that she is a little caught off guard with why I am ok and even excited by her having sex with another male. I think that would have to be the subject of another post ;-)

    She did offer some feedback (rare!) about future sex play. She said anal on her is never going to happen. I forgot her exact wording, but anal penetration of me via strapon was something she is open to (yay!!!). Get the lube out! She said that she does like controlling my orgasms. I think she is open to spanking... we shall see!


    We caught up on DH last night (we did not DVR the last episode, so we had to watch it via web). I massaged her quite a bit. It was actually pretty nice that during a few of the commercials we actually made out. Suzy was pretty tired when the show was over, but we did have some sex play before bed. Her first orgasm was quite long but seemed to be less intense. She agreed with my "female orgasm review" - funny, I know what men she will find attractive, and I can characterize how her orgasms felt. Her second one was not so good and she said that it was my fault. My vaginal fingering was sub-par and she was not happy. In fact, she even used the term "punishment" when she described how my poor performance translated into orgasm denial for me. She did allow a brief penetration, which was exciting. She said I was really "shaking" a lot. I suspect it had a lot to do with our discussion around sex fantasies.

    We talked about having some fun "playtime" tonight. I am looking forward to it. Not sure if I will be allowed to come or not, but I am sure she will :)