Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Owned by my mistress

Suzy followed up her prior intense tease and denial session with even more husband domination.  I honestly didn't see any of this coming.  We did some of our usual playful teasing throughout the day.  Around bedtime, she told me to get "a few towels, the gag, a blindfold, some whipping implements, and started on the restraints".  Wow.  She hasn't given such instructions to me in some time.  I stripped naked and did as instructed.  I was nervous but excited.  What exactly would she be doing to me?  Will she let me come?

By the time I was completed with my task, she came out of the bedroom.  She was relatively quiet and started playing with my balls.  She made a comment about how nervous I was (I couldn't talk with the gag on) and I was unable to tell what she was wearing due to the blindfold.  She told me she wanted me to be tied up "so I wouldn't go anywhere", and she completed my restraint by tying up my other arm and both legs so that I was completely immobilized, spread eagle on the bed.  She got me hard and then fairly quickly came out with an ice cube and iced my cock, balls, and perineum down.  She teased me about losing my erection.  It took me a while to become hard again, and once I was hard, she began some ball torture using some of the whipping implements I had got out for her.  Suzy did point out that I got my erection back when she started slapping my balls.

She paused my torture session to get some new "toys".  This was very arousing for me, since I had got everything out she asked for and she was therefore, "inspired" to do some additional play.  I was trying to glean what torture device she was looking for by my hearing alone.  She ended up stating that she was a doctor, and needed to "check things out down there".  I guess she had "heard" about my prostate/balls being overfilled and wanted to see for herself.  She had put on a lubed latex glove and inserted her finger in my butt.  At this point, I felt completely "owned" by her.  I was completely at her mercy and I had no say (literally) in what she did to me.  I was in submissive husband heaven.  Suzy "played" with my prostate for a good while.  It felt really good.  I have read about men receiving an orgasm from prostate play, but I don't think that would be possible for me.  I enjoyed the sensations, but I don't think that alone would bring me to the promised land.  One paradoxical about anal play is that, even though I enjoy it immensely, and it is highly sexual, I usually lose my erection.  Not sure why that is.

The prostate play lasted a long time.  Following that, she worked to regain my erection.  Once again, the ball torture got me there quickly.  I don't know what it says about me in that Suzy's shortest path to getting me hard is to smack my nuts.  Go figure.  At any rate, she teased me and stroked my cock for a while.  She grabbed my scrotum firmly in her hand and pulled them down (as I had described in my last post).  That sensation is fantastic.  I suspect that I like the firmness of her grip and by the time she does that "move" I am so sexually aroused that I can take a lot of pain.  Then, having my testicles taut in her hand, she smacked them (quite aggressively) with her other hand.  This was another submissive husband heaven moment.  I had wanted to be gagged specifically for reasons like this.  I am sure I would have whined or maybe even cried from the pain of this.  But it was such a turn on for her to push me beyond the limits I would have set - to completely trust in her own judgment as to how much pain I should receive.  It was hot.  It "hurt so good".  I am not sure how well I am describing this, but it was certainly a case where Suzy dictated the play, without any feedback from me.  Hot!

Suzy continued to alternate stimulating my cock with torturing my balls.  This lasted a good while.  She didn't give me a lot of verbal feedback.  One thing that I really appreciated was that she was sitting up while playing with "her" cock, which made me feel like she was really very interested in monitoring my response to her stimulation.  I felt like I was on "full display", being naked with my legs spread wide, and certainly nothing to hide as far as my excitement level.  She was toying with me like a cat toys with a mouse.  When she noticed that I was getting close to an orgasm, she would back off, either by reducing the intensity of the stimulation of my cock, or by going back to ball torture.  This went on for a good while.

Suzy toyed with my cock like a cat toys with a mouse

At last, she started to allow my stimulation to get a little further, to where I was feeling the urge to come.  I was buckling, arching my back, moaning (or attempting to - I was still gagged), and tensing my body, preparing to orgasm.  As I reached the point of no return, she release her hand from my cock, and I ejaculated but did not have a complete orgasm.  She gave me a ruined orgasm!  I was a bit speechless.  She had a big smile on her face, and said something like "that was fun to watch".  She untied me and then I took the blindfold off and the gag out of my mouth.  I was fully erect still (usually, my erection goes away seconds after orgasm) and I had a pretty impressive puddle of semen just below my navel.  We talked about her enjoyment of watching my cock ejaculate in the air and how the entire session was awesome.  I told her I felt "owned".  I loved every minute of it!
We have an "under the bed restraints" set up like this; I am at her mercy in this position!
*  *  *  *  *

When cleaning up my mess, I noticed that I was still fully erect.  I mentioned to Suzy that I might be able to have an orgasm, and she allowed me to penetrate her.  She said I could come and I screwed up and asked her if she was sure.  She doesn't like me to second guess her.  I don't want to make excuses: I just screwed up by questioning her.  I hope I don't do that again.  Suzy did have an orgasm via the vibrator and I put away all the sex toys, and cuddled her with my hard on intact.  I hope for more play sessions like this!


  1. "And a good time was had by all..." This is the kind of evening I'd like to have. Often.

    I'm not envious, though (liar!).

    We drifted off to sleep last night as Mrs, Haversackers held *her* balls gently, but firmly in her hand. I felt most content.

    On the other hand, you both must have been very satisfied.

    All the best,

  2. Congratulations!! Wow... a steamy story! Funny how we're all different, lol -- anal play makes me hard, ball-spanking nope, just the opposite. :)
    Sounds like you had a great time being owned and used by Wife... :)