Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ball Torture: Taking it like a man

I haven't posted in a while; I guess "life gets in the way" and it has been a tough month for sex and posting on the blog.  I was sick a bit and this really has cramped my style...

At any rate, my most popular post remains "cock and ball torture" from November 10.  I suppose that the simplicity of the post title may have drawn more hits to it and there must be a fair amount of interest in that subject.  For some time, CBT was one of our most common sex acts.  Just about every time we "played" Suzy tortured me "down there".  While I refer to it as cock and ball torture, the brunt of the torture is focused on my balls.  During these sessions, I position myself such that she has the easiest access to torment my nuts and I close my eyes and "enjoy" it.  We are both puzzled about this "fetish".  I enjoy the feeling of letting go and allowing her to do whatever she wants to me.  I think it's mostly psychological.  I think she likes the power exchange, knowing that she can control me by controlling my genitals.

It certainly seems counter intuitive.  At any rate, it's something we both enjoy and practiced a fair amount.  We had a bit of a hiatus from kinky sex and I really started to miss the CBT.  I asked her about it recently, and she gave me a good session on my balls.  I actually opened my eyes and watched her squeezing and slapping my nuts.  I was pretty amazed at how rough she was!  She used one hand to squeeze (hard) my scrotum above the testes, exposing them.  With the other, she slapped - hard - my completely exposed testicles.  I was floored.  Suzy is a mild mannered, easy going person.  But she was dominating my balls like nobody's business.

I regularly watch SpikeTV, and I particularly enjoy the shows "Manswers" and "1000 Ways to Die".  I am a pretty conservative person (like Suzy) but I do enjoy crass humor, mainly related to either sex or human stupidity.  At any rate, a recent episode of Manswers posed the question: how can a dude increase his pain tolerance?  And the answer was essentially, by fantasizing about sex, your pain tolerance can double.  In the video, the bar fight dude fantasizing about a threesome, but the point is clear that my ability to withstand such a brutal assault on "my boys" is because I am very sexually aroused during these sessions.  I am sure that if she snuck up on me in the shower and abused me like she does in the bedroom, I would be screaming bloody murder.  So there you have it.  An explanation around my ability to withstand CBT, from the raunchy show "Manswers".

Here is the clip:

Manswers explanation on pain tolerance

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