Saturday, February 5, 2011

The objectification of men

There is a human being with feelings, hopes, and dreams attached to this cock... what a second, maybe it's just a piece of man meat with the sole purpose of satisfying a woman's sexual cravings.
Many of my private fantasies lately have centered around my interest in bringing another male into our marital bed.  A combination of things Suzy does makes me thing about it more.  I suspect they are unconscious, but that's what this blog is about, expressing my feelings and thoughts and fantasies for my wife.  Let me explain:
  • My wife has developed a bit of a kink for erections.  She seems genuinely upset with me when we are in bed (whether or not we are playing) and I am not hard.  Fortunately for me, I usually am erect around her.  This "fetish for hard cock" makes me wonder about her reaction to having two sexually excited men in her presence, both hard cocks telling her that she is sexually desirable.  A submissive hubby craves to know... how would she react to a "two cock salute"?
  • My Suzy states as her main reason for denying me orgasms that she enjoys the attention that she gets from me when she doesn't allow me to come.  There seems to be a plausible scientific explanation for this, related to the biological impact from a male orgasm; the stereotypical man wants to sleep and women want to cuddle.  My perverted mind races and, knowing that she likes cock and penetration, what would it be like to have a "friend with benefits" provide the sex she needs but keeping me teased and denied to satisfy her need for her hubby's attention and focus?  The "stunt cock" would effectively fuck her silly but she would have a horny husband to cuddle and follow her around like a puppy dog.
  • It is time for her annual "beef fest" in which she will go for a "charity fundraiser" that involves very fit, semi-nude men from a particular profession.  I doubt that many husbands are too keen on their wives going to such an event.  The "turnabout is fair play" equivalent would be for me and the guys to go to a bikini contest.  Technically there's no nudity, but very fit "models" parading around in half naked with their six packs out, for female gratification.  I am certain that Suzy would not want me to go to a bikini revue.  Last year, she asked for my permission, and I found it to be extremely erotic for her to go.  I think she sexted me a bit about the "hot men" she was checking out, and she got some of them to autograph stuff for her.  She very erotically denied me after she got home - she really had me worked up that I was going to get some action and she very unexpectedly told me she wanted me to stop penetrating her and she didn't want me to come.  Well, this year, she didn't ask to go, she just made plans and... she's going.  I asked her about that (receiving my permission) and she kinda rolled her eyes at me.  I don't know where her head was with that: either "come on, you enjoy me looking at these men almost as much as I do"; or "please, I don't need your permission to check out some grade A male meat".
I have blogged about this before, and we kind of left it with "where would we find another man for her to have sex with".  I don't doubt that searching for a suitable playmate would be hard.  I am not sure what her thoughts are on this.  It is scary but exciting to me.  A participate on "She Makes the rules" stated that instead of getting involved with another man, it is possible to "simulate" cuckolding by using a large dildo on her as the "foreign cock".  I am interested what she thinks about this.

*  *  *  *  *
Perhaps in years past, I would be jealous of this extra-hubby activity.  I don't know.  I guess I enjoy her being free to express herself and her sexuality.  Maybe she always wanted to look or try out other men but repressed it as "perverted".  Believe me, nobody's more perverted than me.  Our sex life has really opened up lately, and it is refreshing to feel like our communication is open enough to discuss our innermost fantasies.  I do feel very submissive to her when I am naked in the bedroom and await for her entry into the marital bed.  I crave her touch and wonder if she is going to gratify me, and to what extent.


  1. Wow.... what exciting thoughts! That beef fest event... I'll bet she'll be looking carefully at the merchandise, anyway!
    Geez, I LOVE that pic...too fricking funny!! :D

  2. Hi Weave,
    I thought the photo was hilarious. Not sure what Mrs. Rooster is going to say about it. It reminded me of a scene in the Tom Hanks film "Bachelor Party" where the women are at a male strip club and the groom pays a well endowed chipendales type stripper to use his endowment as a "meat" in a sandwich as a gag. I believe the mother of the bride takes a look at the serving tray and she says "is it a foot long?" and then he says "and then some" and then she finally reaches for it and realizes what it is.

  3. Your first point: "My wife has developed a bit of a kink for erections," made me wonder... If my wife had two cocks saluting her would she enjoy one and deny the other, have both or keep both of them denied and hard?

  4. I hope that you let your readers know how her "beef fest" turns out.

    As for the cuckolding, you might want to be careful.sometimes fantasies dont turn out great in reality.But you and her are grown adults.So im sure that you can make your own choices

    Im guessing that it wouldnt take much to encourage her to enjoy these type of events more.Maybe you should use Google and see if there are any other similiar events coming soon to your area. Maybe you could buy tickets for her as a gift.Or even buy a few tickets. So she can go with some of her girlfriends .Many of those type of things are for charity. So the money for the tickets would go to a good cause.

    Im willing to bet that there;s also videos of these types of events for sale online. For many years women had to cook and fetch beers for thier husabnds and his friends while they watched football on Sunday.Why not fetch drinks for her and her friends while they watch a "beef fest " video?Or fix them a simple meal to enjoy while watching the video.Or fixing them a meal before or after the beef fest?? Im sure that no one would think it strange unless you were overly servile[ like calling her "mistress" in front of her friends ]Im betting that you might enjoy it as much as they do

    Im just curious.Do you do any chores for her while she goes to her beef fests[like laundry,dishes,ect].Or does she ask/tell you to do any. Im sure that you have thought of this already.But if you cleaned the house from top to bottom while she was drooling over the '"beef", then it might add an extra bit of pleasure to boh of your's experience. She would get to see some nice "beef" and get a clean house to go home to .And you would get a chance to be submissive on many different levels

    If your house is already clean. You cold even volunteer for a local womans organisation for the day.I once helped a local womens organisation by volunteering to put sheetrock up at a Woman's Shelter. Not only did it help a good cause.But i got to be ordered about all day by the women.And they defintly seemed to enjoy ordering a man like me about.Even if you dont do construction, theres plenty of other ways to help local woman orieted organisations or charities

  5. Naked: I don't know what she would do with two cocks. While I really really would like Suzy to make comments on the blog, I don't think she's going to; however, she makes verbal comments about half the time. Unfortunately, she didn't really say much about this particular post. I fantasize about it a fair amount, and just about any scenario is hot for me.
    Bob: I don't see us ever acting out the fantasy, but she does verbally bring it up sometimes during playtimes, and it is pretty arousing to me.
    This is her second time going to a "beef fest". I have to take care of the children, and if I have energy I usually clean up around the house. I have served her friends drinks (one time while locked in a chastity belt -- HOT!) as part of a pre party. I think it would be pretty fun to liquor them up before hand. Perhaps Suzy will arrange for them to carpool and have our house be the meeting place.
    There is no nudity in where they are going, but it would turn me on to see how she would react to full frontal nudity. Would she grab at him? What parts? I'm not sure what would dominate: embarrasment or excitement. Perhaps a lap dance is in her future.