Sunday, October 10, 2010


Suzy and I are the least likely people to have tattoos.  Most of my life, I have thought that people that had them were plain sketchy.  I get a little freaked out by seeing a young athlete or young actress covered with tats. There are a lot of people who have gone way overboard with tats.
Tommy Lee: Gross
Pamela Anderson: OK

Having said that, the "bad boy or girl" nature of it has some appeal.  I think the barbed wire armbands on a fit body look good.  A subtle one around an ankle or shoulder or navel can be sexy.  A tat on the small of a woman's back can be sexy also.
A nice body part sometimes goes OK with an understated tat
Not a bad location for a tat

Having a meaningful tat in a private area does hold some appeal.  Perhaps something on the ass or breast or  crotch area.  A secret that lovers share together.  Part of why I like to wear the chastity cage or wear thong underwear is the secret that it represents.  My lover knows about it but nobody else does.

I love it when Suzy surprised me with one of her temporary tattoos.  The last time we played, she had a heart tattoo on her right breast.  I don't remember exactly what it said but it was something like "hot momma".  I enjoy the fantasy of having a tattoo but am probably too chicken to do it.  The only thing that I could think of ever doing is something just above my cock that my pubic hair would cover up during, say, a doctor exam.  Not sure what it might say.  For Suzy: something that represents her power, like a wonder woman figure with a lasso, or a catwoman with a sexy saying like "make this pussy purrrr", or "come in, the water's warm".  LOL.  For me, maybe something like "Suzy's joystick" with her man-handling my cock.  For now, we can play with temporary tattoos.
I gots to keep her pussy purrrrring!

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