Monday, October 4, 2010

Memories of our recent playtimes

I happened to be dicking around (lol - that's a joke because my cock is still locked!) waiting for the laundry and I happened across a few photos that were relevant to our recent playtimes.  I hope my sex goddess gets a kick out of them!
Submitting to my Queen

Suzy made a comment that when the nest is empty, I'd be doing my chores in the nude.  That comment turned me on!
I never thought I had a foot fetish, but Suzy likes me to rub hers... so I asociate her sexy feet with sexy play now! 
Sometimes, this is all the sex I get!!  LOL!!

Aarkeybabble : Tease and delay is not the same as tease and denial
Another dominant woman keeping her sub locked and denied

LOL!!!  Suzy has at various times said she wants to get rid of the key to my chastity device!
A little "eye candy" for Suzy... but I like the image of the collar

Sure seems like that's the case on the weekends!

Dominant woman, poised to inflct pain on her man

Hope this isn't too racy...
Seems about right...

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  1. Nothing says "Wife led Mariage" like the husband doing housework naked or with a skimpy apron on. Great photo of an obedient househusband!