Thursday, December 29, 2011

Shameless Eye Candy for Suzy

I saw this ad while surfing other blogs. I thought Suzy would enjoy it; young men with firm bods that use their undies as a sort of weird kangaroo pouch. The "demo" at ~43 seconds seems painful to me, and I don't think I would eat that apple, lol.  Suzy has been teasing me about other men lately, which turns me on in my weird, submissive way, lol.

And speaking of sexy ads, I saw this ad in a men's fitness magazine while working out. This image turns me on!
HOT PHOTO!  I love how the woman is helping herself to his bod.
Is she teasing him, or about to get his last bit of clothing out of the way for him to pleasure her?
The ad makes me think of our dating days, when Suzy would reach into my pants, getting close to my genitals, and sometimes she would "accidentally" brush my cock, but only for a second.   I appreciate that now, even though at the time I was somewhat frustrated.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"I'm glad you got a vasectomy"

My domme wife ended my period of chastity of 22 days (without any lockup) following her 10th orgasm.  She teased me a bit about how many more orgasms she had and seemed a little conflicted about whether she should allow me release or not.  She enjoyed my throbbing cock against her body as she contemplated my fate.  She decided to give me a "thumbs up" (cocks up?) to have penetrative sex with her and to ejaculate inside her.  I got up to get some lube (since it had been some time since her orgasm, I thought that was best), and as I was putting it on my cock, she said, "I'm glad you got a vasectomy".  I was a little caught off guard by that comment.  Was that a compliment?  Was it meant to communicate that she enjoys worry free sex?  That's how I took it, and I do agree that putting the kabosh on my reproductive capability is liberating.

We were both satisfied after a long period
of male chastity
I penetrated her for longer than I had expected - given my long period of chastity - but I penetrated her VERY slowly.  I wanted to savor the time in her pussy.  After a while of this slow penetration, Suzy prodded me to speed things up.  She initiated dirty talking, which turned me on.  I finally came hard and I felt a supreme sense of relief in my loins.  It felt like I had a backlog of semen and that it was taking a while to clear it out.  Suzy never mentioned the load size and any subsequent oozing, like she normally does.  She did say that most of it came out as we were discussing my orgasm.
Afterword, Suzy said to me, "we'll have to do that more often to get you trained for better endurance".  I said that I would be up to that ;)  I definitely like that thought of Queen Suzy training me to better satisfy her sexually.  The theme of this session was very much about the enjoyment of penetrative sex.  We still have some time left in our vacation, so perhaps she can begin training me!

Queen Suzy can be like the crew captain in the front,
urging me to work harder to better cross the "finish line" of sex.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

My Queen has returned to the Femdom Blogosphere!!

Please check out her recent post.  I am proud and pleased that she has been reading my blog again, but was quite blown away that she posted on her blog.  Love that domme!

No, you may not cum on this or any other day! The Queen has spoken.
The Queen has spoken!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Uncertain Release Date; Quality of Orgasms

Suzy has a few options she's using to decide about my release date.

I am grateful that Queen Suzy has resumed reading my blog. She enjoys the recaps of our play times - and, I'm guessing, my analysis of the events. It does not appear that she will return to blogging or comment on my posts, but rather I might get some feedback from her verbally.

Yesterday was a bit chaotic.  She ran around doing errands and I had some work related stuff.  I was then rather tired, and tried to take a nap.  I didn't really fall asleep.  I am thinking of Suzy a ton lately.  It has been almost three weeks since I have climaxed.  To put in some context, my last orgasm was spectacular, after I had been thoroughly dominated by her - tied up and all.  Then, last minute items from work really picked up, and then Suzy had her period.  I have been subjected to heavy tease and denial for a little over a week now.  Suzy has mixed the teasing up nicely.  I don't believe she touched my cock last night (but she did squeeze my balls hard during her orgasm), but that was after the prior night where she allowed me to penetrate her pussy.  A big part of what I am enjoying about this sex play is the uncertainty.  Uncertainty of my release date, uncertainty of the teasing, uncertainty as to what she will wear, and uncertainty as to what she do and say during our play times.

She has been very vague and confusing about my (future) release date.  She has implied the following:

  • I will be released after she has gone into the "double digits" of female orgasms.  This itself is ambiguous, because it could mean as soon as she gets ten, I get released, or it could mean some vague time after she has reached ten.  I am not sure.
  • I will be released at Christmas, which should coincide with the double digit milestone (she is at 7 now).
  • I will be release at New Years'
  • I will be released after a month of chastity (which would be January 4 or so).
She breaks out a smile when she confuses me about this.  It's pretty clear that she enjoys the control and teasing me about it.

As she entered the bedchamber last night, I wasn't sure where her head was at.  I picked up on the fact that she seemed to be a little detached.  She confided in me that she had felt "blah" all day.  I do not believe she meant physically bad, but rather something was bothering her.  Perhaps this is something that she couldn't really put her finger on.  What followed surprised me.  At first, I was thinking this might mean a night of "her cuddling", meaning less sexual (perhaps no orgasm for her).  I was thankful that she responded to my caressing and that she seemed open to me fingering her.  In contrast to the prior sessions, she was not that wet, in spite of a fair amount of foreplay.  I wanted to finger her to an orgasm, but it just "didn't seem like it was going to happen".  So, I got out the Hitachi Magic Wand, she beckoned me to get in position for her to grab my genitals, and away we went.  What was surprising is that even though she didn't seem in a very sexy mood, she came HARD.  In fact, it seemed like one of the better orgasms she'd had lately, and that's saying a lot!  It was female orgasm nirvana: intense and long.  Just like I like them.  Just like she likes them.

In our afterglow conversation, she asked me about the ball squeezing during her climax.  She has been more aggressive with this lately.  She said, "I don't think about the pain anymore; when I am coming, I just want to bear down and squeeze hard."  I countered that I thought she does care about the pain, she seems to enjoy giving it to me.  The fact of the matter is, she has been rough on my boys lately, but it is a turn on for me.  I like the risk and I like that she is doing it during her orgasm.  I like the primal nature of it.  I've said this before, and I'll say it again: sex is a messy and violent act.  I think we should come up with a name for this particular sex act, since we do it so often.  It makes me think of when I was in high school, and I was driving around with my buds that took a turn really hard, we would grab on to the "oh shit bar" in the vehicle.

*  *  *  *  *
I need to get going.  The Quality of Orgasms piece is something that I have considered blogging about for a while.  What made me think of this topic was that even though Suzy seemed very "blah" she had a fantastic orgasm.  I have a pretty good idea as to what factors go into the quality of male orgasms.  I will blog about that next, unless something in our sex play takes preeminence over that (which, frankly, is likely).  My main thesis, however, will be that I don't notice much of a pattern as far as what improves Suzy's climaxes, whereas there are certain things that I think - as a general rule increase the odds that I will have an earth-shattering orgasm.  Not that I need to be worried about that anytime soon ;-)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mocking my cock, a (future) punishment, and pineapple juice

Suzy knows how to control her slave!
One thing I neglected to mention in my prior post was a new cock and ball torture that Suzy invented.  As I have blogged about before, it is pretty common for Suzy to grasp my cock or balls when I am using the vibrator for her orgasm.  The risk (to my genitals) that she will become enthralled in her pleasure and squeeze very hard is exciting to us both.  It adds a twist of irony to the proceedings that I think Suzy finds amusing.  While she is experiencing "curl her toes" orgasmic pleasure, I experience pain.  This is exciting for both of us because she really lets herself go, and can be quite rough with my man-bits.  She did so for her first orgasm Monday night, and she grabbed my scrotum really hard.  It was quite painful, but in a good way (for a masochist like myself). 

