Monday, January 24, 2011

Stepping up her control of my orgasms

We had some discussion as to her experiment with ruined orgasms.  I don't know what she expected but it appeared that since she observed a fair amount of ejaculate, that I had a "normal" orgasm.  I did not.  I had an achy feeling in my balls since I was not satisfied from the ruined one.  I asked her if we could have sex, and she said that she was not interested but would "take care of me".  I then asked if I could give her an orgasm and she said she didn't want one  but she would give me a handjob.  While I really wanted to see her climax, I was happy to go with a handjob if she was going to indulge that.

I got on the bed fully nude and waited for her.  She came in and we gently massaged each other.  It wasn't long before I was hard.  While she was jerking me off, we talked a little about the ruined orgasm.  She asked me questions and I answered as truthfully as I could.  I got that sense that she was going to give it another go - try to ruin this one to gather more intel on ruined orgasms.  She suggested that and then said that she wouldn't tonight.

She got me close to orgasm several times.  In the back of my mind, I was thinking that if I came really hard she would probably want to come herself.  That's happened a few times before, where she is turned on by my orgasm and changes her mind.  She was teasing me a lot, getting me close, then playing with my balls and then going really slowly on my cock.  It was really very pleasurable but she was obviously holding back on my climax.

After quite a bit of this teasing, she took her hand off my genitals, stood over me and said "I changed my mind.  I don't want you to orgasm, but I want to come now".  Wow.  I didn't see that coming!  I dutifully got up, shaking, and I asked her how she wanted to come.  She said she wanted the vibrator and I fumbled as fast as I could to get it out.  She had a tremendous orgasm, and I got my clothes on and cuddled her.  I did coax her into another orgasm later, but it didn't seem nearly as spectacular as the first.  She did a fair amount of verbal teasing about what a good orgasm she had and how she liked how affectionate I was when I was denied.

There you have it: I had a ruined/minimized orgasm, followed by an intense tease and denial session.  Not sure when I will come again!  Hoping we play tonight!

*  *  *  *  *

Incidentally, as she was cleaning our bedroom, she came across a few dice that we had used in our first foray into orgasm denial.  Not sure if I had posed on this before, but essentially, she rolled a die and I couldn't come until she had had that many orgasm.  As she put the dice away, she went out of her way to wave it by my face and smiled.  Perhaps that game will be on again.

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  1. I am like you. I release a lot of ejaculate when my wife ruins my orgasm but get little or not pleasure from it. Sometimes I am not even aware that it happened and my wife and I only discover the fact when she fells the wetness. She usually uses these occasions to feed me my semen since I am ultra horny and cannot taste or smell anything.

    Sometimes she will bring me to a real orgasm if she gets excited watching me lick my cum off of her fingers but other times, like last week, she just tells me to lock it up.

    After a year we have worked up to one orgasm a month unless there are special occasions involved. I will have another orgasm in mid August and then have to wait for two months for my next one. That is the test that my wife wants me to take to prove that I am serious about male chastity because I have called an end to it 3 times already when I wanted to cum. Like quitting smoking, I think that the third time may be the charm. You learn from your previous failures and figure out what the pitfalls are and how to handle them when they appear again.