Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Owned by my mistress

Suzy followed up her prior intense tease and denial session with even more husband domination.  I honestly didn't see any of this coming.  We did some of our usual playful teasing throughout the day.  Around bedtime, she told me to get "a few towels, the gag, a blindfold, some whipping implements, and started on the restraints".  Wow.  She hasn't given such instructions to me in some time.  I stripped naked and did as instructed.  I was nervous but excited.  What exactly would she be doing to me?  Will she let me come?

By the time I was completed with my task, she came out of the bedroom.  She was relatively quiet and started playing with my balls.  She made a comment about how nervous I was (I couldn't talk with the gag on) and I was unable to tell what she was wearing due to the blindfold.  She told me she wanted me to be tied up "so I wouldn't go anywhere", and she completed my restraint by tying up my other arm and both legs so that I was completely immobilized, spread eagle on the bed.  She got me hard and then fairly quickly came out with an ice cube and iced my cock, balls, and perineum down.  She teased me about losing my erection.  It took me a while to become hard again, and once I was hard, she began some ball torture using some of the whipping implements I had got out for her.  Suzy did point out that I got my erection back when she started slapping my balls.

She paused my torture session to get some new "toys".  This was very arousing for me, since I had got everything out she asked for and she was therefore, "inspired" to do some additional play.  I was trying to glean what torture device she was looking for by my hearing alone.  She ended up stating that she was a doctor, and needed to "check things out down there".  I guess she had "heard" about my prostate/balls being overfilled and wanted to see for herself.  She had put on a lubed latex glove and inserted her finger in my butt.  At this point, I felt completely "owned" by her.  I was completely at her mercy and I had no say (literally) in what she did to me.  I was in submissive husband heaven.  Suzy "played" with my prostate for a good while.  It felt really good.  I have read about men receiving an orgasm from prostate play, but I don't think that would be possible for me.  I enjoyed the sensations, but I don't think that alone would bring me to the promised land.  One paradoxical about anal play is that, even though I enjoy it immensely, and it is highly sexual, I usually lose my erection.  Not sure why that is.

The prostate play lasted a long time.  Following that, she worked to regain my erection.  Once again, the ball torture got me there quickly.  I don't know what it says about me in that Suzy's shortest path to getting me hard is to smack my nuts.  Go figure.  At any rate, she teased me and stroked my cock for a while.  She grabbed my scrotum firmly in her hand and pulled them down (as I had described in my last post).  That sensation is fantastic.  I suspect that I like the firmness of her grip and by the time she does that "move" I am so sexually aroused that I can take a lot of pain.  Then, having my testicles taut in her hand, she smacked them (quite aggressively) with her other hand.  This was another submissive husband heaven moment.  I had wanted to be gagged specifically for reasons like this.  I am sure I would have whined or maybe even cried from the pain of this.  But it was such a turn on for her to push me beyond the limits I would have set - to completely trust in her own judgment as to how much pain I should receive.  It was hot.  It "hurt so good".  I am not sure how well I am describing this, but it was certainly a case where Suzy dictated the play, without any feedback from me.  Hot!

Suzy continued to alternate stimulating my cock with torturing my balls.  This lasted a good while.  She didn't give me a lot of verbal feedback.  One thing that I really appreciated was that she was sitting up while playing with "her" cock, which made me feel like she was really very interested in monitoring my response to her stimulation.  I felt like I was on "full display", being naked with my legs spread wide, and certainly nothing to hide as far as my excitement level.  She was toying with me like a cat toys with a mouse.  When she noticed that I was getting close to an orgasm, she would back off, either by reducing the intensity of the stimulation of my cock, or by going back to ball torture.  This went on for a good while.

Suzy toyed with my cock like a cat toys with a mouse

At last, she started to allow my stimulation to get a little further, to where I was feeling the urge to come.  I was buckling, arching my back, moaning (or attempting to - I was still gagged), and tensing my body, preparing to orgasm.  As I reached the point of no return, she release her hand from my cock, and I ejaculated but did not have a complete orgasm.  She gave me a ruined orgasm!  I was a bit speechless.  She had a big smile on her face, and said something like "that was fun to watch".  She untied me and then I took the blindfold off and the gag out of my mouth.  I was fully erect still (usually, my erection goes away seconds after orgasm) and I had a pretty impressive puddle of semen just below my navel.  We talked about her enjoyment of watching my cock ejaculate in the air and how the entire session was awesome.  I told her I felt "owned".  I loved every minute of it!
We have an "under the bed restraints" set up like this; I am at her mercy in this position!
*  *  *  *  *