As she was basking in her orgasm, she "mocked my cock".  She retained her tight grip on my scrotum.  She pulled down hard, and joked "why won't this thing detach?".  She then used my scrotum as a "remote control" for my cock.  She was obviously amused that she could control the direction of my erect cock by forcefully moving my scrotum.  She had some impressive control ~ she pointed my erection downwards and upwards, and a little bit side-by-side ~ just from her grip on my scrotum.  It was kind of funny, and it definitely felt like she was using my genitals purely for her entertainment.  I recall when we were first married, she was so delicate with my genitals.  She is clearly enjoying exploring my limits and "manhandling" them now.
Suzy's new cock and ball torture felt like she was using
my scrotum as a cock remote control.  She was very
amused by this!

My Queen is off work this week, and I should have been too, had it not been for an unexpected event at work.  Such is life.  I have been trying to get up early while she rests peacefully in her slumber.  She informed me via text that she was not pleased that I did not prepare breakfast for her, and that I was to expect a punishment.  As her slave, I apologized and explained that I thought that she would prefer sleeping than being woken by breakfast in bed.  Well, I was wrong.  It appears that she has decided my punishment should be forced watching of a Chick Flick.  Something called New Year's Eve, which is (I am told) out in the theaters now.

My Queen bought some pineapple juice for me to prepare her cocktails.  I enjoy bartending generally, but she is a bit of a challenge in that most standard cocktails are too strong for her.  She wants cocktails that are fruity and mask the taste of alcohol.  I prepared her such a drink last night, which she appeared to enjoy.  She coyly mentioned that I should be drinking the pineapple juice.  This was a subtle innuendo that I picked up on right away.  My bride does not like fellatio because she does not like the taste of my pre-cum.  This is distressing to me, so I have researched how to improve the taste of my man-juice.  The most consistent remedy is consumption of pineapple juice.  That was what she was referring to with regard to pineapple juice.  You want a nice blowie?  Take some steps to taste better!

*  *  *  *  *

We played last night.  I will try to be succinct because this is already a longish post.  So I will highlight in bullet-point fashion:
  • As dinner was being prepared, she asked about my blog(!).  She apparently read some of it but did not make any comments to me about it.  I hope she is pleased with my blogging, and would love for her to rejoin the femdom blogosphere.
  • Our play session started with a back massage.  She let me play with her breasts and then she spent a good bit of time stimulating me.  I was on my back, legs spread and she stroked my cock and slapped my balls.  Her hand stimulation was very slow and I was getting very excited.  She then mentioned that she wanted me to penetrate her pussy, but she was very clear and firm that she did not want me to come.  I was in deep sub-space at that point.  Her tone was sexy in that she was kind of like saying: are you sure you can handle that?  I don't want you to screw up and come in my pussy.  Can I trust you not to come?
  • I misinterpreted what she wanted.  I thought she wanted my cock to penetrate her for added stimulation while her clit received the stimulation of the vibrator.  We have done that before ~ she wants me to hold out until she has come, then withdraw my cock to let her bask.  Instead, she wanted to reveal the pleasures of her pussy to my cock, and wanted me to voluntarily withdraw if I was approaching orgasm.  Then, she wanted to come.
  • I did as I was told.  I probably had about twenty strokes and then let go.  She climaxed, the Hitachi on her clit while I fingered her pussy.  She was SOOO wet.  I am really turned on when she gets that wet.
  • After she came, I reintroduced my cock in her pussy, but just kind of let it linger in that wet glory.  She did something (kegels?) which felt really great, like her pussy was swallowing up my cock.  I withdrew again, got dressed and we fell asleep together.
  • Suzy was again vague about my release.  She is pleased that she has had 6 orgasms to my 0.  She did a little "smack talking" about that.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Confidence is sexy

My head is spinning with our play recently.  I believe the last time I climaxed was Dec 4th.  It has been a very stressful past few weeks at work (unexpected last minute issue that required me to cancel our vacation plans) and we did not do any playing the week of Suzy's period.  Since then, we have had three tease and denial sessions and five wonderful female orgasms.  This came as a bit unexpected, since Suzy has not been denying me orgasms lately.  She seems to be really enjoying her orgasms and denying mine.  In the past, I was not that sure how she felt about denying me (she seemed to be doing it more for my kinks than hers), but it sure seems like this is something that is going to last a while.  After her second orgasm last night, I was passionately rubbing against her body.  She loves how my desire for her is so strong when I am denied and horny.

We had been sexting a lot yesterday.  I kept thinking about sex, especially the domination I received from her the last time I came .  I came to the conclusion that the confidence she had displayed that night - and has kept up in our last three play sessions - is what turns me on so much.  She was on a mission.  She knew what she wanted to do to me and simply overwhelmed me sexually.  Likewise, in our past three sessions, she has confidently decided and communicated that she likes me to be denied and horny for her.  She has left no room for interpretation, no "wiggle room".  I asked that she allow me to lock up in the chastity belt, and she flatly denied that too - she likes me to struggle with self-control and she likes feeling my physical longing for her pressing against her hot bod.  When I mentioned to her that she has had five orgasms in a row (a sportscaster might say "five unanswered female orgasms"), she had a big smile on her face and said very coyly, "I love the control".

A lot of times when I think about the excitement of her being in charge, I connect the dots with things that made me "feel funny" (sexually aroused, before I understood those feelings as such) as I was growing up.  When I think of confident woman from my impressionable years, Madonna springs to mind.  She wasn't the best singer, but she definitely knew what she wanted and went after it full throttle.  She famously told Dick Clark (before she had hit it big) that she was going to "rule the world".  That she did.  Is there any doubt in your mind that when she took a lover, it was going to be all about her?  Same with Queen Suzy lately!  Hot!
Madonna exuded confidence, which I found arousing as a youth;
Now, Queen Suzy's display of sexual confidence is turning me on!

When we first got married, Suzy was pre-orgasmic.  I had to practically beg her to let me use a vibrator to try to bring her to orgasm.  Fast forward to today, and it is a foregone conclusion that she will climax.  Me?  I am kept guessing.

*  *  *  *  *

I was a little caught off guard by the denial last night.  Between orgasms, she said something along the lines of "I bet you're having a hard time concentrating at work".  I really thought that was a segue to an orgasm for me.  She generally doesn't want me going to work that horny, since my work performance is pretty important to both of us.  She's used that reasoning before: I will give you a quick handjob so you can be better at work.  I think that's part of what was so arousing last night.  I really like the unexpected when it comes to sex play.  I thought: I'm probably getting denied, I may get a handjob, and then finally: I like you horny.  I wonder what will come tonight!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sexual Bucket List, Part II: Plays well with others

The second part of my sexual bucket list is edgier and involves others.  Here goes:

Sex with another couple
Suzy is pretty clear that my cock has penetrated its last pussy. And my tongue will only be buried in her lips. But I would love to watch - and be watched - having sex with another couple. In other words, a husband and wife screw in front of us, and when they are done, Suzy and I screw in front of them. I have a voyeuristic thing about me. I wonder what real couples do, and perhaps what they might do different if they were deliberately having sex in front of others (put on a show?). I don't think I would last that long when it was "my turn".
Prelude to a foursome in bed; liquid courage

A Knight gives his Princess oral sex whenever she wishes, and when it is within the limits of what he has agreed to do, then that includes when others are present.
I’m sure that it would be amazing fun for all if two couples who practiced Devotional Sex got together one evening. 
Practicing Devotional Sex means that the women would be in charge. As a Knight never ejaculates when with others, the evening would remain erotically charged all of the time, and without the male drive to reach orgasm, this erotic energy would feel energising rather than frustrating.
With Devotional Sex such fun can happen with or without the women swapping Knights. And sexual activity need not go all the way - it will only go as far as both women feel is right at that time.
You can real more about all the possibilities of a Devotional Couple enjoying fun with others in Chapter 12 of my website.
Come on boys, time for a lesson in marine biology!!  This particular item doesn't involve any
swapping of partners, but proximity to passionate!
Porn actor
We have another party join us. But instead of participating in our sex act, this person directs us. For example, he or she would say, "I want you to kiss her and fondle her breasts". And then, "Ok, now suck her left nipple". Basically, I am at the complete control of this "director". He or she is in the know about our FLR and directs it that way. Suzy's pleasure would be the focus of the session, and when directing Suzy, I am teased a lot, perhaps denied. But I would feel like I am simply a marionette puppet with a cock, being paid by this director, and my personal wants and desires are irrelevant: I must do as directed.  I suppose in its easiest form, this could involve a web camera, where we set things up that way; a more advanced would be another person physically with us in our bedchamber.

