Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vivid dream: locking ceremony

I seldom remember my dreams, so when I do it is usually a good thing.

As I've written before, we have a CB-6000 male chastity cage and have had some really hot times playing with it.  Suzy has decided that she does not want to play with it anymore because she does not like the feel of the plastic cage against her when she falls asleep.  She much prefers - some might even say requires - that my erection pokes against her as she is falling asleep.  She allows me to be caged under two circumstances: when I am unable to have the self discipline not to masturbate (being locked is preferable to jerking off); and when she and I are apart.

The latter case, where she and I sleep apart, is very rare.  There are two opportunities for that this year: she is going as a chaperone for an overnight (I'm not sure how many days) event for a child sometime in April or May, and she is going out of state to celebrate a girlfriend's Big 4-0.  Based on prior discussions with Suzy, my guess is that I will be locked up for these events.

My dream involved a formal chastity lockup ceremony.  The night before she is to leave, I would shave/trim myself and put the cage on but leaving the padlock itself unlocked.  I would present her with the key and she would say:

I am locking your cock, my property, in this male chastity device to make sure that you remain pure and chaste while I am away.  While I am gone, I expect you to think about me and strain to become erect in this cage frequently.  The incomplete erections you get are reminders that I am in control of this cock and you will not have an orgasm while I am away.  I expect that when I return, you will be extra horny and ready to please me.  I want to affirm that I have the freedom to orgasm and you do not.  As a reminder of my sexual liberty and your sexual submission to me, I am locking you up....

<and with that she closes the padlock on my chastity cage and she places the key around her neck>

... and now require that you bring me to orgasm with your tongue!

With that, she motioned me to lay down on the bed, and she straddles my face for me to service her until she climaxes.

One last pat goodbye before he goes off to work.

Indispensable pour tous les hommes. A vérifier chaque matin avant de partir travailler.
When we played with the chastity device, it really turned me on for her to snap the lock and to tease me with the key

*  *  *  *  *
I am obviously very horny and I am hoping that we can play tonight!  I doubt in either case where we are apart she would masturbate... but a submissive husband can dream!  My Suzy doesn't masturbate per se (why would she, she has me for that!) but sometimes she gets herself off in the shower.  I would love to shower together to see how she does it, but she hides this act from me.  Sometimes she will merely state: I had a long shower this morning... a euphemism that she has had an aqua-orgasm.

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