Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

I hope you have a blessed Christmas.  I have.

Let's see.... what did I receive from Suzy this year?  Blue Balls!

Suzy is currently on her period, and her monthly visitor should be gone any day now.  Normally, our sex play decreases markedly during her period.  Not this time!  We had some really hot play on Wednesday.  We did a lot of "sexting" leading up to it.  Hot texts really stoke the fires of passion with us.  At any event, she gave me a satisfying blowjob.  She has made it clear to me that I am not to ejaculate in her mouth (I don't want to know what manner of evil awaits me if I did) and oral sex is the most intense stimulation for me.  I didn't last very long and I told her I was about to blow.  She finished me off in an unusual way... she masturbated me with her breasts and as I was sailing to my orgasm, she started flicking my balls.  That added stimulation sent me over the edge.  We finished the session with the Hitachi Magic Wand giving her clit stimulation through her pad.  What was really noteworthy about this session is how she directed the activities.  I caressed her breasts a lot, more than I would have done so on my own.  She just wanted that stimulation and it was really doing it for her.  I would have pulled away much sooner to focus on her orgasm.  She really ran the show, sexually speaking, and it was hot.

Little did I know that was my last orgasm of 2010.  During a subsequent play session she hinted that I was going to be denied for the rest of the year.  That is 1.5 weeks!  Sure, I have been without orgasm that long probably a lot.  In fact, our last denial period was about the same length, although for about a week there was no sex at all.  This is shaping up to be a week and a half of tease and denial.

The first session was noteworthy in that she stated she just wanted to "cuddle".  The last time I got into trouble with our "FLR" was the same scenario.  Basically, I really wanted her to orgasm and she didn't want any sex play... and I didn't handle that conflict well.  This time, I accepted that she was in charge and just cuddled, working myself up a bit for an erection.  I think she has almost reached "fetish" status in that she loves to feel my erection against her.  One thing lead to another, and she seemed to change her mind about sex.  She let me play with her breasts and we kissed a lot.  She busted my balls rather harshly.  She came once with the vibe and then we called it a night, my erection against her as she fell asleep.

We had another sex session last night that involved some ball torture, "sling-shoting" my cock (I have a fairly steeply angled erection, and she pulls it back the other way towards my balls and lets go.. it snaps back fairly rigorously), and anal stimulation.  She spent a lot of time stimulating my anal area (anyone have a pleasant name for that???), which really felt great.  Then we enjoyed another female orgasm and went to bed.  She reiterated my orgasm denial period would last the rest of this year.
I have seen this posted on a few male chastity blogs... seems appropriate for us right now!

*  *  *  *  *

I enjoy blogging and it seems to open up a pretty good communication channel between Suzy and myself.  Suzy did enjoy my "cleaning hunk" video and I suspect it will make its rounds amongst her ladies group.  She said she was close to making a comment on it but didn't.  I would like her to comment every once and a while or maybe made a guest post.  We shall see.

I am cognizant that I can be a little long winded sometimes and I do try to keep my posts short.  I'm just not always successful.  There have been a lot of things going on, and my mind is going bonkers on possible posting material.  Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!  Cheers!


  1. A belated Merry Christmas to you and your wife as well. i have enjoyed reading your posts this year.And look forward to reading your posts next year.

    I love reading about the everyday aspects of a wife led marriage. And i hope that your wife decides to write a post or two.

    Im glad that she liked the "cleaning hunk " video. Maybe you will end up being her "cleaning hunk".

    I think that the video shows a positive side of a wife led marriage[even though the hunk isnt actually her husband]. Too many women think that "Female Led Relationships" are only about them having to dress up in leather to satisfy thier husbands fantasies. Videos like that one cater to the women's fantasies.

    Stock photo sites nowdays are full of photos showing shirtless hunks cleaning the house while thier wives relax. Or show women "defeating" or "conquering" thier male rivals at work. Many of these stock photos show up in FLR blogs.Since they are generally meant to be shown in women's magazins, its obvious that they appeal to many women.

    There are even naked butler services in England nowdays[google Butlers in the Buff].Where bachelorette parties are served by hunky "butlers" who are naked except for a skimpy apron. I think there are a few services like that in America. Maybe your wife would be interested in something like that.Or in having you be her "naked butler".

