Sunday, March 20, 2011

Intense Tease and Denial

We have been having lots of sex lately ~ we have had some sort of sex play just about every night for the past week, maybe longer.  But only Suzy has climaxed; I have been denied orgasm since March 8, as best as I can tell.  During our first sex play after my last orgasm, Suzy said that "I wasn't shaking enough" and so she wouldn't let me come.  I can get so horny during our playtime that I shake.  She likes that.  It's a clear indicator to her that I lust after her and that I have been "good" and not taken matters into my own hands (I am on the "honor system" and have to exercise self discipline... I haven't masturbated in quite some time).

An appropriate shirt for my Suzy!
 As my denial period increased, I started to shake more and more, which she clearly likes.  What makes this denial period particularly erotic is that her cock teasing has been constant (just about daily) and intense.  Lately, it has gone something like this: I will strip naked, lock the door, and await her entry into our bedroom.  She will state that she is cold and that I must warm her up.  We cuddle a while and then start "making out".  She will tell me how much she likes to feel the hardness of my cock against her body.  I will make love to her, massaging her body and, in most cases, applying the Hitachi magic wand vibrator for her to orgasm.  I will massage her post orgasm, and she will play with my cock, give me some cock and ball torturing, and then say "goodnight, I hope you can get some sleep", while then fully expecting my erection to be pressed against her body until she drifts to sleep.

Last night was a little different and more intense.  We had a fair amount of "sexting" teasing throughout the day, and she gave me mixed messages around whether I would come.  She said that it would be "all about me".  It was.  She masterfully stroked my cock and stimulated my balls in unpredictable patterns that really showed her dominance over me.  As an example, she would stroke my cock, and then lightly caress my balls and then immediately start slapping them.  I really couldn't tell what was coming next: pleasure or pain.  Since I am a submissive male, that line is very often blurred anyway.  There were some times when she really roughly handled my nuts, more than I would have asked for.  But that's just what makes this sex play so exciting to me: when SHE is in complete control!  When I am fully aroused, Suzy will firmly grip my scrotum and pull it in a downward direction.  It is an intense feeling and I felt like I was about to come from that alone.

All told, she teased the crap out of me.  I think she played with me for 30-45 minutes.  It was "all about me".  I was kept in suspense as to whether or not I would come.  She had me on the edge for what seemed like forever.  She decided to deny me and shifted over and wanted me to cuddle her.  She coyly said that all the cock teasing turned her on and she wanted an orgasm.  I used the Hitachi magic wand and she came pretty quickly.  I enjoyed caressing her after her orgasm, and then she turned to go to sleep, my hard cock pressing against her.  I was, and am, shaking.  A lot.
Not sure when my next orgasm will be... but I am not the one that decides that!
*  *  *  *  *
I am not sure what her plans are for my next orgasm.  She likes the service I give her when I am chaste, and she teases me, saying, "why would I give that up?".
What else can I do for you, my dominatrix/sex goddess?


  1. Wow...the thought of you SHAKING from the denial just...gets me!! :)
    Great post!

  2. Hi, lovetosubmit,

    You're so right about the parallel lives thing. Since I wrote about the conflict that CH and I experienced earlier in the week, she's been been as active as Suzy has been in the T & D department. "I'm going to be abusing your cock tonight, before you fuck me good, so be prepared." she said with an evil grin.

    I have to sympathize with you about being teased just prior to going to (or at least trying to go to) sleep. After months on the honour system, I find it much easier to go to sleep now that I'm in my cage. There's no temptation to stroke or rub myself against the sheets.

    All the best,