Saturday, February 26, 2011

Taking an interest in spanking

I must admit, that after reading a fair amount of submissive male forums and blogs, I was not that interested in the practice of spanking or "discipline".  I think it had to do with that we (rarely) spanked our children and I thought I would have a hard time associating my wife spanking me as a pleasurable sex act versus an regrettable disciplinary act.

That seems to be changing.

As I mentioned in a recent post, we have played with cock and ball torture quite a bit.  Suzy has a few "weapons" at her disposal in addition to the most common implement on my balls, her hands.  She has a riding crop that can be used to direct some light smacking to my genitals.  She also has a pink paddle (I think it has hearts on it ~ seems somewhat ironic to have such a feminine paddle to use against me!) that she has used on my ass (and, she finds a way to work it to my balls also).  My last purchase at our local sex shop was a "cane" that we have not played with yet.  I suspect of all the implements, that has the potential to hurt the most.  And, many "spanking bloggers" seem to be fascinated with a woman's hairbrush as a spanking implement.  I'm pretty sure she has that, too.
The fiendish hairbrush!

I am a bit surprised that I do enjoy this... a lot.  Most of the spankings directed at my ass serve as warm-ups for cock and ball torture.  I enjoy the submissive nature of the positioning: having my ass in the air, head down, and my genitals also exposed via my well spread legs.  I can't tell what she is going to do... and the surprise/suspense is quite exciting to me.  I think it's mostly psychological again, willingly submitting to her and allowing her to have her way with my body.

I had a pretty vivid fantasy lately of a longer spanking session.  I was totally naked and she was fully clothed.  I enjoy the vulnerability that that dynamic provides.  At any rate, I bent over on her lap and she had a number of tools to implement on my ass.  I spread my legs such that my balls were exposed; I doubt she could keep her hands away from them for that long.

I think she enjoys spanking me, but as I said before, it generally is a warmup for the main event, ball torture.  I have discussed wanting to explore spanking with Suzy, and she didn't seem appalled by the idea.  I am hoping we can have a "spanking" good time tonight!  We shall see!

I guess the wife wanted to "capture" the tone she inflicted on her subhub!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ball Torture: Taking it like a man

I haven't posted in a while; I guess "life gets in the way" and it has been a tough month for sex and posting on the blog.  I was sick a bit and this really has cramped my style...

At any rate, my most popular post remains "cock and ball torture" from November 10.  I suppose that the simplicity of the post title may have drawn more hits to it and there must be a fair amount of interest in that subject.  For some time, CBT was one of our most common sex acts.  Just about every time we "played" Suzy tortured me "down there".  While I refer to it as cock and ball torture, the brunt of the torture is focused on my balls.  During these sessions, I position myself such that she has the easiest access to torment my nuts and I close my eyes and "enjoy" it.  We are both puzzled about this "fetish".  I enjoy the feeling of letting go and allowing her to do whatever she wants to me.  I think it's mostly psychological.  I think she likes the power exchange, knowing that she can control me by controlling my genitals.

It certainly seems counter intuitive.  At any rate, it's something we both enjoy and practiced a fair amount.  We had a bit of a hiatus from kinky sex and I really started to miss the CBT.  I asked her about it recently, and she gave me a good session on my balls.  I actually opened my eyes and watched her squeezing and slapping my nuts.  I was pretty amazed at how rough she was!  She used one hand to squeeze (hard) my scrotum above the testes, exposing them.  With the other, she slapped - hard - my completely exposed testicles.  I was floored.  Suzy is a mild mannered, easy going person.  But she was dominating my balls like nobody's business.

I regularly watch SpikeTV, and I particularly enjoy the shows "Manswers" and "1000 Ways to Die".  I am a pretty conservative person (like Suzy) but I do enjoy crass humor, mainly related to either sex or human stupidity.  At any rate, a recent episode of Manswers posed the question: how can a dude increase his pain tolerance?  And the answer was essentially, by fantasizing about sex, your pain tolerance can double.  In the video, the bar fight dude fantasizing about a threesome, but the point is clear that my ability to withstand such a brutal assault on "my boys" is because I am very sexually aroused during these sessions.  I am sure that if she snuck up on me in the shower and abused me like she does in the bedroom, I would be screaming bloody murder.  So there you have it.  An explanation around my ability to withstand CBT, from the raunchy show "Manswers".

Here is the clip:

Manswers explanation on pain tolerance

Friday, February 11, 2011

Erections Part II

<please note that this is a post I wrote several months ago and, for reasons that aren't obvious to me, I never "published".  Some of the timing may seem rather strange, but it is a true account of some playtime that happened between us.>

Unfortunately, we haven't had any adult playtime lately. I was hoping that we would get together last night but I fell asleep putting a child to bed. Or, that's the story from Suzy's perspective. She has been teasing me about delaying any sex play for a while. Suzy and I were texting today and she mentioned that she likes me to be frustrated and she likes to feel my erections against her body as we cuddle to get to sleep and as we are waking up. I guess that's her preference. I enjoy the frustration of watching her in orgasmic bliss and then leaving it up to her to decide if I come or not.