When cleaning up my mess, I noticed that I was still fully erect.  I mentioned to Suzy that I might be able to have an orgasm, and she allowed me to penetrate her.  She said I could come and I screwed up and asked her if she was sure.  She doesn't like me to second guess her.  I don't want to make excuses: I just screwed up by questioning her.  I hope I don't do that again.  Suzy did have an orgasm via the vibrator and I put away all the sex toys, and cuddled her with my hard on intact.  I hope for more play sessions like this!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Intense Tease and Denial

We have been having lots of sex lately ~ we have had some sort of sex play just about every night for the past week, maybe longer.  But only Suzy has climaxed; I have been denied orgasm since March 8, as best as I can tell.  During our first sex play after my last orgasm, Suzy said that "I wasn't shaking enough" and so she wouldn't let me come.  I can get so horny during our playtime that I shake.  She likes that.  It's a clear indicator to her that I lust after her and that I have been "good" and not taken matters into my own hands (I am on the "honor system" and have to exercise self discipline... I haven't masturbated in quite some time).

An appropriate shirt for my Suzy!
 As my denial period increased, I started to shake more and more, which she clearly likes.  What makes this denial period particularly erotic is that her cock teasing has been constant (just about daily) and intense.  Lately, it has gone something like this: I will strip naked, lock the door, and await her entry into our bedroom.  She will state that she is cold and that I must warm her up.  We cuddle a while and then start "making out".  She will tell me how much she likes to feel the hardness of my cock against her body.  I will make love to her, massaging her body and, in most cases, applying the Hitachi magic wand vibrator for her to orgasm.  I will massage her post orgasm, and she will play with my cock, give me some cock and ball torturing, and then say "goodnight, I hope you can get some sleep", while then fully expecting my erection to be pressed against her body until she drifts to sleep.

Last night was a little different and more intense.  We had a fair amount of "sexting" teasing throughout the day, and she gave me mixed messages around whether I would come.  She said that it would be "all about me".  It was.  She masterfully stroked my cock and stimulated my balls in unpredictable patterns that really showed her dominance over me.  As an example, she would stroke my cock, and then lightly caress my balls and then immediately start slapping them.  I really couldn't tell what was coming next: pleasure or pain.  Since I am a submissive male, that line is very often blurred anyway.  There were some times when she really roughly handled my nuts, more than I would have asked for.  But that's just what makes this sex play so exciting to me: when SHE is in complete control!  When I am fully aroused, Suzy will firmly grip my scrotum and pull it in a downward direction.  It is an intense feeling and I felt like I was about to come from that alone.

All told, she teased the crap out of me.  I think she played with me for 30-45 minutes.  It was "all about me".  I was kept in suspense as to whether or not I would come.  She had me on the edge for what seemed like forever.  She decided to deny me and shifted over and wanted me to cuddle her.  She coyly said that all the cock teasing turned her on and she wanted an orgasm.  I used the Hitachi magic wand and she came pretty quickly.  I enjoyed caressing her after her orgasm, and then she turned to go to sleep, my hard cock pressing against her.  I was, and am, shaking.  A lot.
Not sure when my next orgasm will be... but I am not the one that decides that!
*  *  *  *  *
I am not sure what her plans are for my next orgasm.  She likes the service I give her when I am chaste, and she teases me, saying, "why would I give that up?".
What else can I do for you, my dominatrix/sex goddess?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sexy Panties

Suzy and I both seem to enjoy the notion of her wearing panties with erotic messages.  I thought I would keep a running tab of some funny/sexy photos that I have come across, and publish when I get a fair amount.  Here goes:


Oh man. I want some of these!!!

Sure, gawk all you want, I don’t give a shit.


This keyholder means business!

In the age of Google, it is surprising to me how hard it is to find these for purchase.  She recently teased me about wanting some more "denial" panties and I thought I would try to find some over the internet.  I couldn't.  I made a "custom designed" thong for Suzy recently, and I think she likes it.  I would like to post a photo of it, but I don't know where it is.  The flirtiness of these panties is exciting to me.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Going down?

A passionate couple in an he "going down"?
 We had a few days off from intimate play and I was starting to feel really "amorous".  We had a good deal of sexting throughout the day, which always seems to rev up our motors for some bedroom play.  The foreplay we were doing was getting me pretty aroused and I hadn't "gone down" on Suzy in a long time... and it had been even longer until she had reached a climax with my tongue.  I wanted to get her to the promised land orally and, for some reason, we were both "on".  Suzy was really aroused and she came in a mighty way.  Bringing her off orally is very empowering to me as a man; I just feel more virile and it strokes my male ego.

