Friday, October 15, 2010

Male Underwear

"Loverboy Boxers"
I am not into fashion, but when it comes to sex, clothes are pretty important to me.  My sexy Suzy will say things like "What difference does it make if it's just going to come off?".  There is a difference to me.  It's like the wrapping paper to a present.  Most people prefer the mystery of having a nicely wrapped present.  The gift giver spent the time to present the mystery to you in an attractive way.  You're not sure what it is.  You have to physically unwrap it and  then you are surprised.  Now granted, neither Suzy nor I would be surprised by each other genitals.  I've spent some time between her legs, and I know what her pussy looks like.  But each time is a little different.  Her smell changes a lot.  Whether she has shaved her pussy bare or has a "landing strip" is alluring.  You can add some variety to your mate's genitals.  And a big way to do that is changing the packaging.

For most of my childhood, I wore "tighty whiteys".  That's what most little dudes wear, I think.  They hold your boys in pretty close.  towards the end of my high school era, it became clear through locker room chatter that these were not that cool.

Example of tighty whiteys.
I'm sure Suzy would study the stiching and craftsmanship on this garment.
Enter the era of boxers.  They let your boys hang freely.  It's like you are not wearing anything at all, compared to tighty whiteys.  I think they have a favorable impression on your sperm count.  Hey, I fathered sevearl children while wearing them.  Very utilitarian and "safe" to wear.  They are my "go to underwear", even today.

Boxers: comfortable, safe; will not get stares in the locker room
Now, how do you make men's underwear more interesting.  I love it when Suzy wears thongs/g-strings.  There is something just naughty about it.  No panty lines!  Ability to see and touch her booty!  Just barely covers her precious pussy!  Could male thongs be any fun?  Would Suzy like it if I wore thong underwear?

Men's Thongs: Ridiculous or Sexy?
I don't wear thongs that often.  I would not want to be changing in the locker room and have other dudes see me in a thong.  I am not sure if I look ridiculous in them or not.  I don't know if Suzy likes it when I wear them.  It is similar to the tat discussion from the prior day.  It's a fun secret to share.  On nights when we are going to "play" it helps me to anticipate our time together.  I *feel* sexy wearing them, even if I may look ridiculous.

I wear jock straps when I work out.  My balls really flap around a lot if I don't otherwise contain them.  I didn't realize this, but jocks are ideal for when I wear the chastity cage.  It gives good support to the added weight, and it makes urination a lot easier because you can just scootch it aside and pee.  Boxers are too hard to wear with a male chastity device because they don't give any support and you have to really take everything off to pee.
Jock Straps: Necessary for working out, Helpful when locked up, and occassionally sexy
When I was a teenager, I experimented with jock straps when I masturbated.  I tried two things: I wore in "normal" and then slid the part holding the cock and balls over my cock.  In this way, there was a lot of pressure from the elastic part on my cock.  The pressure really made my cock harder.  Similarly, I would wear it "backwards" and then pull each elastic strap over my cock.  It gave the same effect.  I enjoyed masturbating like this because it made my cock extra hard.  You really have to have some lube to stroke the shaft because it can become unbearably taut.

I suppose that no discussion of men's underwear choices is complete without talking about "going commando" - wearing no underwear at all.  I suppose the only times this makes sense to me is when I sleep. I generally sleep naked any chance I get.  I think I would feel really weird without having anything on. 

Going on a commando mission...
Hope Suzy enjoyed this discussion about men's underwear.  Panties are next!

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