Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ruined/Minimized Orgasm

Suzy had mentioned during a "pillow talk" session that she wanted to try "ruining" my orgasm.  She even went so far as to tell me that she wanted me to communicate to her when I am close to coming so that she would know.  This seems to be a common practice in the male chastity world to keep the male parts working but to deny the chaste male the pleasure of a complete release of orgasm.  I suspect she read about this on a male chastity forum.
In addition, Suzy was wearing her "denial" panties last night and I made a comment she didn't appreciate (unintentionally, but still, she was upset about it).  These three things: she wanted to experiment with this, she didn't want me to come, and I "misbehaved" should have clued me in that that's what was going to happen last night.

We started off with some cuddling and I kissed her some.  She was accepting of my affection (yay!) and she started to explore my body.  My heart skips a beat I get so excited when she caresses me.  The suspense of what stimulation she will give me has been mind blowing lately.  She started stroking my cock and I was trying to caress her back, but the pleasure I was getting made it hard for me to focus on her back.  She stroked my cock, pretty much the same as she would do with a regular handjob.  She kept going and I kept getting more and more aroused.  I told her I was getting close.  At one point, she stopped touching my cock and then she kind of sat up and I could tell she was smiling.  She was engaged in what she was doing, that's for sure.

She stroked me some more, still sitting up and providing a good deal of focus on what she was doing.  I told her I was about to come, and I felt the "point of no return" was imminent.  She let go of my cock just after I reached that point, and I ejaculated a pretty good quantity of semen.  But it wasn't that pleasurable and I know that I didn't have a "complete" orgasm.  It felt (my eyes were closed) like my cock was twitching uncontrollably in the air but I just didn't have that extra push to make it a pleasurable orgasm.  It felt good... the cock stimulation itself feels great.  It didn't hurt but it was really not satisfying.  After a regular orgasm, I really have no interest in sex and I am satiated.  I usually just clean up my mess and I cuddle Suzy and fall asleep holding her.  None of that happened.  I was wide awake and I was still horny... maybe a little less horny than before our session, but my libido didn't "crash" like it does post orgasm.
I expelled semen (ejaculated) but the orgasmic pleasure was not there

I wanted to give Suzy an orgasm after I cleaned up but she didn't want one.  Hopefully tonight!  I asked her about it a couple of times, and the only thing I got from her was that this was an experiment of sorts.  Perhaps she is evaluating my response between a flat out tease and denial versus a ruined or minimized orgasm.  I am not sure.

I have had unintentionally ruined orgasms before.  Suzy can fall asleep relatively easily and she has fallen asleep while giving me a hand job - at the moment of truth - before.  I was pretty frustrated at those times, but that was before we were playing with her being in charge of my cock.  I am curious to know her thoughts on this "experiment".


  1. What an interesting recounting. I'm sure She is learning some new tricks to use on you. Sorry you were still "amped up" last night after your ruined one. But it is what She wants. :)

  2. "I'm sure She is learning some new tricks to use on you."

    We didn't have a lot of time for feedback after this session. She went straight to sleep and I later learned that she thought that her "experiment" was a failure in the sense that because I ejaculated so much that I had a full orgasm. I was able to send her a text but it was some time before she saw this post. I think her expectation was that it would just dribble out meekly.

  3. woops, sorry I quoted you but didn't explain. I think that hit the nail on the head... she wanted to try the ruined orgasm route as a "tool" to use on me in the future, if she liked the effect. So, this was in fact an experiment and I was the errr guinea pig.