Sunday, October 10, 2010

Penis Parole

She controls his release!!

Last Wednesday, my 'keyholder' wife decided that it was time for me to be released from my cage.  I was excited but nervous.  I had been locked for 4 days and I try to keep it as clean as I can.  I don't think she wants a stanky cock penetrating her.  I also get a little nervous because when I am denied orgasm for a while, I don't have very much stamina.

She gave me instructions as to where the chastity key was and told me to take it off and shower.  Phew, the cleanliness issue is resolved.  Her instructions were for me to lie in bed naked and await her.  No problem!

Suzy came out naked and was amorous.  We did a lot of kissing and she rubbed against me, getting my cock hard.  She enjoys the feel of my hardness.  We inserted the cock with her on top.  That went for a while.  I usually can't come with the wife on top, but given my denial and the length that we played and kissed and caressed, I started to get a little nervous about that.  She then decided it was time for a female orgasm.  I used the Hitachi Magic Wand and my finger to hit her G-Spot.  It didn't take long.  She had a real nice orgasm.

Since this was the first time I had had a real, complete erection in several days, I wanted to penetrate.  Hormones were flowing through my body and I wanted to get inside of her bad.  She slowed me down and  told me she needed to bask in her orgasmic pleasure.  She wanted to be rubbed.  I complied.  I couldn't help thinking that my sexy wife had just had 6 straight orgasms and none for me.  Sexy!  That thought alone was driving me insane.

She eventually allowed me missionary penetration.  Then she asked for her smaller vibe since she wanted to come with my cock in her.  This vibe can allow her to stimulate her clit while I penetrate her vaginally.  It's the way we used to 'always' do it, and that vibe is behind the times.  That vibrator has given her many moments of pleasure, I can assure you that!  However, since it is older and on it's last leg, I was not sure how effective it was going to be.  We don't use it that much anymore.  Perhaps we should make another purchase...

I returned with the vibrator and initiated penetration.  She promptly added the vibrator to her clit.  It was awesome.  I try very hard to give her the penetration that she wants: slow but deep.  It's about her pleasure and I want to make sure to last long enough for her to orgasm.  I had a hard time holding off, but it seemed like her climax was approaching.  I didn't think I could hold off much longer and just went with it.  I *think* that when I reach the point of no return, the additional last minute animalistic thrusts before my orgasm prompts her to come too.  I wonder if she agrees with that: it seems like our impending orgasms are so arousing to each other that it brings us to come together.  We reached the sexual nirvana of simultaneous orgasm.  We have done that several times before, but it is hard to do intentionally.

Intercourse with Suzy after 4 days of chastity was a celebration of sex!!!

At any rate, I came in buckets.  It was a fantastic orgasm.  Possibly one of my most intense ever.  I wonder, had I not come in her pussy, how far I would have shot my loads.  I told Suzy that it felt like my load pounded her pussy and then ricocheted back to my cock.  If felt like an absolute bath of pussy juices and semen.  Liquid lust!  HOT!!!!

We just lay there motionless for a while.  It seemed like a spiritual experience for both of us!  Wow!  Hope we can have more of those!

I am glad she let me out.  This period of chastity was pretty intense and our playtime when I was let out was really really hot!  Love my sexy dominant wife!

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