Monday, October 4, 2010

You Can't Touch This

You can't touch this... caged cock!
We did a lot of running around this weekend, and my sex goddess was not able to look at my posts.  I have a ton of ideas to post on, so I think I will get some mileage out of this forum for a while.  She did mention that she likes reading my blog because I am "honest" about my feelings.  She thinks I am more guarded about my thoughts and desires when we speak.  That may be true.  It is really difficult to discuss sex with Suzy.  That's why I think this blog is a good tool.  I fancy that she would eventually add her own comments to this someday for the same reason.  In any event, she seems to genuinely like this as a tool for communication.

Suzy was spent after her three orgasm performance Saturday night.  Believe me, I would have enjoyed watching her come again on Sunday, but she was satisfied with the foot and back rubs I gave her while watching TV.  She gave me permission to unlock myself for a few hours while we went to a party Sunday afternoon, but gave me strict orders to lock up after we got home.  I showered and locked myself back up.  She didn't say much, or ask me to verify that I was locked.  The only mention of it came when I rubbed her back the device bothered her so I had to move. 

We got to bed and I was naked (except for the cage) and was wondering if she was going to unlock me.  She didn't.  She carressed my balls gently and lovingly.  She gave my nuts little smacks.  The feeling of ball torture is quite different when I am caged.  The male chastity device really pulls my balls out, really exposing the testicles.  There is less "give" when she smacks them, so the pain is a little more intense.  I wonder what Suzy thinks about administering ball torture with or without the device.  She seems to be more enthusiastic about it when I am unlocked.  After she was done, I pathetically shook my hips as if I could rub my cock (which would have been erect had it not been for the male chastity device) against her.  I am quite sexually frustrated at this point, which Suzy likes. 

I have trouble with trying to "top from the bottom", which means trying to tell her or influence how to dominate me.  I have many fantasies and it's possible that she wants to do them, but in her time.  I am pretty sure she could recite just about every fantasy I've discussed with her, and she seems ok with them, but she hasn't done them.  It's hard, but I want to try to let her lead.  I have tried to make her life easier so that she is not tired and is ready to "play".  On the weekends, she really doesn't do much in the way of dinner prep and cleanup.  I read that men who do more housework get more sex.  I think that has been true with us.

To me, this is a game.  I am not sure that I want to be denied or have my orgasms controlled forever.  "Regular" sex is fine with me, too (obviously not right now, since Suzy is denying me, lol).  But I like it and this is adding a spark to our relationship.  And I want to explore it further.  I will try let her lead and see how that goes.  I don't know how long she wants me locked and/or denied.  I like to think that she has a "plan" in mind as far as our sex play, and that means a consideration to when I might orgasm again, what kind of toys we'll play with, how she wants to come, etc.  This is really the hard part for me.  I want her to take the lead, but I don't always feel like she has a "plan" and because I am also tired, I feel like I need to move things along.  I really don't know what is ok and what is not.  She seems to like it when I have some sex toys laid out for her.. sometimes.  Other times, it seems like she is annoyed and I am putting too many expectations on her.  Ugh.  The ups and downs of being a horny submissive hubby!  Until she brings it up, I will accept her decisions about my release.  After all, it is "her" cock.

As it is, I have a fair amount of time to myself today, but masturbation is not among the things I'm going to do.  I am locked in the male chastity device and Suzy has expressly forbidden me to ejaculate.  I am very very horny.
No question, the pussy is the most powerful force

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