Thursday, December 23, 2010

Good clean fun (eye candy for Suzy)

Suzy and I regularly watch Desperate Housewives together.  It's a funny show even though some of the plot lines can be pretty outrageous.  It can be fairly sexy too, which we enjoy.  Sunday night is usually a "play" night and she expects me to rub her feet and back the entire show.  When we first started "playing" with FLR, she said she could not order me around.  However, our DH nights are as close as it gets.  She has no problem demanding that I make her a drink and I am expected to get down in feet rubbing position.  For a subhub, this is pretty exciting.

One of the storylines had involved Susan (Teri Hatcher) making some extra money by video "cleaning" in sexy lingerie.  She was making pretty good money at this but as with everything for her character, it all fell apart soon enough.  At any rate, a commenter on my blog pointed me towards this video of "The cleaning hunk".  This is a role reversal from Susan's character and I thought Suzy would get a kick out of it.


This short clip has a fair amount of my submissive fantasies wrapped in it:
  • It is close to a clothed female naked male (CFNM) situation; I am always naked and she often has some clothing on when we play.  As a matter of fact, she has specifically talked about me doing more things naked if we have the opportunity (which we might not, since we will have a full nest for quite some time).
  • The "hunk" is pretty much doing as she says.
  • I am aroused by Suzy looking at other men.  She went with a group of her lady friends for a few days in "sin city" and I was really turned on by the fact that she might go to a male strip club.  I sometimes fantasize about going to a strip club and paying for a lap dance.  I really wonder what her reaction would be if she had a stud waving his package around in her "lap".  Would she get aroused?  Would she be embarrassed?
  • I am not interested in wearing emasculating clothes, but the underwear the "hunk" wears is sexy and I enjoy wearing that sort of underwear when we are "playing".  I posted on underwear before, and my main deal are boxers but wearing something special as we play adds to my arousal.
 At any rate, I hope Suzy gets a laugh out of this clip.


  1. Love it.... well, the sub part! Wonder if I should also pass to my wife... ? Hmmm!

  2. Go for it! We got a fair amount of mileage out of that. I suspect that she will send that video amongst her friends. She looked at some of the other cleaning hunk videos but didn't like them as much as the one I had posted.

    We have a shared fantasy of me doing stuff around the house naked, so this is right up our alley! The vid prompted her to mentioned how she'd like to see me doing dishes wearing only an apron!


  3. There's another similiar one on Youtube that is kind of funny. .It features a semi-naked hunk cleaning a window while some women watch. I cant link, sadly .But type in "window washer,sexy surprise" or "hunk cleaning window" and it will come up on Youtube.

  4. Thanks for dropping at my blog!

    That video is so funny. I'll put it on my blog for the benefit of all our female leaders!