Friday, February 11, 2011

Erections Part II

<please note that this is a post I wrote several months ago and, for reasons that aren't obvious to me, I never "published".  Some of the timing may seem rather strange, but it is a true account of some playtime that happened between us.>

Unfortunately, we haven't had any adult playtime lately. I was hoping that we would get together last night but I fell asleep putting a child to bed. Or, that's the story from Suzy's perspective. She has been teasing me about delaying any sex play for a while. Suzy and I were texting today and she mentioned that she likes me to be frustrated and she likes to feel my erections against her body as we cuddle to get to sleep and as we are waking up. I guess that's her preference. I enjoy the frustration of watching her in orgasmic bliss and then leaving it up to her to decide if I come or not.

Suzy played a surprise game on me recently. She had me lie down on my stomach naked as she prepared for bed and for our playtime. She tied me up with our under the bed restraint system. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to be tied up. That is perhaps my favorite kink. More on that later.

I was spread eagle restrained on our bed and she told me to keep my head down. She had a surprise and she didn't want me to "cheat" at what it was. I submitted. She came in and complained that I wasn't hard enough for her. I should be erect for her in order to honor her sexiness. She stimulated my cock for a while and then I was hard. She got out the Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator and brought herself to an orgasm. I have a fetish for Suzy's orgasms. They are awesome. More on that later. After she was done and teased me about what a great orgasm she had, she noted that I was still erect, indicating I was giving her the respect she demands. She then started giggling to herself and messing around with something.

She said something like "I have the power to make you hard and the power to make you soft; I control your cock", and then she placed some ice on my cock and balls. It was cold (obviously) and even though I was so aroused, the ice overcame my erection. I became soft again. She giggled some more and then teased me for not being hard. "You must be hard in my presence", she said, taking the ice off and stimulating my cock to an erection.

The memorable part of the evening was how she confidently stated that she had full control of my cock. She makes me hard from her sexiness and she can make me soft. What a night!

Well, I can&#8217;t think of any other way to get rid of this pesky erection, can you? Easy now, boy, I told you playtime&#8217;s over.
Suzy has always had the ability to get me erect; she tried out the power to make me soft... and liked it!
Ice, Ice, Baby!

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