OK, I want you to go down on her for the fifth take!
Suzy's friend as an accomplice
It pushes my sub-buttons to have someone know about our kinky play. I have blogged about this before; it would just be a rush. I don't know if there is anyone that Suzy would feel comfortable about this, but it could look something like this. Suzy is going out for "drinks with the girls". Her "trusted friend" arrives first, superficially to carpool. Suzy calls me down and says something like "Paul, I was telling Jane about sex being for the woman's pleasure and that I sometimes control my cock by having it locked in a chastity cage. She was really curious about that, maybe thinking about locking up her hubby. Drop your shorts and show her your chastity device". I have a rush of excitement and embarrassment but do as she says and her friend examines my locked genitals. She makes some rather embarrassing comments about it, and then Suzy says, "I wanted her to have a trial run of the power a wife can have over her husband. So, I'm letting her keep the key to your chastity belt, but I haven't decided how long. You better be nice to BOTH of us now...maybe you should prepare her a cocktail..." This follows with a lot of teasing from both of them, as I must please them both to get unlocked. During the week, I get service-based texts from both dominate woman: I have to pick up a latte for Suzy and get Jane some eggs.  That would be hard to juggle!  Note that these bucket list items could also be combined. Could you imagine the "accomplice" scenario with the "naked butler" scenario? I could "service" both ladies with cocktails and massages while fully nude.
I’ve often done this with just my Princess.
My Princess knows that her having me be Affirmed in front of one of her friends is a major fantasy of mine. 
Real-life Devotional Sex is not the fantasy world of things like this photo happening every week, month, or even year. But what is really exciting about living Devotional Sex is that I know that one day this might actually happen to me.
I’ve written a fantasy story on my website where Sam has to Reveal in front of Susan’s friend Kate. If you like this photo you might also enjoy reading my story.
Will there be anything else ladies?

"See, he can't get hard when he is locked away in this device,
and I am going to give you the key to his cock.  I want you
to experience the power you can have over a horny male."
MFM threesome
I fantasize about playing with Suzy and another male a lot. There are probably endless varieties of how this might play out. I mainly fantasize about the other guy being quite different than me. Perhaps of a different ethnicity, a bigger cock, much younger, etc. For a while, my fantasy was mainly watching my wife have sex with another man; perhaps I am locked in the chastity belt during their session. I could play some role in this, such as going down on her as she sucked this new, foreign cock. Or sucking on her tits or kissing her while she was being penetrated. I guess that's the "classic" submissive MFM fantasy. But it recently dawned on me to have this fantasy played out in two other ways. One, a straight "my wife gets to play with two cocks" fantasy. Basically, me and the other guy take turns penetrating her. While it's "his" turn, my wife could suck or stroke my cock, but their is a constant horny tension between the two of us, and we are there to satisfy her. Another way, which I have been thinking about only recently, is that she dominates two submissive men. We are both there to satisfy her sexually, but she completely dominates us both. She teases and denies us both. She administers cock and ball torture on both submissive cocks.
I'd like a Suzy sandwich, please!
Suzy about to get a whole lot of attention!
FMF threesome
I know, what am I thinking? This is "every man's fantasy" that few could possibly obtain, let alone the "no other pussy" rule. Frankly, I do not believe I would do well in trying to sexually satisfy two women, and I doubt most men would. One cock just can't please two pussys, whereas in a MFMFMF threesome that Suzy might go for.
“He still hasn’t come — and he seriously lets you do this all the time?”
“He doesn’t let me do anything!”
Being a plaything to two women and submitting to both would be a rush.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Sexual Bucket List, Part I: Her Plaything

A few caveats: I am very horny right now, and I tried to put the moves on Suzy Thursday night, but she would have none of it.  I thought that I was going to get some play Friday night, and she intentionally, lovingly, and dominantly denied my orgasm, while she had two spectacular ones.  When I am horny, I fantasize a lot more and these fantasies are usually more extreme.  I haven't slept well, partly due to this horniness and partly because I was thinking of what to say in this post.
Some people think about, others formally write down and pursue a "bucket list".  These are things that you would like to do before you "kick the bucket".  Some might want to skydive, others throw out a pitch a major league game, things like that.  I have thought about this, and have some ideas in my head, but have never formally written such a list down.  Until now.  Here is my "sexual bucket list", things that I (in my enhanced, horny state) think that I would like to try with Suzy (and others....) sexually before I kick the bucket.  Here goes:

Naked butler
I believe I've blogged about this before, but the idea that I am naked for an extended period of time turns us both on.  Given we have children, this doesn't seem possible in the short term.  Suzy would somehow prevent access to my clothes.  Perhaps throw them in the basement, or lock them in a closet... something like that.  But I have no clothing available to me.  I cook, massage her, clean, sleep, have sex - all naked.  I can't wear clothes.  It follows that I wouldn't really be able to go far.  Perhaps she does make me "wear" something absurd, like an apron that doesn't cover anything, or something along those lines.  She leaves to go out but I must stay home, lounging around naked.  Of course, there is a lot of teasing and light erotic "humiliation" of my predicament.
Darling, would you care for a refreshment?
I wish to be "taken" by a strapon by Suzy.  We have a "feeldoe" strapless strapon, but when we bought it Suzy also bought a strap for additional support.  I don't think Suzy is against the idea of using it on me, but we haven't gotten to it yet.  Why does this appeal to me?  I enjoy most anal sensations, so I wonder if I would also enjoy this.  I like the role reversal, where she is fucking me.  That feeldoe has a fair amount of girth; I am not sure that I have "accommodated" something that big up there, so I a little nervous about it, frankly.  But watching my wife pound me with her jiggling chest just seems like a really big turn on.
I love the role reversal of a strapon!