I am not sure I understand why sometimes we are successful and sometimes not.  There are times when she comes relatively easily from cunnilingus and times that, even if I feel I have my 'A' game on, it's just not happening.  Perhaps chalk it up to the mysteries of female sexuality.  Regardless, I am glad that I was able to get her off in this way and her orgasm greatly pleased me.  She was quite vocal leading up to her climax (which really helps with my motivation to keep going) and she was very expressive during her climax.  I think it was an above average orgasm for her.

Cunnilingus is satisfying from a male submission standpoint in the sense that the focus is on her climax.  During the act, I think about how I am buried between her legs doing everything I can to excite her to orgasm, and she is relaxing, enjoying the stimulation on her clitoris.  After the initial foreplay (massaging, groping her body, and nipple play), I got on top of her in a '69' position.  Occasionally, Suzy will suck my cock, but more typically she caresses my balls and softly teases my perineum/anal area.  The latter was feeling terrific!  However, I can't go very long in that position (my jaw begins to hurt, of all things) and I have to go a more comfortable position to finish the job, lying prone between her spread legs.

After she had climaxed, I massaged her body and tried to kiss her as much as I could (she doesn't allow mouth to mouth kissing after I have performed oral on her).  She was coy with what type of stimulation I would get and she ultimately decided to deny me orgasm.  She teased me a bit, which was fun, and then she stroked my cock and balls for a good while.  She did some hand slapping of my balls and then decided I had had enough and it was time for bed.  I cuddled her until she fell asleep and then I came down to write the blog. 

*  *  *  *  *

As far as I know, the orgasm count for this cycle is Suzy 8 or 9, husband 2.  While that doesn't sound like that much of a contrast in female/male orgasms, she hasn't been allowing many multiple orgasm sessions for herself lately; if she had, it would probably be more like 13 to 2 or so.  Hoping we can play tomorrow night.  She said I "might" get to come.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Being completely honest about my sexuality to Suzy over the past few years has been and remains both liberating and scary.  As I discussed in my introductory posts, I have long been intrigued by dominant women but I didn't really put that all together until I read some blogs/message boards containing female domination content.  At that point, the "funny feelings" I got from watching Catwoman tie up Batman just made perfect sense.  It took me a while to get the nerve to discuss my fantasies of her dominating me sexually.  When I explained this to her, I was very nervous but when she was accepting of my feelings, I felt much better.  I think she really needed to absorb that internally for a while.  And we are still working things out in terms of what that might mean.  Is our marriage "female lead"?  That's a very interesting question, but one for another post.

I guess there are a couple ways I am "transparent" to Suzy.  By transparent, I mean that I am honest and vulnerable.  I will tell her my "straight up" thoughts and feelings instead of filtering it in an effort to manipulate her.  This is not easy for men in general.  Many times, my thoughts and fantasies are not in my "best interest".  For example, I have desires for her to deny me orgasm when I am really quite horny.  It doesn't "make sense" and maybe I should just keep my mouth shut and get laid.  But I don't.  I tell her that it turns me on; for example, that I really crave to be locked in a chastity cage during our lovemaking sessions or that the thought of her having sex with another younger stud excites me.
Hard to contain the excitement when I am in front of Suzy

I am physically transparent to her also.  Being completely nude in her presence is very exciting to me.  It feels as if I am being completely open to her, with nothing to hide.  It feels like I am on a roller coaster - it's that exciting - the vulnerability of being naked in front of her and having my sexual excitement be so completely open to her.  She has teased me when I am not erect (which is rare) and if we talk about sex fantasies (her having sex with another male, her telling me I'm about to have my balls smacked), my cock just doesn't lie - it stiffens.  It could be that the contrast with Suzy adds to the excitement for me: it is difficult for me to tell when she's *really* turned on; I only know it for sure when I begin to play with her pussy and notice the wetness.  That is thrilling.  She is hard to read, I am an open book.

*  *  *  *  *

That's what has been on my mind lately: how vulnerable I am being towards her.  I'm not sure what she will do with it, always, but... I suppose that's the thrill... and as Chris Berman says: that's why we play the game!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Target Practice

A few months ago, Suzy shyly stated that she had a crazy fantasy.  I asked her what it was and she giggled and said that she wasn't sure if this would hurt too much, but she fantasized about shooting my nether regions with a Nerf gun.  We had just bought Nerf guns for a Christmas present to our kids.  We had a few "Nerf wars" around the house and she thought of this idea to have my ass in the air so she could try to hit me in the balls with the Nerf dart.  I was surprised about this, but it seemed to fit into an FLR playtime nicely.

