Saturday, February 26, 2011

Taking an interest in spanking

I must admit, that after reading a fair amount of submissive male forums and blogs, I was not that interested in the practice of spanking or "discipline".  I think it had to do with that we (rarely) spanked our children and I thought I would have a hard time associating my wife spanking me as a pleasurable sex act versus an regrettable disciplinary act.

That seems to be changing.

As I mentioned in a recent post, we have played with cock and ball torture quite a bit.  Suzy has a few "weapons" at her disposal in addition to the most common implement on my balls, her hands.  She has a riding crop that can be used to direct some light smacking to my genitals.  She also has a pink paddle (I think it has hearts on it ~ seems somewhat ironic to have such a feminine paddle to use against me!) that she has used on my ass (and, she finds a way to work it to my balls also).  My last purchase at our local sex shop was a "cane" that we have not played with yet.  I suspect of all the implements, that has the potential to hurt the most.  And, many "spanking bloggers" seem to be fascinated with a woman's hairbrush as a spanking implement.  I'm pretty sure she has that, too.
The fiendish hairbrush!

I am a bit surprised that I do enjoy this... a lot.  Most of the spankings directed at my ass serve as warm-ups for cock and ball torture.  I enjoy the submissive nature of the positioning: having my ass in the air, head down, and my genitals also exposed via my well spread legs.  I can't tell what she is going to do... and the surprise/suspense is quite exciting to me.  I think it's mostly psychological again, willingly submitting to her and allowing her to have her way with my body.

I had a pretty vivid fantasy lately of a longer spanking session.  I was totally naked and she was fully clothed.  I enjoy the vulnerability that that dynamic provides.  At any rate, I bent over on her lap and she had a number of tools to implement on my ass.  I spread my legs such that my balls were exposed; I doubt she could keep her hands away from them for that long.

I think she enjoys spanking me, but as I said before, it generally is a warmup for the main event, ball torture.  I have discussed wanting to explore spanking with Suzy, and she didn't seem appalled by the idea.  I am hoping we can have a "spanking" good time tonight!  We shall see!

I guess the wife wanted to "capture" the tone she inflicted on her subhub!


  1. My wife knows that I like spanking.

    She has spanked me with her bare hands on my bare backside. This is a sexial stimulation for me. It stings but does not hurt so much as to be a downer in the sexual area.

    For punishment whe whips me with a piece of electrical chord that has the ends cut off. It hurts a lot but does not make much noise. It is done over a pair of boxers. I did this because I figured if she saw any damage she would stop and also so as to distance punishment from sexual stimulation. I have asked her to make it hurt and that I want it to be painful. Before and after I am really turned on and it makes me feel submissive and want to help her and support the family. While it is happening I am totally focussed on withstanding the pain and it is painful. I got the can a fair bit at school probably at least once a term (3-6 times a year) and it really really hurt and left dark bruises. This whipping is more painful than my memories of being caned. Not withsatnding this, I would still love my wife to cane me although I think that is while away.

  2. Submanhub,
    Thanks for the comment. My wife said "no spanks" to the fantasy of spanking. Haha! I love a bad pun. Sorry for that.
    I don't know if she is opposed to it or not in the mood, or we have just been too busy - or a combination. We shall see...