Public sex
The risk of being caught just seems like such a big rush to me.  I don't know what the public indecency laws in my state are, and I certainly don't want to get arrested.  But I would like to be naked and have sex with Suzy, where she may be wearing a skirt and just lift it up for penetration, but it would be nonetheless obvious what we were doing, and I would be nude.  We could do the deed on our outside deck, with a beautiful view surrounding a beautiful act.  I am a nature lover!
The riskiness of public sex is a real turn-on for me!
Enforced male chastity
Well, this is something we do play with from time to time.  But one thing she hasn't done is actually placed the chastity belt on me by herself.  Don't get me wrong: this will hurt me.  Even with my substantial nerve endings for feedback, I still find myself in pain placing the device on.  I suppose it would look like this: I am tied up and she teases and denies me.  Then, she decides that for extra "security" she wants me to be locked.  She takes the chastity belt out, pinches and prods me, but eventually gets the device on, and my cock locked.  Chastity play is so much more intense when it comes from her; I love it when she clicks the lock herself, but this would be an added dimension in female dominance.
Locking my cock ~ completely on her own is a real turn on
'Forced' anything
I rather enjoy the concept of being 'forced' into doing things that I either truly don't want to do flat out or wouldn't publicly admit to wanting to do it.  An example of the former would be wearing women's clothes.  I am not interested in 'feminization' (not that there is anything wrong with those that do), but I would become excited if Suzy made me do it, as a punishment/humiliation.  Personally, I think I would look ridiculous.  But submitting to that would be arousing.  An example of the latter would be consuming my own semen.  My Suzy is pretty vocal about how disgusting she thinks me male juices are.  That's a reason why I don't get that many blowies.  I trust her, I bet my ejaculate does taste bad.  And, like other males, I have a strong desire for this when I am really horny (as I am now) but I also find it disgusting afterwords.  There are two ways I would like to be forced into doing this.  One would be for her to give me a ruined orgasm.  This keeps my horniness up, and I do believe - if she was sincere about forcing me to do it - that it would be a turn on for me.  The other would be if I ejaculate in her pussy and she then sits on my face and forces me to eat our combined juices.
(via kartograf)
Being "forced" to do things is also a turn on... the power exchange is a big rush

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sunday night domination

I have not had a chance to blog about the ultimate domination experience my domme mistress treated me to on Sunday night.  Wowsers!  I will try to recount:

She was out late and said that she would text me with instructions on how to prepare.  She insinuated that pain would be involved - pain to my genitals to be specific.  The night wore on, and I was concerned that I wouldn't receive the instruction and consequently wouldn't get the session she had planned.  I was eagerly awaiting my instruction, and the subsequent domination session to follow.

She didn't shop, but she did Facebook
and check email while I lay helpless!
I finally got the text.  I was to have the bed restraints out, her favorite pink paddle, and be blindfolded.  She got home and made it clear that she was being creative and she didn't want any "suggestions" from me, or "topping from the bottom".  As she finished up in the bedroom, I put a full hood mask on (better than those flimsy blindfolds in my estimation), had our under the bed restraints available to restrain her slave, and got fully nude.  She really wasted no time, she came out and tied me up, helplessly spread-eagled on our bed.  What a vulnerable, delicious position for a slave like myself!  She then pulled something unexpected.  She went to the computer and teased me that she needed to check email and facebook.  I couldn't see anything and I couldn't move.  I didn't know if she was serious or not.  She clearly held all the cards.  She in fact did spend some time checking facebook.  It built my anticipation and reinforced that she was in charge.

I never saw my domme punish me, but
she could have looked like this!
When she finished that, she began the (delicious) torture.  As they say, the beatings will continue until morale improves.  All in all, she dominated me for probably a half hour.  My utter lack of control due to my inability to see and move and her control over my body put me into deep sub-space.  She used a variety of torturing devices: the whip, the paddle, and the wartenburg wheel.  What made it great was that she alternated and really kept me guessing.  Most of her abuse was directed at my genitals.  And she was not afraid to go hard, to push the limits of pain.  I love CBT sessions when I really can't do anything to lesson the pain.  I have to take it like a man.  But a man that is naked, and unable to defend himself.  According to her, I was erect and dripping precum the entire time.  I felt completely submissive.  I loved it.

Then, it was time for some sex play.  For her.  She lay down beside me and got out the Hitachi Magic Wand.  She really enjoyed herself.  I couldn't (voluntarily) feel her.  But she came hard.  Suzy doesn't really masturbate much on her own, to my knowledge.  But it is really hot when she does it in front of me, as a tease.  It screams "I am enjoying my awesome sexuality, but yours is owned by me".  *Sigh*  When she does do it, she really lets herself go and writhes in the pleasure.  She moans loud and she undulates her body.  It's like she is exaggerating her pleasure - for my submissive benefit.  It really does heighten the disparity between her and me.

What followed her orgasm was a bit confusing to me.  She coyly stated, "I can finally bask in my orgasm without you pestering me for pussy."  During our more typical sex sessions, after she climaxes, she wants to rest a bit before either giving me a handjob or letting me finish off in her pussy.  She was teasing me about my predicament, where I couldn't make any move.  I love verbal as well as physical teasing.  Well, she lay beside me, and started falling asleep.  My Queen can nod off at the drop of a hat.  I lay there, and without the adrenalin from the cock and ball torture, I started to actually get a bit cold.  I was naked without any covers.  Suzy appeared to be falling asleep, and implied that that was it for the night.  She teased me about me having to sleep tied up.  I was not sure if that was her plan, i.e., she wanted to deny me and force me to sleep nude and restrained, or if she was teasing and would resume the play.  I was really confused.  I honestly thought that was going to happen.  I just was hoping that whatever she decided was deliberate, as opposed to "oops, I fell asleep, sorry about that".  The thought of her doing that, forcing me to sleep that way, without orgasm was staring to excite me, except I really was getting genuinely cold.  She kind of shook out of her sleep and then chastise me a bit (because I was telling her that it was OK), and then unfastened me and instructed that I was to come in her pussy.

I was really very horny and wanted to come.  I was nervous though because I usually have very poor stamina when I am that horny.  She told me to go fetch the paddle as she wanted to spank my ass as I penetrated her.  I had a bit more stamina than I thought I would, but still came quickly.  It was a fantastic orgasm.  I love it.  I had to clean up the sex toys and got straight to bed, where she slipped into her flannel PJs (I am not fond of flannel!) and we cuddled each other to sleep.

This is kind of close to what it was like, except I was blindfolded and instead of the wine it was the
computer.  Ah, the disparity of female and male roles!  Puts me in my sub-space!

*  *  *  *  *
Why did it take me so long to blog about this?  Life has been hectic, at work and at home.  I often blog in the morning, which is usually the only time I have some peace and quiet.  We both wake up around the same time, and I drink coffee and try to do some blogging while she gets ready.  I will then prep her breakfast and our hectic day begins!  I have also been a bit under the weather and very fatigued at night.

After this session, she, as usual, didn't want to talk about it.  I wish I knew: can this kind of play become our normal sex play?  Or does she need to be "inspired" to dominate me like that?  I think she honestly enjoyed it.  Being tied up is probably my favorite kink, but we don't do it that much.  I love the surrender, the trust involved, and leaving my fate in her (dominant) hands.  We shall see...

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A different kind of vacation sex

We just returned from a weeklong vacation. Being the cheap bastard that I am, we stayed at a relative's house. My Queen, while definitely up for sex (thankfully, her period was over), does NOT feel comfortable having sex at relatives' homes. If I wanted sex, I really should have sprung for a hotel room. But that would have been awkward for other reasons. In spite of lots of experiences to the contrary, I brought some condoms, thinking that controlling my spillage would facilitate some action. Did not happen.

We don't have a reliable travel-sized (and sufficiently quiet) vibrator anymore. When packing for vacations, I give probably more thought to packing sex aids (such as the the unfortunately ill-fated and sadly unused condom idea) than toiletries. My thinking was that I would finger my bride for her orgasms, and possibly get between her legs for some oral attention. We didn't have a ton of privacy, which made my bid for condom-sheathed intercourse fly out the window, and so getting between her legs for cunnilingus was also very iffy. Our first experience with male orgasm denial was obtained over a very similar set of circumstances, which I have blogged about before. In fact, what happened this week was virtually identical to that fateful trip many years ago. I fingered my Queen (twice) to very powerful orgasms. She came hard, without any electronic means...just my male ego drive to satisfy my Queen sexually.