Suzy played a surprise game on me recently. She had me lie down on my stomach naked as she prepared for bed and for our playtime. She tied me up with our under the bed restraint system. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to be tied up. That is perhaps my favorite kink. More on that later.

I was spread eagle restrained on our bed and she told me to keep my head down. She had a surprise and she didn't want me to "cheat" at what it was. I submitted. She came in and complained that I wasn't hard enough for her. I should be erect for her in order to honor her sexiness. She stimulated my cock for a while and then I was hard. She got out the Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator and brought herself to an orgasm. I have a fetish for Suzy's orgasms. They are awesome. More on that later. After she was done and teased me about what a great orgasm she had, she noted that I was still erect, indicating I was giving her the respect she demands. She then started giggling to herself and messing around with something.

She said something like "I have the power to make you hard and the power to make you soft; I control your cock", and then she placed some ice on my cock and balls. It was cold (obviously) and even though I was so aroused, the ice overcame my erection. I became soft again. She giggled some more and then teased me for not being hard. "You must be hard in my presence", she said, taking the ice off and stimulating my cock to an erection.

The memorable part of the evening was how she confidently stated that she had full control of my cock. She makes me hard from her sexiness and she can make me soft. What a night!

Well, I can&#8217;t think of any other way to get rid of this pesky erection, can you? Easy now, boy, I told you playtime&#8217;s over.
Suzy has always had the ability to get me erect; she tried out the power to make me soft... and liked it!
Ice, Ice, Baby!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The objectification of men

There is a human being with feelings, hopes, and dreams attached to this cock... what a second, maybe it's just a piece of man meat with the sole purpose of satisfying a woman's sexual cravings.
Many of my private fantasies lately have centered around my interest in bringing another male into our marital bed.  A combination of things Suzy does makes me thing about it more.  I suspect they are unconscious, but that's what this blog is about, expressing my feelings and thoughts and fantasies for my wife.  Let me explain:
  • My wife has developed a bit of a kink for erections.  She seems genuinely upset with me when we are in bed (whether or not we are playing) and I am not hard.  Fortunately for me, I usually am erect around her.  This "fetish for hard cock" makes me wonder about her reaction to having two sexually excited men in her presence, both hard cocks telling her that she is sexually desirable.  A submissive hubby craves to know... how would she react to a "two cock salute"?
  • My Suzy states as her main reason for denying me orgasms that she enjoys the attention that she gets from me when she doesn't allow me to come.  There seems to be a plausible scientific explanation for this, related to the biological impact from a male orgasm; the stereotypical man wants to sleep and women want to cuddle.  My perverted mind races and, knowing that she likes cock and penetration, what would it be like to have a "friend with benefits" provide the sex she needs but keeping me teased and denied to satisfy her need for her hubby's attention and focus?  The "stunt cock" would effectively fuck her silly but she would have a horny husband to cuddle and follow her around like a puppy dog.
  • It is time for her annual "beef fest" in which she will go for a "charity fundraiser" that involves very fit, semi-nude men from a particular profession.  I doubt that many husbands are too keen on their wives going to such an event.  The "turnabout is fair play" equivalent would be for me and the guys to go to a bikini contest.  Technically there's no nudity, but very fit "models" parading around in half naked with their six packs out, for female gratification.  I am certain that Suzy would not want me to go to a bikini revue.  Last year, she asked for my permission, and I found it to be extremely erotic for her to go.  I think she sexted me a bit about the "hot men" she was checking out, and she got some of them to autograph stuff for her.  She very erotically denied me after she got home - she really had me worked up that I was going to get some action and she very unexpectedly told me she wanted me to stop penetrating her and she didn't want me to come.  Well, this year, she didn't ask to go, she just made plans and... she's going.  I asked her about that (receiving my permission) and she kinda rolled her eyes at me.  I don't know where her head was with that: either "come on, you enjoy me looking at these men almost as much as I do"; or "please, I don't need your permission to check out some grade A male meat".
I have blogged about this before, and we kind of left it with "where would we find another man for her to have sex with".  I don't doubt that searching for a suitable playmate would be hard.  I am not sure what her thoughts are on this.  It is scary but exciting to me.  A participate on "She Makes the rules" stated that instead of getting involved with another man, it is possible to "simulate" cuckolding by using a large dildo on her as the "foreign cock".  I am interested what she thinks about this.

*  *  *  *  *
Perhaps in years past, I would be jealous of this extra-hubby activity.  I don't know.  I guess I enjoy her being free to express herself and her sexuality.  Maybe she always wanted to look or try out other men but repressed it as "perverted".  Believe me, nobody's more perverted than me.  Our sex life has really opened up lately, and it is refreshing to feel like our communication is open enough to discuss our innermost fantasies.  I do feel very submissive to her when I am naked in the bedroom and await for her entry into the marital bed.  I crave her touch and wonder if she is going to gratify me, and to what extent.