    In my experience s , women have a habit of egging each other on when in groups. Who knows? If she shows this video to her friends they might act on it by hiring a "naked butler" ,or by going out to a show featuring male strippers [while you stay home cleaning]

  2. Hi BOB,
    Now I am recalling... it was BOB that let me know about the cleaning hunk!

    Well, Suzy did seem to enjoy that. Yes, I think I would be the cleaning hunk for her. I just don't think there are that many opportunities for me to "bare all" around the house. But I have a feeling as soon as that happens, "off with your clothes" will be immediately uttered by Suzy. And she would probably put me to work right away!

    I am not sure I understand what you mean by "stock photo sites".

    Suzy did find a book called "porn for women" that involves men doing household chores. But I think they are fully clothed.

    Funny story, when we went out for a "couples massage" at a resort hotel for a milestone anniversary, we were basically naked (although we had robes) and then the two masseurs came in - two men. I got an older overweight hairy guy and she got a younger "stud". For reasons I can't entirely explain, this turned me on. That a good looking male had his hands all over my nearly nude wife, she was enjoying it and I was in the same room. Granted, I don't believe this was sexual at all, but it was the thought of it, and the contrast. My guess is that if a good looking young woman was going to massage me, she would have objected. I'm pretty sure the dude worked on her ass, btw.

    Not sure if she would hire a nude dude as an attendant. Suzy's girlfriends are HORN DOGS... errr not sure if that is an American expression, and I presume you're from Britain... they are randy (how's that?). I intend to post about that in the future.

    Glad you are enjoying my blog. Suzy seems to like reading it although she doesn't always give me a lot of feedback. She does get excited when I get additional "followers" and receive comments. I think she has read every one.


  3. Thank you for your reply. Actually im an American. Stock photo sites are ones like "Getty Images" and "Shutterstock" or "fotosearch". Go to one of those sites and search for words like "Househusband","Battle of the sexes","Female domination","Role reversal" or "men, housework". And you will find hundreds of photos of men doing housework while thier wives relax.Or of women "defeating" males at work. Some of the photos are of men laying defeated at a woman's feet as she puts her foot triumphiantly on his chest.

    The photos are generally sold to womens magazines.Since these are magazines sold to millions of women , there obviously are a lot of women that like seeing photos like that.

    You might want to look some of the photos up and show them to your wife. They might appeal to her

  4. MR Lovetosubmit
    Since your wife's friends are "horndogs"[ as you describe them] , the next time your wife's birthday comes along , why not make one of her presents a pack of tickets to a Male revue that features male strippers.

    Personally i think that nothing says "female led relationship" , like a wife going out on a "Girls Night Out" with her girlfriends to see male strippers while the husband stays "barefoot [or naked ] and in the kitchen" , at home, doing housework .

    If you are good at doing laundry, you could even offer to do any of her friends laundry so that they could have the evening free to go out with your wife.

    It could be a subtle way of publicly displaying your submission, while not going overboard.You could even fix her and her friends a small dinner or lunch before they leave for the show.

    I once visited a friend to help him build a new bathroom that his wife wanted.

    The door was unlocked and when i went in i saw his wife and two of her friends slouched on the couch with thier barefeet propped up on the cofee table, drining ice tea.My friend was in the kitchen cleaning up some plates that the women had just ate off of.

    The women were all wearing sundresses with thier bikini top strings showing. They were waiting for a 4th freind to go to the pool to lay out.Stacy explainded to her friends that i was going to help john put in the new bathroom.One woman casually remarked that her husband was doing work on thier new deck that day.And another said that she had told her husband to have all of the cleaning done by the time she got home.They were all confident,educated ,proffessional , women.

    I helped my friend clean for 5 minutes.His wife casually asked him for more iced tea .and he obediently served the ladies more.When the 4th friend showed up his wife looked around and asked John "Where did we leave our shoes". They had left them at the kitchen table.So John fetched his wife and her friends sandals for them.His wife casually reminded him to do the laundry while she was gone

    We then spent a few hours soudering pipes and putting in tile.While his wife and her friends laid out at the local pool.It was the kind of pool where no one went in the pool.It was where men and women lay out in the sun and checked each others bodies out.While im sure that his wife was faithful.I bet she also eyed some male bodies that day.

    After 5 hours he had to stop so that he could fix dinner for Stacy and her friends.I wish that i had offered to stay and help.But i had to go to an evening job that i had at the time

    My point of the story is that this couple were a very normal "mainstream" couple.They werent "kinky" or"alternative".

