Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Doctor Denial

Our relationship has been mostly on the upswing lately.  There is a fair amount of complication.  To recap: my wife has stated that she does not want to "take the lead anymore".  I don't know exactly what that means.  I have really enjoyed her being "in charge" in the bedroom.  Here and there, she has alluded to various activities we did that were related to her being in charge.  She has demanded that I give her foot massages; she suggested that if I could not prevent masturbating, that I should lock up in my chastity cage; she has made references to our first "chastity game" with dice; and she has discussed openly that she should spank me.  Very arousing for a submissive husband!

Our sex activity lately has been pretty non-kinky.  Mainly using a vibe on her for an orgasm, and then missionary sex.  Unfortunately, no multiple O's for her; she just doesn't seem that interested.

I have not performed cunnilingus on my wife in a really really long time.  Oral sex is my favorite sex act.  I give a lot more than I receive.  I never feel more virile and manly than when I bring her to orgasm orally.  No batteries, or toys.  Just a man and his tongue making love to her clitoris while she lays back and enjoys.  Awesome.

She has not shaved her pubes in a while; she has quite a bush right now.  I have a difficult time going down on her when she isn't at least trimmed.  I got up the nerve to ask her about it, and she said that she has a doctor appointment this week, and that she wanted to "let it go".  She also was clear that for her pussy exam, she did not want the health care provider examining any remnants of my seed.  Yes, I am being denied sex for the sake of her doctor!  What a bummer!  That's not sexy denial, that's denial for the sake of someone else.  Boo!
Pubic hair is not fun while going down...
I realize that I can't change her mind on this.  Hopefully, I will get a nice trimmed or shaved pussy to dive into shortly after the appointment is over.  I can't wait...
What a bummer!  Pubic hair style is based on not looking "abnormal" for the doctor!

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