She briefly stoked my hard cock as she approached her climax, but that was all the sex I got. She certainly lead me to believe that I would get some pussy action tonight, our first night back at our home. I gave her some great foreplay, working her up. She allowed me to suck her nipples, which usually gets her in the mood for an orgasm, really quickly. She even said verbally that she wanted my cock inside her. I used the hitachi magic wand as she squeezed a testicle (this is a common practice for us, she either squeezes my cock or my scrotum hard during her orgasm....this was different in that she concentrated her pressure on a single testicle, which was a little more intense than normal) hard during her climax. She "basked" in her orgasm and gently caressed my perineum and anal felt great, especially since she had not stimulated that area for a long time. She stopped and said it was time for bed. I "pleaded my case", but it was clear that she had made up her mind that she didn't want me to come tonight. I was really surprised she decided to deny me because she lead me on so strong and, apart from cock and ball torture, she hadn't really been all that dominant in our sex play of late. So, I am mind-numbingly horny, trying to get a little caught up on female dominant blogs and such, and wondering what it means for our FLR.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Another sex instruction post

The fantasy I posted about last time was related to having sexual instruction in front of other women.  This reminded me of a funny scene in Monty Python's Meaning of Life.  I probably first saw this when I was around 12 or so, and I remember thinking it was hilarious and also arousing.  While this is not expressly female dominant or male submissive, it is very voyeuristic.  In it, John Cleese is a stuffy high school professor at a boys' school and he realizes that he has to teach them about sex ed that day.  I won't give away the rest (for the unitiated), but hilarity ensues:

*  *  *  *  *
I think this clip is hilarious.  First of all, I love how matter-of fact the couple is about having sex in front of twenty horny boys.  I love how he will interupt his session with his wife to scold and discipline his students.  I find it funny that he had discussed foreplay last week, quized them on various methods to prepare the woman for sex, but really doesn't need it for himself (kind of like the Chuck Norris jokes, lol).
Truth be told, while I am submissive, I would very much like to act out this scenario: have sex with Queen Suzy in front of others.  This comes up in a number of sex fantasies I have had, some of which I hope to recount in future posts.  "This is for your benefit, will you kindly wake up.  I have no intention of going through this again." =)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Medical fantasy

When I was in graduate school, I read an article in the student newspaper about a guy who could reasonably claim that he had the most thoroughly examined prostate in the world.  He "volunteered" (maybe he was paid?) to train medical students in how to conduct prostate exams.  He had submitted to prostate exams thousands of times.  At least he would know quickly if anything went awry down there.

As a result of this article, I had developed a fantasy of being a test subject in a medical setting.  I came across this illustration, which reminded me of this fantasy:

We will start our reproductive lesson on the more primitive sex, the human
male.  You may be surprised at the simplicity of the male system, but with
simplicity comes ease of control and treatment.  We will then move to the
higher order female reproductive system next week.

My version was that my wife was a medical professor that was instructing female students to learn more about male anatomy and sexual response.  As a frequent reader of health related articles, I have heard it said that doctors do not get a lot of specific training in human sexuality.  Clearly, at this medical school that was not the case.

In the fantasy, I am nude, completely shaved (for easier visuals) and only my genital area is exposed to the students.  I am to remain silent while I am donating my genitals to medical knowledge.  In this way, I am basically just a functioning male dummy for the female student's benefit.

The instructor (my Queen) begins a lecture about male sexuality, in a slightly demeaning tone.... not as related to being a human but more animalistic.  The 'nuts' and 'bolts' of the structure and function of the male genitals and various problems that may arise.  The instructor believes in "hands on" training and she begins by showing her students how the penis becomes erect and how the balls react to temperature changes (by the use of ice and warm towels).  I am reduced to a pure guinea pig, just a functioning cock and balls.  The professor alternates between examination methods and providing sexual stimulation; as I become aroused, she points out to her students the physical signs of male sexual response: my involuntary moans and arching of my pelvis, the retraction of my balls as climax nears, etc.

She deliberately brings me close to orgasm and then "goes medical" by stopping and giving further instruction.  She then begins to solicit her students to take part in the exam.  She mentions to a student, "the prostate engorges during sexual arousal.  Why don't you see for yourself how this male's prostate feels compared to our subject yesterday that was not in the aroused state".  As the professor is stroking my cock to maintain my arousal, the student lubes her gloved hand and examines my prostate.

"Yes, this is definitely a larger prostate than what we saw yesterday.  It feels 'full' to me", the young student says.

The professor continues, "Well, this male has not released semen in some time.  I can't afford to allow a climax because, as you may have read in Chapter 9, once a full male orgasm occurs, his body will enter a refractory period where he will not be able to become erect for a period of time.  That would not work for me, since I need this male to perform for four more classes in male sexuality today.

One of the students giggles, "Wow, it sure is nice being able to keep going and going, unlike a male!

Another question came: "What would you do if he accidentally climaxed?  Do you have another male subject for the other classes?".

"Good question", the professor continues.  "As you have correctly surmised, male sexuality is more primitive than our own superior female sexuality.  I can tell when this subject is getting close to orgasm, from - as we saw before - the movement of the testicles closer to the body and the movement of the pelvis and the verbal moans you heard.  You can further reduce orgasm by firmly pulling down on the scrotum.  Let me demonstrate.  This is a natural orgasm delay mechanism in the male.  You can further just stop all stimulation and alternate with the scrotum pulling technique." 

"Professor", a student continued, "what is the effect of prolonged stimulation without release?  I had a boyfriend that mentioned something about painful 'blue balls'.

"Another good question", the professor replied.  "This is often a ploy by the male to allow further progression to full climax.  This is in fact a medical condition, known as epididymal hypertension, caused by the increased blood flow to the male genital region that results in vascular congestion of the genitalia.  It is a bit painful, but nothing to be worried about.  Tell your male patients to 'suck it up'.  This specimen has not climaxed in ten days, yet has had probably 50 encounters of near-orgasm just as he has experienced today.  He deserves our appreciation for the use of his cock - err - penis.  Please thank him for the use of his body on the way out". 

The professor turns to her teaching assistant and says, "I suspect that he has a full bladder by now, but I don't want him to get up - he will be overly distracted at this point.  Vicky, can you please administer a catheter and eliminate his bladder so he can perform for the next class?"
As the students leave the class, they lift up the towel covering my upper torso and tease me by sarcastically pinching my cheek and nipple, saying things like "thanks for letting us use your cock", "I bet you are going to have a major case of epididymal hypertension tonight; good luck with that", "take two aspirin; you'll need it for tomorrow", and "nice sack".
*  *  *  *  *
CFNM); cock and ball torture, orgasm denial, restraint, mild humiliation, and exhibition.  A lot of my sexual fantasies revolve around me being "a male" instead of a man, lover, husband, etc.  Animalistic.  I am very turned on by my Queen being the "trainer", controlling my sexuality and making into a docile animal to her amusement and pleasure.  I have discussed this particular fantasy with her but we have not acted it out.  I hope you enjoyed =)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Chastity Device Review

I love it when Suzy teases me with the key
to my "heart", lol

I am the first person to recognize that many of my desires around submission are illogical and contradictory; probably no topic more so than the use of a male chastity device.  This causes some consternation for me, since I am ordinarily a very logical person.