    And neither he, nor his wife or her friends thought it unusual at all that he waited on them or fetched thier sandals for them

    I should add that he[like myself] was a carpenter.He was defintly not a weak person.Maybe that was why he served his wife that way.He wasnt insecure about his masculinity .

    The night that i helped him put the tub in his wife was at a friends bachelorette party.They apparently were at a club which featured male strippers.

    She was a nice and sweet woman.But she was also definitly in charge of the marriage

    This was 10 years ago.He moved away a few years back.But i ran into a friend of his just yesterday .Apparently he had a 2nd child.And since his wife made more then him[she was a doctor] and since the nanny was costing too much, he apparently is now a stay at home dad

    I realise that most people wouldnt think of all of this as "erotic". But i enjoyed helping my friend that day.And he showed me that you CAN publicly serve a woman without anyone thinking it the least bit strange.

  5. I m sorry if im commenting too much.But i would like to add one more thing.Some men think that women want a man that is handy and is willing to put on a toolbelt and build her soemthing. Othe rmen think that a woman wants a man to wash the dishes and do laundry for her.

    From my own experiences and from what ive seen from friend's marriages, i would say that many women like a man that will strap on a toolbelt to build his wife soemthing[new closet,deck,ect] , but will then take off his toolbelt afterwards and put on an apron to fix dinner.

    One reason that i like to read your blog is that you seem to realise that a man can be "manly" and submissive at the same time

  6. 1) Thanks for the explanation around stock photos. I looked them up and thought that might be a pretty handy resource. I enjoy photography a lot (I don't really *get* other art forms) and I used to take photo lessons and was pretty into photography when I was younger. Now, I mainly take photos of my family, but I hope to get back to it as a hobby in the future. I enjoy nicely done photos and since I'm horny all the time, I gravitate toward erotic photography. There is a fine line here, since Suzy does not like me oogling women. I gather that posting cartoons (like the one above), nude males (she might like more of them!), and couples are ok as long as the women is clothed and too racy. It's a fine line!

    2) I'm with you with the erotic service. We have had a few similar instances that pushed my submissive buttons big time. In brief:
    a) She went to a male review with her girlfriends - they weren't fully nude but they were "hunks" and when she came back I thought I was going to get some serious "rewards" for being such a loving husband (plus, I figured she would be really aroused after seeing all that flesh). She allowed me to penetrate her and it was really going great and then she stopped me and said she didn't want me to come. That was probably the most erotic denial experience we've had.
    b) One of Suzy's friends was going through a divorce and was about to move out of state. The plan was for them to carpool so they could get hammered; Suzy was the designated driver. I was locked in the chastity cage and while she napped, I vacuumed her vehicle. It was nice and ready to go when the gals arrived. I then made them all cocktails for a "pre party" drink and they were very appreciative. They went out and partied while I took care of the kids and I did all the dishes. That was a hot experience.
    c) She has blurted out a few things to her girlfriends that pushed my sub buttons. One time, they were discussing possible music teachers for their kids, and Suzy just blurted out "well, is he cute?". Another time, her group was discussing doing an art class and Suzy said "I'll only go if there's a nude male model". That got quite a rise out of the group!

    3). Thanks for the kind words. I think of myself as "manly" although I am not the handiest person in the world. I am no "mr. fixit" and we do pay for a handy man to do a lot of the work that I don't think I can do. I am reasonable with cars (used to work on mine a lot when I was younger) but I am not skilled to do build a bunch of stuff on my own. Being submissive to Suzy is a good escape from my job, where I make a lot of decisions and have to keep things under control.

    Thanks for sharing, BOB.


  7. MR Lovetosubmit
    Thanks for sharing those stories. I always enjoy hearing about the everyday aspects of a WLM. You once posted a story about waiting on your wife and her friends while they watched Grey's Anatomy[or someother female oriented show].But you took it down for some reason. i hope it wasnt because you thought that people wouldnt find it interesting. Its those small incidents like the ones that you just mentioned in your comment that are the most interesting

    I agree with you that there is something sexy about the new willingness of many women to oggle men and talk about them like they were pieces of meat.Bookstores are now full of "hunk calendars"

    From what ive seen, its the wives who pretend to not notice other men , who are the ones to watch out for.Those are the ones who are most likely to cheat. Not the ones who are honest about enjoying looking at a cute man's ass.

    Btw, the next time that your wife and her friends go out you could offer to be the designated driver.You could be the chaffour , and drive them around while staying in the car while they enjoy the clubs

    Happy New Years to you and im looking forward to your posts in 2011