I suggested to my wife that it reminded me of a childhood game we played called "buns up".  In this game, the loser had to stand against a wall and the winners got a chance to throw a bouncy ball at their butt.  This being a more sophisticated fantasy, the weapon of choice is a Nerf gun, and the submissive husband is the one that takes the shots.

I really didn't know how much this might hurt.  Shots to the body don't really hurt much but what would a direct - intentional - shot to the balls feel like?

The deadly aim and fierce determination of a female warrior intent on nailing a "balls eye"
She teased me throughout the day about our planned torture session.  We had a crazy day running people around yesterday, and we actually had some time where we could have a little privacy to ourselves.  We ran upstairs and gave Suzy a "quickie" orgasm.  It was really nice.  Suzy has denied me orgasm since Tuesday night.  I tried to find a blogger "gadget" where we could track our orgasms but no luck so far.  Since her period finished, Suzy has had 6 orgasms and I have had one.  I am not sure when she will allow me to come again.

As we were getting ready to put the kids to bed, I was checking out something on yahoo about Kate Middleton's royal wedding.  I don't normally get into British royalty stuff, but I did watch Diana's wedding and I suppose I was just curious about how this one might be different.  At any rate, I was apparently enthralled in this reading, and Suzy came in and fired a shot with the Nerf gun that nearly hit me and did scare the crap out of me.  I scare easily, but this had the added complication of being a tease and a preview of what my genitals were going to face during our adult playtime.  I got nervous.

Suzy's weapon of choice, transformed from child toy into an implement of cock and ball torture
I rubbed Suzy's feet the entire time we watched DH.  Once we had finished, we were ready to go upstairs for me to face the firing squad.  I laid across our Liberator ramp pillow in preparation for my fate.  Suzy came in and giggled, locked the door, and then complained that I wasn't naked.  I stripped down.  I also had out some toys: the crop, the paddle, the Wartenberg wheel, and the Nerf gun.

It had been a long time since we played with the crop and the paddle.  I enjoyed it.  They feel great when she moves them gently up my butt crack and then smacks my hanging balls gently.  She got out the paddle and said she wanted to make an impression on my ass (the paddle is pink and has an elevated heart pattern on it).  She said that she made my butt red.  I enjoyed the spanking.  She then played with the Wartenberg wheel.  I enjoyed that.  The pressure she puts into it is key to the sensation I get.  A light pressure feels great.  A firmer pressure brings in a little bit of pain.  By the time she was done with these tortures, I was dripping pre-cum everywhere.

Then it was time for the target practice.  I think we were both a little nervous about this.  I had my ass in the air, balls hanging down.  Suzy complimented me on my large balls and said that they would be a nice big target for her to shoot at.  The first few shots were aimed at my ass.  There was a big anticipation component to this game, as I was blindfolded and facing away from her and I couldn't tell when she was going to shoot.  The Nerf guns have a fair amount of misfires, so general noises don't necessarily mean that a shot was fired.  She got to become more and more comfortable shooting at me and then I could tell she was seriously aiming for my nuts.  Her aim improved to the point where she was reliably nailing me in the balls.  The pain wasn't as severe as I thought it would be, but it was startling to get a direct hit.  These guns aren't uniform in their pressure and from time to time, you get a more powerful shot that can hurt.

This session was arousing.  I enjoyed the submissive feeling of kneeling with my ass and balls in the air, awaiting her torture.  I enjoyed Suzy's enthusiasm and her explicit statements about her wanting to hit me in the balls.  As she was getting shots to my balls repeatedly, she kept bragging about how good an aim she had.  What a sexy hunter!

It was a fun night.  She seemed to indicate that she wanted to do this again sometime.  She enjoyed it and it made me feel very submissive to her.

We finished the evening with a very nice orgasm for her.

Texas Female Hunter
Was there any doubt, the end result would be female victory?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Playing Chicken

Suzy and I went out to dinner recently and we were served by a really young waiter.  Immediately after he came to ask for drink orders, I thought "wow, Suzy is going to find him 'cute'".  Sure enough, she mouthed to me that she thought he was hot.  It seems a bit on the weird side that I can predict which men my wife will find attractive: "Hey honey, check that guy out!"

She coyly mentioned something about "seeing if he is interested".  Wow.  I realize that Suzy understands that I find the thought of having another man - a younger man - into our sex life is a turn on for me.  She teases me about it from time to time, and I find it very arousing.  Sometimes I wonder to what extent she is verbally teasing me and to what extent she is really interested in acting out this fantasy.  Are we "playing chicken"?