There appears to be an ongoing 'debate' in the femdom world around the merits of using a chastity device vs. the 'honor system'.  Suzy has been pretty clear that she prefers the honor system.  I believe there are two reasons for this:
  • She recognizes that it's more difficult for me to keep chaste without the device and she enjoys it for that reason.  She like the self-discipline that I must have.  Why is it easier for me?  If I am locked during a lovemaking session, I really can only focus on Suzy's sexual pleasure.  If the session ends with her withholding the key, I know that I can't wake up and jerk off; I just have to go to sleep.  The cage has a finality to it.
  • Suzy does NOT like the hard plastic of the CB-6000 against her when we cuddle.  There are chastity devices that have a softer cage to it, and I would be interested in trying out one of these to see if that increases her interest in male chastity.  One is called a Birdlocked and I read a blog where the husband switched from the CB-6000 so that the wife could enjoy cuddling more.  I can't seem to find this particular blog, unfortunately.
I am curious if Suzy would want to explore the
Birdlocked male chastity device; it is squishy
so maybe cuddling while locked would be enjoyable for her

Being a keyholder to a locked male sub requires creativity,
constant teasing, and some empathy for the chaste slave

I must confess to Suzy that I enjoy playing with the chastity device.  From my submissive husband standpoint here are the pros of locking me up:
  • It is VERY kinky.  Surrendering control, not only of my orgasms, but my erections is very erotic.
  • I enjoy being tied up.  I think ultimately, the use of a chastity device is similar to, and a little hotter than, the enjoyment I get from our bondage play.
  • Chastity play offers many opportunities for teasing, which I crave.  I love the feeling of trying to get an erection and being unable to get completely hard, and having the skin of my cock bulge out of the CB-6000 openings.  I love it when Suzy plays with my exposed balls while my cock struggles to become erect.  The device forces my testicles to become more exposed than they are normally and therefore Suzy's tortures of my nuts are taken up several notches.
  • The symbolism of the key, and Suzy's control of it and consequently my cock is erotic.  Some of the hottest pillow talk Suzy had said has to do with her coyness around the key and whether or not it will be used to unlock my penis prison.
  • I enjoy my focus on Suzy's pleasure when I am locked.  It is a deeply erotic experience to devote my entire sexual energy to Suzy's pleasure.  It is akin to the blinders that they put on horses.  Sometimes my desire to ejaculate gets in the way of my full devotion to Suzy's pleasure.
  • Many men complain about sleeping in the device, but I have never really had any trouble with that.  I do wake up with "attempted morning wood" but I don't find it painful; rather it is actually pleasant in the sense that I enjoy *attempting* to get erect, it reinforces that I am a male with lots of testosterone and I am unashamed about my sensual desires.  Plus, my morning wood pee is the easiest pee of the day since I fill out the cage and my urethra lines up nicely with the hole.  Funny, morning wood used to be a bitch to pee.  Oh, the irony!
Teasing is key to a successful lockup

That being said, there are some 'issues' I have with the chastity device:
  • I seem to be in the minority of men in that I find it far easier to urinate - errrr in a sanitary manner - standing up than sitting down.
  • I have no interest in being locked up for an extended period of time.  There are some men who describe a lifestyle where that are pretty much always locked.  That doesn't appeal to me.  Further, being locked when I am at work is kind of a nuisance.  I have a fairly small bladder, so I have to go to the restroom fairly frequently and I am a bit scared that I might have some sort of accident.  I don't think of sex that often when I am at work, and I get most of my satisfaction of being locked during sex playtime.  Work isn't sexy for me.
  • Working out is difficult.  I typically am nude for brief periods of time when I am changing in the gym.  I don't want to risk being found out.  What I end of doing is going to a bathroom, taking my thong off (I am normally a boxer guy, but I have found it far easier to urinate with thongs, so I always wear them when locked) and putting my jockstrap on.  Then, I change as normal and nobody can see my cage through the jock.
  • Showering is probably the most difficult, not so much because it is difficult to clean but it is difficult to properly dry and lube my cock following a shower.
*  *  *  *  *

To summarize, I enjoy the lockup experience when we are playing, my wife is teasing me and acknowledging my preDICKament, and enjoying herself sexually.  All in all, it is probably a bit of work for her to keep me happily locked.  Keeping me locked during worktime more falls into the "torture" or "punishment" realm than erotic sex play.  Something for Suzy to keep in mind.
    That being said, I do have have the following chastity fantasies:
    • I think it would be fun to play with chastity a little more.  There was a stretch when Suzy would have a girls night out (usually on Thursdays) and I would be locked for playtime when she got back.  I miss that.  She didn't always unlock me and I had a few long locked up weekends.  Hot.
    • While I don't fancy myself as a long term wearer, having her push my limits is arousing.  The last time we played with chastity was my record, a week.  It is fun and exciting to push the limits of my submission.
    • The "moral dilemma" posed by us both wanting me locked but her forcing me to lock in front of her is just hot.  That's what she did last time we played with the device.  I had to lockup while she was taunting me.  I was rock hard but finally got it in so that she could snap the lock.
    • I would love for her to put the device on, 100% by herself.  I am sure she would pinch the hell out of my bits.  But for her to take charge like that would turn me on immensely.
    • I am turned on by the idea of having to be locked during her period, to share the pain so to speak.  Of course, she could still have as many orgasms as she likes.

    Monday, October 31, 2011

    Happy Sexy Halloween

    I associate Halloween with a fair amount of debauchery.  Not only because of the dark nature of this "holiday" but because of the gratuitous eating, drinking, and hijinx.  And sex.  We spent a long time - longer than I would care to admit - shopping for costumes.  We wanted to have a paired couple costume, but coudn't find what we were looking for.  Many adult female costumes are overtly sexual.  My Queen can be coaxed to wear sexy outfits in our bedroom, but she does NOT want to wear anything sexy in public.  In fact, I am usually pretty blown away when she wears something that shows her (ample) cleavage.
    A longstanding roleplaying fantasy
    Somehow I think she will have her way

    We originally wanted to be a paired movie couple, a princess and a pauper kind of costume.  Could only find a sexy version of this particular princess.  We thought about a knight/maiden costume, but she wasn't feeling it.  I have a big fantasy of being a prisoner or perp and her being a cop.  But the female cop costumes were way too sexy for public exposure.  We ended up with something ok, and we had a fun party.  But I do hope for something of a highly sexual, and male sub female dominant, in a roleplaying future.

    Unfortunately, since our last play session, we have continued to fail to connect sexually.  Halloween for parents isn't always fun, lots of running around leads to very tired parents.  I don't know exactly what's in store for tonight, but I do hope we can connect on this very sexy holiday.

    Pretty sure my Queen would be poking me a lot with that thing!

    Saturday, October 29, 2011

    Submissive fitness part II: dominant female trainers

    Kiana Tom, from Kiana's Flex Appeal
    We've been pretty busy lately.  I have been doing well with my workouts and my abs are definitely getting "tighter".  I am down to 186 pounds even though I haven't been eating that well - lots of fast food because we have had little time to eat together as a family.  I guess what is saving me is that I have been pretty disciplined with my workouts.

    Which leads me to two topics related to my submissive nature.  Before Queen Suzy went back to work, I was up long before anyone else in my household.  I typically will watch TV to try to wake up (I am NOT a morning person) while drinking my morning coffee.  An exercise show called "Kiana's Flex Appeal" caught my attention, for a number of reasons:

    • I found her exercise advice to be sound; I would actually incorporate some of her training methods in my own routine, with good success
    • She and her guests are attractive.  The women usually wear bikinis and the men wear only shorts and have neatly shaved, well-carved chests
    • The workouts are often on the beach in Hawaii.  Tough job!
    "Drop and Give me 20!"
    Kiana's attitude is what hits my submissive button.  She is in excellent shape and has a large chest - but she is very petite.  She clearly runs the show, though.  Often, she will lead the workout with two other hulking men maybe three times her size.  Even though some of these men are actually professional bodybuilders and have spent their time in the gym, she corrects them and tells them what to do and how to do their workouts better.  Not in a dominatrix, sexual way, but in a way that I find strangely intriguing.

