Saturday, January 22, 2011

Her favorite male concubine

Cleopatra being serviced by her favorite male concubine
 I am a bit of a history buff and I love role playing during sex.  Shall those two ever meet?  I hope so!  One fantasy I have is her being a ruler and me being a sex slave.  Good thing I came across this cartoon.  What I like about it is that the male slave is chained to the post right next to her throne.  That suggests he is one of her favorite slaves and that he is brought in for his oral services frequently.  I like how, even during the cunnilingus session, she maintains a firm grip on her ruling implements.  Heck, the one on her left looks like it could whip his ass is she is not happy with the tongue service!  He is kneeling before her, and clearly subservient, and he is naked and obviously aroused by his act of service to her.  Perhaps after she is through with him, his arms will go back to being restrained.

We had at times looked into getting some more role playing costumes.  In one of my prior posts, I mentioned that Suzy had a Catwoman outfit.  During that session, I was naked and had my hands tied up to a post in our basement.  I was "Batman" and was blindfolded.  She stimulated me and it drove me nuts that I couldn't tell where it was coming.  In fact, sensory deprivation is something I have been fantasizing a lot about.  I have shared my desire for her to gag me with our ball gag and then give me a torture session, with me just trusting that she will know how far to go.  I love being tied up and unable to move.

Back to the original topic, I definitely would like Suzy to wear some sort of Cleopatra outfit and perhaps me wearing some sort of handcuff of leash or something.  Costumes are very hot!  Let's see, she has a sexy pirate costume from a few Halloweens ago.... what else?  An Indian Princess?


  1. Nice... and great, NOW I finally know what those funny Egyptian ankhs were used for!! :D

  2. LOL! Well, that's what Suzy would probably use them for! Perhaps she would "Smack like an Egyptian" - my apologies to the Bangles!

  3. Im guessing that you could find a loin cloth at a costume store.and you could probably make one yourself pretty easily

    Theres a lot of talk on some blogs about FLR's being "kinky".But the fantasy of a toga-clad woman laying back and relaxing while a slave fans her or feeds her grapes is as old as togas.and many males have that fantasy in reverse,with slave girls doting on them.and many women fantisise being the slave girls.And many men[like yourself and us readers] fatisise about being the slave boy.

    Those sort of fantsies are about as normal as you can get. I remember when i was younger reading books on history which showed slave girls and slave boys in the classical Wolrd. I myself started to think how nice it would be to be the naked slave boy to a woman.

    i myself have never been into the pain aspect.But i have always loved images like the one that you posted a few weeks back.With a woman relaxing with a cigar while a naked hunk served her a tray of wine. I have always loved it when a woman casualy runs her fingers down my body,or another man's body , and treats them or me as a sex object

    I hope that you & your wife get to enjoy your Cleopatra fantasy.

  4. I need to orally sevice a beautiful, powerful queen. I would love to feel her stong thighs around my neck as i make out with her sex...