Monday, December 13, 2010

Pushing my limits

We had a great day yesterday.  Suzy and I did a lot of flirting and "sexting" throughout the day.  I had mentioned that I hadn't cum since we had sex last Saturday and that I was super horny.  As we were prepping for dinner, she teased me quite a bit.  She then countered that it hadn't been that long, and that we had sex on Monday, so that it hadn't been a full week yet (darn, why does she always remember stuff that she can hold against me?).  She then started talking about denying me orgasm (in spite of or maybe because I kept telling her how horny I was), and I thought it was just teasing talk.  Boy was I wrong!

I massaged her back for about a half an hour while she was checking her various emails and facebook.  She seemed aroused by it and asked me to take her bra off and she let me play with her D-cup breasts quite a bit.  I don't always get free access like that, so I just went with it.  At one point, I stopped to brush my teeth (my motives were pure - I wanted to kiss her!) but she said, "where are you going... get back here and keep rubbing".  Wow.  I love that kind of dominance!  That was a harbinger for things to come!  Or not come, in my case!

We watched our weekly show and she received a foot rub and a back rub.  We went back up stairs and started our play time.  I was wearing an easily removable underwear (Velcro sides) and she had told me earlier I could get out some toys and suggest - but she was in no way obligated to perform - some play session.  I bought a couple of new toys from the local adult store, and was hoping to try them.  We hadn't had kinky sex in a while, so I was also hoping for that.  I was NOT disappointed.

She started out naked, and I caressed her.  She complained that my cock wasn't hard enough for her, so I rubbed it against her.  We kissed a lot, and she let me suck her nipples.  I don't always get nipple action, but when I do, she gets real horny real fast.  I got out the Hitachi Magic Wand and pressed it against her clit, and I fingered her G-spot.  She came pretty fast.  I guess she was horny from all the foreplay she received.

She then went on to stimulating me.  She started off slow, with some light ball slapping and teasing my cock.  We did a lot this session, so I am trying to be brief.  She asked me about denying me orgasm, if that was OK.  I said that it was up to her.  She seemed pretty intent on denial.  If it's one thing I'm learning, it's to better listen to her needs and go with it.  She could have changed her mind, but it sure seemed like ejaculation was not in the cards.
No cock stimulation, no male orgasms for submissive hubby!
She really dominated me.  What was different than normal was her laser-like focus on my balls.  She really didn't play with my cock that much.  I don't remember her jerking it at all, actually.  She just wanted to explore "ball busting" last night, and she was Magellan.  After a while, I asked her if I could give her a second orgasm.  She said it was ok, so I went with it.  What was pretty cool was that, even though I hadn't stimulated her much during the extensive ball-busting, her pussy was really wet.  Awesomely wet.  I inferred that meant that she was turned on by busting my nuts.  She said she was.
I told Suzy that it felt like she was treating my balls as a pinata.  Nothing came out last night, though!  LOL!
She had her second orgasm and it seemed the best of the session - there's more!  Ha! I messaged her a bit after her climax.  It was clear at this point that she didn't want me to come tonight.  I was turned on by the dominance and asked her why.  She indicated that she likes me to think about her and that she wanted more service from me.  I asked about using my CB-6000 chastity cage; If I wasn't going to come, I wanted some help.  I enjoy being "locked up" but she really prefers cock-discipline, and really really likes to see, feel and now that I am erect.  It doesn't appear that use of the chastity cage is in my future.  I suspect that when she goes to her friend's 40th B-day party this summer (she will be out of state), that she will want me locked to ensure I don't masturbate.  We'll see.

The real intense domination happened next.  I bought a "wheel" from the adult store (see photo) and I really wanted to try it... I had no idea what to expect.  She was cold, so she got her pajamas on (I was still naked and had my legs spread wide to accept the abuse of my balls) and said she would give it a try.  She used really light pressure at first.  Those spikes are pointy!!!  The skin on the cock shaft is very thin and it was definitely the most sensitive.  Even a light touch was pretty intense.  My scrotum and perineum areas were much thicker and she could "dig in" on those.  Thankfully, I had shaved my balls that morning.  She teased me that it made it easier to torture them.
The Wartenburg Wheel.  Used to test nerve responses by health care workers; used by Suzy to torture my balls
She did a ton of ball torture.  She would alternate the wheel with pretty sharp ball slaps.  It was intense.  One thing I enjoy as a sub is not knowing what type of stimulation, where, and when it is coming.  It really kicks the intensity up a notch.  After playing with the wheel, she dominated me by doing a double ball slap.  She would lightly crush my balls by slapping up with one hand and down with the other.  It was freaking intense!  That is probably the most pain she has dealt me.  I was yelping a bit, to the extent that she said she needed to gag me.  Fortunately, I have a gag and it has been a longtime fantasy to allow her to, with minimal feedback from me, to just judge for herself what kind of pain I can take.  She didn't allow me to do that, but said possibly tonight because she didn't want to hear my complaining.  I know, there is a dogma around using "safe words" but I don't think she will go too far and I am pretty sure I can handle it... we ARE married after all.  She has an interest in keeping my genitals healthy for the next beating.

It is pretty hot when after receiving two orgasms herself, and basically just man-handling my balls with little cock stimulation when my wife says "we're almost done here".  I asked her if she would let me give her a third orgasm, and much to my delight, she did.  She almost always stops at 2.  I wonder why she allowed it.  Was it that the last ball busting session had turned her on enough for her to want to come again?  Not sure, but I really like her climaxes!  I think one of the more submissive parts of a session are when the subhub gets out the instruments of torture and then at the end when he puts them away, with the unresolved horniness from the session.  She indicated how much she enjoyed the play and that it's possible we could do it again tonight.  I realize this is a long post, but a lot happened last night!
*  *  *  *  *

Found this quote from what I regard as a pretty good sex book.  It resonates with me:

"People who enjoy light bondage enjoy being rendered passive.  They have no choice but to enjoy what a partner is doing to them.  They don't have to worry about being a "good" partner who provides pleasure in return.  Performance anxiety is virtually eliminated.  This can especially appeal to someone who has to be in charge and in control the rest of the time."

"Guide to Getting it on!", 2007 edition, pages 498-499

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  1. I am reading up on your blog and I can relate to a lot of what you write(except cuckolding).

    I definitely know the wheel. My GF loves it and I turn mental, when she uses it on my penis. That little thing and a strict "I told you to keep still" from her are enough to put me into subspace.