    This related to sex the other night.  We've had several "misses" in terms of sex play: I crashed early, she crashed early, so we weren't connecting sexually.  Suzy had sent me some sext messages complaining that I hadn't played with her.  So, I knew sex was on the agenda.  She had a beautiful orgasm and then it was time for me to penetrate her.  I prepped for sex (usually, I get a T-shirt or a towel to collect the upcoming mess - I wonder what other couples do?) and then she said "I need the pink paddle".  I fumbled around in our sex toy box in my closet, erect, and anticipating my orgasm.  I got it.  I started penetrating her slowly, as I was pretty turned on.  She then started smacking my ass with the paddle.  What really put me in subspace - and made me come almost immediately - was what she did next.  She told me I wasn't thrusting fast enough - and she demanded that I speed up and smacked me harder.  She said this in such a dominant, sexy way.  I came almost immediately.

    *  *  *  *  *
    I think there were a number of reasons why this turned me on so much. 
    • I have often fantasized about her verbally dictating what I do sexually.  In my fantasies, this would be saying something like "get between my legs, slave; my pussy isn't going to lick itself".  She has told me that she is not comfortable with that.  But that is in effect what she did - she complained about the way I was penetrating her and ordered me to do it better, to penetrate her harder.  HOT!!!
    • I think a key part of what turns me on is her being sexually aggressive.  Her text complaining that I hadn't played with her is aggressive - for her.  I still initiate most of our sex play.  But in effect, she was initiating this session.  I like this!
    • I enjoyed the ass swatting.  I have mentioned before that I really want to explore spanking more.  She told me to get the paddle, and she seemed to genuinely enjoy paddling my ass while I was having my fun.  The next day, she sexted me and said she didn't think she paddled me hard enough and that she needed to punish me more.  Wowsers!
    • Her attitude seemed similar to that of a "trainer".  She was training me to fuck better, the way she wants it.  Just as an athletic trainer such as Kiana tells her trainee what to do, and makes them work harder, so she was training me to be a better lover.  I hope to see more of that!

    Thursday, October 13, 2011

    Submissive fitness, part I: positive reinforcement

    This is what I aspire to fitness-wise: 6 packs
    and becoming a "trophy husband" to Suzy

    I have a great deal of interest in the topic of general fitness.  From time to time my wife and I will get on a kick where we will try fairly hard to lose weight.  We do the wrong things to reward ourselves: have a big fattening dessert because we "deserve it" after all that self-sacrifice.  I will indulge in too many high calorie cocktails or beer.  Basically, yo-yo dieting.
    Since I am a manager, I study alot about psychology and realize that this is totally wrong.  Positive behavior definitely needs to be rewarded, but in ways that are consistent with the end goal.  A better way would be to reward in a way that is not counterproductive.  There are many examples, such as a massage, a spa day, a guilt free shopping trip, a ticket to a sporting event, etc.  And sex... that is positively rewarding!

    You may have noticed that I have a fitness tracker on the right.  There are a couple of things that motivate me to become more fit:
    • I am approaching the wrong side of 40 and feel on the verge of a mid-life crisis
    • I had a sports-related injury several years ago which required significant intervention and rehab.  The physician answer to "how do I make this never happen again" was "get stronger".  Because I had to rehab anyway, I got to doing lots of weight bearing exercises and came to enjoy it.
    • I like the slight muscle soreness that comes from a workout.
    • I worry about ED and improved fitness can move things more in my favor in terms of getting the erections we both enjoy
    • Making my body more sexually desirable to my Queen
    I suppose the last point is the "submissive" part.  Going back to positive reinforcement, it is very, VERY reinforcing when my Suzy compliments my body.  It makes me want to keep working harder and become more disciplined.
    I love it when Suzy "inspects" my body
    and is pleased with my hardware

    I shaved my pubes and chest the night before and we played last night.  Suzy seemed very excited about my smoothness and felt me up.  I think a shaved chest and pubic area helps to accentuate a fit bod.  Have you ever noticed that fitness models and pro wrestlers are always shaved?

    *  *  *  *  *

    A misconception about subhubs is that they are wimpy.  I don't think I am, and I am stronger than most.  I don't think I have the genes to become really muscular, but I don't think people will want to mess with me either.  I am doing pretty well in my career now, and having a positive attitude about my body is something that helps.

    Tuesday, October 11, 2011

    Results of 7-day femdom challenge

    Suzy had been enjoying being in charge of my orgasm while getting
    plenty of her own.  I like this drawing because it seems like a wedding
    day illustration of a female dominated relationship

    We've been very busy lately, so I haven't had a lot of time to post.  I thought I'd give an update on our 7 day femdom challenge.  We made it to four consecutive days of female orgasms.  On the fifth day, she outlasted me in terms of staying awake.  Suzy still needs to spend a lot of outside time preparing for her work, and after a few days, I simply can't keep up with staying up so late.  My workout routine has been going pretty well, and I do need to get rest so that my body can fully recover.  Well, that's my excuse anyway.

    Suzy implied that I would be locking up in the chastity belt for the weekend, since she was going on a girl's night out on Saturday.  But on Monday, she asked if I would lock up for the entire week, the implication being that I was to be locked during the entire challenge period - even on the day that I crashed early.  That was exciting to me, since Suzy isn't a huge fan of using the device.  Ironically, I had prepared a lengthy post on my thoughts around the CB-6000 that I wanted to post last week. 

    However, I had a problem around day five that required that I take the device off prematurely with the emergency key.  I think that it was related to insufficient lubrication.  I woke up Friday morning with an uncharacteristically painful morning erection.  Normally, morning wood in the device doesn't hurt, but rather it's a pleasant reminder that I am a male.  I have ignored pain before to my detriment, so I unlocked to investigate.  My cock was deformed and looked like a big mushroom at the tip.  I was quite horrified.  Well, suffice it to say that I left the device off, told Suzy about it, and she agreed that I did the right thing in order to protect her cock.  After a few hours, my cock returned to normal.  Phew, catastrophe averted!

    I will have to modify my chastity device posting a bit now.  I suspect (unfortunately) that use of the device will now go down even more... Suzy might sarcastically say that I "can't handle the device".  Another irony is that she was liking the lockup.  I was investigating the use of a device that wouldn't hurt her when we cuddled, and she was enthusiastic about that.  I suppose more on that later.  I have a bit more research to do, but feel like given the issue I had last week, we would need to discuss it more and Suzy would have to re-approve of such a purchase.

    Leading up to this unfortunate event, I was having intense cuckolding fantasies.  I was to be locked in the chastity device for a week, while providing Suzy daily pleasure.  She was to go out dancing with her girlfriends, and needless to say, in my horny state, my mind wandered into thinking that some dude would dance with her.  Well, it didn't quite work out that way, but the fantasizing was fun.

    My period of chastity was resolved by Suzy giving me an intense handjob.  She really was liberal with ball torture and it was quite exciting, I think for both of us.  My orgasm was intense - probably the best one I've had in a long time.

    *  *  *  *  *

    The play was really fun in spite of the obstacles.  Suzy enjoyed the "sex is for the wife's pleasure" play during the challenge, but she did indicate that for her it was getting to be somewhat of a chore.  A fun chore, mind you, but I not something that she was looking forward to after the fourth day or so.  I guess I will chock this up to the differences in the female libido.  She said - I think jokingly - that we would do challenge like this for me, seven days of seven male orgasms.  I would totally go for that!  When I brought it up again, she made me come back down to reality.  It doesn't seem like that is likely to happen.  Maybe for my birthday?


    Monday, October 3, 2011

    7-Day femdom challenge is on!

