Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Going down?

A passionate couple in an he "going down"?
 We had a few days off from intimate play and I was starting to feel really "amorous".  We had a good deal of sexting throughout the day, which always seems to rev up our motors for some bedroom play.  The foreplay we were doing was getting me pretty aroused and I hadn't "gone down" on Suzy in a long time... and it had been even longer until she had reached a climax with my tongue.  I wanted to get her to the promised land orally and, for some reason, we were both "on".  Suzy was really aroused and she came in a mighty way.  Bringing her off orally is very empowering to me as a man; I just feel more virile and it strokes my male ego.

I am not sure I understand why sometimes we are successful and sometimes not.  There are times when she comes relatively easily from cunnilingus and times that, even if I feel I have my 'A' game on, it's just not happening.  Perhaps chalk it up to the mysteries of female sexuality.  Regardless, I am glad that I was able to get her off in this way and her orgasm greatly pleased me.  She was quite vocal leading up to her climax (which really helps with my motivation to keep going) and she was very expressive during her climax.  I think it was an above average orgasm for her.

Cunnilingus is satisfying from a male submission standpoint in the sense that the focus is on her climax.  During the act, I think about how I am buried between her legs doing everything I can to excite her to orgasm, and she is relaxing, enjoying the stimulation on her clitoris.  After the initial foreplay (massaging, groping her body, and nipple play), I got on top of her in a '69' position.  Occasionally, Suzy will suck my cock, but more typically she caresses my balls and softly teases my perineum/anal area.  The latter was feeling terrific!  However, I can't go very long in that position (my jaw begins to hurt, of all things) and I have to go a more comfortable position to finish the job, lying prone between her spread legs.

After she had climaxed, I massaged her body and tried to kiss her as much as I could (she doesn't allow mouth to mouth kissing after I have performed oral on her).  She was coy with what type of stimulation I would get and she ultimately decided to deny me orgasm.  She teased me a bit, which was fun, and then she stroked my cock and balls for a good while.  She did some hand slapping of my balls and then decided I had had enough and it was time for bed.  I cuddled her until she fell asleep and then I came down to write the blog. 

*  *  *  *  *

As far as I know, the orgasm count for this cycle is Suzy 8 or 9, husband 2.  While that doesn't sound like that much of a contrast in female/male orgasms, she hasn't been allowing many multiple orgasm sessions for herself lately; if she had, it would probably be more like 13 to 2 or so.  Hoping we can play tomorrow night.  She said I "might" get to come.

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  1. Ahhh... sweet times! Sounds like you two are having fun; thanks much for sharing. Enjoy!