Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Suzy's Choice: A chaste hubby

The end of my 2010 work responsibilities and the end of Suzy's period dovetailed nicely together.  That is to say, after a fairly intense last week of work concluded, her pussy was ready for action.  Suzy had a choice: for the week I had off work, we could have a honeymoon-like sex fest or she could deny me orgasm.  She chose the latter.  I have a hard time focusing at work when I am being teased and denied.  I guess Suzy chose this as an opportune time to push my limits.

I have been orgasm-free for a week now, with three more days to go.  When we first started out with trying male orgasm denial, I kept track of our orgasms in a spreadsheet (I'm kind of a nerd).  Over a several month period, she had about 4 orgasms per every one I had.  I think we've had two streaks where she had seven consecutive orgasms and then I got one.  I have lost track of how many she's had during this denial period, but my guess is she's had 5 so far.  I think it would be fun to round it off to ten ~ 5 in three days is definitely doable.  She is going to allow me to come on the 1st, and I presume that means shortly after midnight, but she hasn't really said much about her plans.

She has teased me most days of this denial period.  Last night didn't seem to include any sex play, but she surprised me by coming to bed in a sexy outfit.  I was mostly asleep at this point, but I sensed she wanted some passionate action and woke up and took my clothes off almost instantly.  We kissed with lust and she told me she wanted my cock in her.  She gave me some great foreplay with her hands, and I was rock hard and ready to penetrate her.  I got out her hand held vibrator and figured that I should give her a head start before insertion.  She made it clear that she did not want me to come and that I needed to have the discipline to hold off until she climaxed.  Her pussy was so wet and inviting by the time I inserted.  She directed me how I was to penetrate: slow and deep, she said several times.  She came pretty quickly and it seemed like an intense orgasm, although we didn't really discuss it much.  Although she didn't say it explicitly, I almost sensed that she was thinking "good boy, you used our cock exactly the way I wanted it".

I withdrew my cock because I was fairly close to coming.  After a minute, I penetrated her again, mainly just to sense her wetness and maintain my erection for a little bit longer.  She warned me not to come and then I withdrew it and caressed her body.  She allowed me to sleep nude and we cuddled all night and all morning.  Awesome!

*  *  *  *  *

I am going bonkers with horniness.  I don't think I can handle this during a normal work schedule.  I'm sure I've been without orgasm for a week and a half before, but not with this intense teasing.  I really like the affection and the playfulness that Suzy is giving in this sex play.  For me, the most intense submissive tease and denial feelings - by far - come from when she has allowed me to penetrate her and then either she tells me to stop or she tells me that I must not ejaculate.  Getting her juices all over my cock and being just seconds from dropping my load deep inside her is very intense.  I also really liked how she directed how I thrust in her.  Confidence is so very sexy.  Suzy seems to be really embracing her sexuality and asserting what she wants.  Hot stuff!


  1. Very cool to hear that she's enjoying teasing you that much.

    The lack of concentration you describe is exactly how can get. I really believe that women, because they are so different in my sexual ways, do not understand what it is like!

  2. Great post! You both sound like you are having fun! Mind sharing any details about the "sexy outfit"? I am always curious what it is people consider sexy.

  3. OMG! Being hard and just sitting in Her pussy unable to cum must be sooo hot! I can imagine the feeling of closeness and submissiveness it all involves. Hope you cum soon! :)

  4. ServingB:
    You were almost the recipient of a first: a comment from Suzy! Your question about the details of the sexy outfit was going to elicit her first ever response. Essentially, her response is "anytime Suzy wears something other than flannel, I consider that sexy".

    There's truth in that. Suzy is frequently cold and she prefers her flannel PJ's as a result. I am...well... less enthusiastic about that than she is, so there is truth to her statement.

    However, the way I would respond is:
    When she is interested in sex play, she normally wears one of a few outfits. I am not sure exactly what they are called: nighty? But it is quite short, barely covering her bottom, and she frequently "pops out" the top (hoping you get my meaning... she's well endowed in the chest department). In fact, the latter is the main reason she doesn't wear it that often, because we still have a child that frequently comes in bed with us :(

    Psychologically, I view her wearing one of these outfits (as opposed to her flannel) as her pursing me for sex, like a huntress. She will usually emerge from the bathroom and lock the door. I get a Pavlovian reaction in that when the door locks, I usually get hard. Awesome. At any rate, she usually does not wear panties with this outfit, so I have easy access for foreplay... and she usually doesn't take it off, which means that my CFNM fantasies come alive!