I fantasize about placing an ad to find a "playmate" for us.  I am most aroused by her playing with a younger guy with a bigger dick than I have.  Theoretically (or, legally, lol!), Suzy could play with a cock half her age.  I guess I am aroused by the notion that she is trying out something different than me.  I would imagine that would be a big ego boost for her to have sex with a young stud.

I don't want to freak Suzy out about this.  It's been a fantasy more lately and she hasn't really given me much feedback.  Would she really want to try it?  What would she want to do?  Where do we find a guy she would like to have sex with?

Hmmm... hubby on the left or"friend with benefit" on the right... which will she choose - or does she "want it all"? 

I received a comment in a recent post about what Suzy would do with two cocks, standing at attention.  Would she deny one (me) or both?  She didn't really say much about that.  I could go either way, as long as the "sex is for her pleasure".  I suppose things would totally depend on her comfort level.

Here is one scenario.  We place a personal ad describing what we she is looking for.  We exchange a few emails to make sure we are looking for the same thing.  Then we meet for drinks.  If she is turned on to it, we set up a meeting.  Perhaps we play some game of strip poker, but leave the odds in her favor so that the men are sure to get naked - and her more comfortable - first.  Then we start with the foreplay.  I would enjoy going down on her while she plays with the new cock manually (orally?).  When she feels comfortable, we would allow the young stud to penetrate her with a condom.  The key would be that the sex is for her pleasure and whatever she says goes.

Another thing I've thought of is maybe looking for another couple.  There is a term called "soft swap" where each couple has sex with their own partner, but in the same room with the other couple.  That would be a way to ease into it, so to speak.  Perhaps if we both are interested, we could allow for the other husband to have sex with Suzy.  Suzy said that she is not interested in me having sex with another woman, but perhaps there are some things she'd be ok with (fingering?  cunnilingus?  use of a vibrator?).  Although this isn't exactly "cuckolding" in the most common sense, a married couple has the advantage that they would (likely) be STD free and maybe even the other husband would be snipped like me (which would be a big relief for me).  Not sure if Suzy would be ok with that, but it's potentially a "safer" option.

*  *  *  *  *

At any rate, this could be something that we simply fantasize about, or something we look into further.  I am hoping to get her comments about it.  A poster on a FLR forum I frequent suggested that men interested in cuckolding get start slowly by using a large dildo as "the other dick" in an effort to get a feel it.  The feeldoe we have is MUCH bigger than my cock, so maybe that is something to try.  Unfortunately, she hasn't pegged me yet, but that's another post....

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sex for the wife's pleasure

I turned in early last night, mainly because I was tired from work (pretty emotional work week) and feeling so-so.  I usually have a hard time sleeping without her mainly because I think that she will wake me when she eventually gets into bed.  However, I did fall asleep.

I was woken by her touching my body passionately.  I started waking and I tried to stimulate her back.  She aggressively worked me over, going straight for my cock.  She took my shorts off and got between my legs and gave me a very sensual blowjob.  She simultaneously squeezed my balls in a pleasant, firm manner.  The sensations were great.  After a while, she mounted me and inserted my cock in her wet pussy.  She began riding me in the "wife on top" position.  What a treat!

I was really turned on by her taking charge.  She was turned on, and wanted sex.  I enjoyed the sensations of her controlling the penetration.  I enjoy watching her and listening to the progression of her breathing as she gets closer and closer to orgasm.  She climaxed spectacularly, and then relaxed into my chest, breathing heavily from her "workout".  I could tell she had a great orgasm and was basking in the pleasure from the sex.  She jokingly said "wow, I won't need to exercise if I did this more often".

She moved away from me and said "ok, I hope you can sleep now - I know I will."  I was still rock hard and aroused from Suzy's erotic lovemaking.  I reached over to cuddle her and massage her back and kiss her.  I wasn't sure: was she joking, or was she satisfied with her spectacular orgasm and wanted to feel my still hard dick against her as she fell asleep?  She soon made that clear, that I was not having an orgasm tonight, and gave many quotable comments in case there was any doubt:

"You don't need to come tonight; you had had an orgasm last night."
"Wow, you're still hard.  It will go down in a few minutes."
"Unlock the door after you get dressed."
"I can't wait to read about tonight on your blog."
"This has all been a dream."
"Good night."

*  *  *  *  *

I wonder what turned her on so much to initiate sex like that and deny me.  We had sex the other night (first night after her period) and it was very satisfying.  I wonder what she might have in mind for tomorrow...

Wife on top is definitely my favorite position, for reasons I described above.  I have very good endurance and it is the only position that she has been able to climax from without external stimuli.  Wife on top sex is definitely sex for the wife's pleasure!
Sleeping wife, insomniac husband