    I discussed the seven day sex challenge with Suzy, and she ACCEPTED!!
    I was really hoping that we would have some sex play Sunday evening.  While I pulled our sheets for a washing, Suzy teased, "why are you cleaning the sheets when they are just going to get dirty tonight?".  That made me think things were on, and I might ejaculate, since that really is the major source of sheet soiling.  Unfortunately, things didn't go quite as planned.  Suzy didn't get into bed until around 2am (technically Monday morning) but I could not sleep and by that point, I had waited too long to take a sleeping pill.

    Suzy was surprised that I was still awake and I immediately began to kiss her and hold her, much like I wrote about last post.  I wanted her.  I was not nude but I had locked the door after she went into the bathroom to do her nightly routine, just in case she allowed some play.  I had in mind that she was going to say, "let's just cuddle", but she was fairly receptive to my kisses and seemed pleased that I was making an effort to embrace her.  She reached and played with my genitals first over my shorts and then underneath.  It felt so hot to have her began a handjob.  I was getting really aroused but I was pretty sure that this was a tease and that she wasn't going for an orgasm.  We were both excited and I made my move: I got on my knees and applied the Hitachi Magic Wand to her panty-covered pussy.  Suzy continued to grope at my balls and then enjoyed an earth-shattering climax, much to my (our) satisfaction.  Up until this point, our play was silent; she brok that silence by saying "wow, that was awesome; why do I resist that pleasure?".  I think I mentioned that in my last blog.
    An orgasm a day...makes for a relaxed
    Suzy and a happy sub-hub.  Thank you
    for that orgasm, Suzy, I needed that!!!
    As she was basking in her orgasmic afterglow, I asked her if she had read my blog; she had not, and might not for some time (I will explain later; not important for this story).  I asked her if she would go for a "7 Day Femdom Challenge" and explained to her that it would be my job, for the next six days (our session that just ended counting toward the total of seven days), to relax her, provide foreplay to her, and enable her to come.  I didn't say anything about my orgasms.  She volunteered that she didn't want me to come until after my "lockup".  We had tentative plans (now seemingly more concrete) that I would be locked in chastity at a minimum when she goes out on her girls' night out on Saturday night.  She agreed that this would be a fun thing to try.  Game on!

    Is 7 consecutive days of female pleasure a big deal?  Well, Tamara seemed to think so (from her comment in my last post, which I greatly appreciated)!  What makes this challenging is that my Queen sometimes rejects sex play outright on consecutive nights.  As I often lament, life "gets in the way" a lot and so getting her available for play will be tough.  For example, since Suzy stayed up so late last night, she will be prone to falling asleep very early tonight.  I will have to be clever to circumvent that and pull this off.  Physically, she is very capable of the orgasms.

    *  *  *  *  *
    Suzy made some interesting comments while we were talking.  As I've blogged before, we both enjoy the risk of her squeezing my genitals while she climaxes.  She really "lets go" during her orgasms so she can squeeze HARD.  She has alternated between my cock and my balls.  Out of the blue, she blurted out that she liked squeezing my balls better during her climaxes because "it brings you more pain".  I thought that was a very hot and very dominant thing to say!  I guess my balls are on the line now! 

    She also made a comment about my impending lockup period that surprised me.  She has always maintained that locking up is not something that she seeks out but it is something she wants when we are away (which will be the case Saturday night) or when I can't be disciplined to keep my hands away from my cock.  The latter condition is usually mentioned in a negative tone.  Last night was different, and it was in a more positive tone.  She implied that I should lockup early if I needed to, but she seemed a lot more positive about it, suggesting that it might be fun if I was locked up for the whole week.  I will pursue this a little further with her; my understanding for now is that she expects me to lockup on Friday night and then she will unlock me when she unlocks me, probably Sunday night.  I guess our sheets are going to stay clean!
    LOL - what an appropriate progression; Suzy clutches my balls with her hand, squeezing involuntarily.
    She made it clear that she likes the possibility of hurting my boys - it's a risk she's willing to take

    Saturday, October 1, 2011

    She dominates me, she dominates me not

    She dominates me, she dominates me not
    I would say that we are still in a "holding pattern" on the development of our FLR.  I have been fantasizing a lot about being locked in chastity and being spanked by my Queen.  It is hard for me to be patient.  I have a desire, a craving to submit to Suzy and her to dominate me.  I realize that I need to focus on what is within my control.  What can I do?  Pamper her, and try to make her happy.  I have had some nice wins lately.  I served her breakfast in bed recently.  A long time ago, I bought a coffee mug that said "I <3 my husband", just as a nice subliminal hint to her, lol.  I have brought her Starbucks and picked things up for her.  I have been behaving a lot better.

    Maybe when the kids leave our nest...
    I'm pretty sure that she is going to use that spatula on his ass!
    The reduced sex play lately has been frustrating.  With giving Suzy the control over my orgasms, I wish that she had unlimited ones.  Playing with her, achieving a quality erection and undergoing a tease while she climaxes is satisfying to me.  That makes me happy.  Really, nothing bad comes from Suzy's orgasms.  It's all good.  Because life happens, we wind up in circumstances where we do not have that intimate play.  Nobody's fault, it's just life happening.  For example, Suzy stayed up late one night and then crashed early the next night.  I did the same, it's just that our sleeping cycles were totally out of synch, so no sex play.  I have a voracious appetite for sex - I would like to have some sexual contact every night.  I have read about some "challenges" where a couple agrees to have sex every night for some defined period, whether they are in the mood or not!  I am definitely up for that sort of challenge.  I suppose the femdom version of that is that the wife climaxes every night for that defined period of time, and the submissive hubby's release is, well, separate from that challenge (maybe he comes, maybe not... but the challenge is to have daily orgasms for the woman).

    Through no fault of Suzy's my past two orgasms have been...substandard.  I don't know why this is, perhaps I have lost my mojo.  Suzy gave me a handjob where I ejaculated but did not feel a rush of pleasure that normally comes from a climax.  It sort of just snuck up on me.  I had the pleasant orgasm afterglow and the reduction in horniness, so I know it wasn't a "ruined orgasm".  I just never really felt the buildup and release.  The next time, Suzy allowed penetration (after she climaxed, of course) and I came really soon.  I am really worried about my premature ejaculation.  I feel less of a man.  I have been reading things here and there to try to "fix" this.  But I'll say it: I am not happy with my stamina.

    Alas, now to the title of this post.  With these femdom cravings building up, I came out and asked Suzy: "are you still interested in an FLR?".  I admit this was not the best time to ask, as we were all in our morning routines.  I was confused by her response.  Then, I had a rare occasion that I was receiving texts from work, and she texted me a message that indicated Friday was going to be "about the wife" or something along those lines.  I got an erection when I read it.  She did some nice teasing during dinner prep and I thought that we would have some sex play.

    We did, and it was PASSIONATE.  We aren't big "kissers".  But we were kissing like horny teenagers last night.  It was hot.  I wanted to go down on her, but she had panties and long (but sexy) pajamas on, and I could sense that she really needed to come.  While I am not always allowed to suck Suzy's breasts, when she does allow it, it usually turns her on and she wants to come right away.  Suzy firmly grabbed my cock (it was very firm, but very awesome!) and she had a terrific long, intense orgasm.  While my orgasms have been sub-par, Suzy's have been stellar lately.  In any case, Suzy and I cuddled and she teased me about how easily she was going to fall asleep and she hoped that I could.

    *  *  *  *  *
    It has been a long time since she has actively denied me.  I am very horny, wanting to get a strong, powerful orgasm to get my mojo back.  I don't know when that might occur.  I am hoping for more sex play tonight.  Our session was HOT and I love that passion that we had.  Suzy, are you up to a 7 day femdom sex challenge???
    Artist: K.D. Pierre
    Suzy has a girl's night out planned... lockup
    time for her sub-hub?