Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hung Like a Horse

Hung Like a Horse!
We have had a bit of a rough patch lately (what couple doesn't?) and things have been "on hold" for a little while.  I think it's important to still keep your sense of humor.  I was taking a child to a party the other day, through an adjacent town that I seldom visit.  It's a rural area and there were a fair amount of horses.  I was minding my own business and happened to see that one of the horses had an erection.  It didn't seem like it was about to mount a female horse... so I assumed that it was "morning wood".  It struck me how freaking huge it was - almost 2 feet long.  It was really hard NOT to notice.  I sent a text to Suzy about it, saying that I felt so inadequate after seeing that.  This became a bit of a recurring joke throughout our day.  Since we have not been sexual in a while, I'm really quite horny.  I had been getting a lot of (partial) erections throughout the day, mainly thinking about our recent sex times and things I'd like to blog about.  She would text me things like "wow, you are deprived if you are looking at horse cock".  Another time, she said something like "wow, that's big... like horse big" when referring to something totally nonsexual, as a soft tease on my  prior observation.

I enjoy being teased like that.  Teasing can have a lot of different forms: verbal teasing, physical teasing and visual teasing.  When we were dating, she used to physically tease me a lot.  She would be just barely brush my genitals and I would be so frustrated.  It drove me insane.  In playing out my more submissive side in our sexual relationship, I have found that I rather enjoy her teasing me in a way that so frustrated me earlier.  I supposed that a lot of things depend on your perspective.  When we were dating, I wanted sexual release in a bad way.  Perhaps I was at my "sexual prime" and just an overall horndog.  Now, I am less focused on getting a sexual release than I am in her control over me.


  1. I agree. Teasing is fun and tells you she cares

  2. SubManHub,
    Thanks for adding my blog to your list. I haven't figured out how to do that yet!